Bedford Fours and Small Boats Head

Sunday 10th April 1994

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Results for Star Club

50=J.4X06:52 (+0:32)316Star Club
65=N.4+06:59 (+0:14)148Star Club (B)
82=J.4+07:04 (+0:10)391Star Club
103=VB.4+07:12 (+0:29)383Star Club
122=S2.2-07:1813Star Club (Stockley/Allen)
140=WS2.4X07:24 (+0:02)268Star Club
153=J.1X07:29 (+0:13)33Star Club (Barley)
164=S3.1X07:32 (+0:16)233Star Club (Barley)
164=S2.1X07:32 (+0:30)25Star Club (Oldham)
193=N.4+07:41 (+0:56)80Star Club (A)
193=S2.1X07:41 (+0:39)97Star Club (Higgins)
193=WE.2X07:41 (+0:13)138Star Club (Taylor/Ayres)
216=J16.1X07:46 (+0:03)109Star Club (Taylor)
222=WS2.4-07:47 (+0:37)386Star Club
248=S3.1X07:55 (+0:39)102Star Club (Williams)
266WS3.2X08:00 (+0:07)225Star Club (Talbot/Twilley)
275=J16.1X08:06 (+0:23)110Star Club (DeSouza)
284=J16.1X08:10 (+0:27)39Star Club (Blackley)
290=J16.2X08:12 (+0:46)88Star Club (King/Brown)
297=J16.1X08:15 (+0:32)171Star Club (Luxemburg)
325=VC.4+08:35 (+1:53)64Star Club
333=WJ16.1X08:3844Star Club (Talbot)
336=WE.1X08:39 (+1:00)35Star Club (Taylor)
339=WJ.1X08:40 (+0:14)116Star Club (Robertson)
348=WJ16.1X08:50 (+0:12)43Star Club (Twilley)
366WN.1X09:13 (+0:42)46Star Club (Allen)
373WJ16.1X09:25 (+0:47)174Star Club (Gurney)
377WN.1X09:32 (+1:01)179Star Club (Berry)