Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 2000

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Results for Birmingham RC

56=S1.4+07:19 (+0:25)242Birmingham RC
81=VB.4+07:30 (+0:22)316Birmingham RC
127=S2.2X07:43 (+0:41)418Birmingham RC (Pritchard/Norman)
195VB.2-08:01 (+0:38)488Birmingham RC (Sargent/Humphreys)
197=S3.1X08:03 (+0:12)295Birmingham RC (Norman)
241=S1.2-08:11 (+0:50)424Birmingham RC (Cashmore/Chapman)
483=N.1X09:46 (+1:41)507Birmingham RC (Rilly)
495WN.1X10:04 (+1:28)510Birmingham RC (Hendry)