Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 1995

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Results for Star Club

87=S2.4+07:04 (+0:33)436Star Club
144=N.4+07:19 (+0:26)272Star Club
175=WS2.4X07:26 (+0:20)353Star Club
179=S2.4-07:27 (+0:59)2Star Club
185=N.2X07:2963Star Club (Emmerson/Lacy)
211=S3.1X07:38 (+0:15)418Star Club (Taylor)
217=WE.2X07:40 (+0:17)283Star Club (Singfiels/Pritchard)
228=WS3.2X07:42150Star Club (King/Taylor)
271=J16.1X07:56 (+0:02)240Star Club (Taylor)
301=VD.2X08:03 (+0:14)277Star Club (Parsons/Taylor)
308=N.1X08:06 (+0:49)91Star Club (Sangster)
319=WJ18.2X08:09356Star Club (Talbot/Robertson)
321=WS1.2-08:1066Star Club (Singfield/Barrett)
333=WE.2X08:14 (+0:51)215Star Club (Matthews/Foers)
339=S3.2X08:18 (+1:13)341Star Club (Evans/Clark)
353=N.1X08:22 (+1:05)454Star Club (Emmerson)
378=WS3.2X08:35 (+0:53)21Star Club (Matthews/Foers)
380=J16.1X08:37 (+0:43)170Star Club (Wall)
391=WS3.2-08:43 (+0:36)15Star Club (Robertson/Talbot)
397=WN.1X08:48 (+0:50)29Star Club (Taylor)
412=WS2.1X08:57 (+0:50)237Star Club (Naylor)
415S2.4+08:59 (+2:28)5Star Club
418WS3.1X09:07 (+1:03)28Star Club (Naylor)
422WJ16.1X09:16 (+0:18)312Star Club (Berry)