Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 2000

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Results for Molesey BC

14S2.4+06:51395Molesey BC
16=S1.4+06:54116Molesey BC
16=S1.4+06:54177Molesey BC
20=E.4+06:56 (+0:02)236Molesey BC
99=J16.2X07:36 (+0:07)211Molesey BC (Elks/Bull)
99=N.4+07:36 (+0:22)252Molesey BC
110=S2.2-07:40273Molesey BC (Whalen/Concliffe)
110=E.2-07:40 (+0:19)422Molesey BC (Raffin/Fitzgerald)
131=WE.4+07:44 (+0:06)128Molesey BC
135=S3.4+07:45 (+0:32)121Molesey BC
137=WS1.4+07:46 (+0:06)196Molesey BC
142=S1.2-07:47 (+0:26)139Molesey BC (Mohamed/Fitzgerald)
142=E.1X07:47 (+0:03)440Molesey BC (Smallman-Smith)
173=S4.4+07:55 (+0:38)188Molesey BC
180=S1.1X07:57 (+0:08)151Molesey BC (Smallman-Smith)
196S2.2-08:02 (+0:22)210Molesey BC (Pincent/Griffiths)
207=N.1X08:05447Molesey BC (Pearce)
256=WS2.4+08:14 (+0:27)255Molesey BC
263=N.1X08:16 (+0:11)162Molesey BC (Wahlen)
263=WS3.4+08:16 (+0:23)338Molesey BC
272=VC.1X08:20 (+0:10)98Molesey BC (Bowman)
291=WE.2-08:24354Molesey BC (Veasey/Veasey)
302=S2.1X08:26 (+0:35)442Molesey BC (Bowman)
317=WS3.2X08:30 (+0:19)356Molesey BC (Walters/Cowie)
342=WN.2X08:37 (+0:01)149Molesey BC (Dewing/Dixon)
368=WS3.1X08:45 (+0:05)304Molesey BC (Knight)
398=WN.1X08:56 (+0:20)382Molesey BC (Alexander)
417=WS2.1X09:04 (+0:20)225Molesey BC (Tremellen)
425=WE.2-09:09 (+0:45)278Molesey BC (Jowitt/O'Sullivan)
446=WS3.1X09:20 (+0:40)160Molesey BC (Cowie)
465WN.1X09:30 (+0:54)307Molesey BC (Walters)
497WN.1X10:06 (+1:30)308Molesey BC (Smallman-Smith)