Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 2000

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Results for Sudbury RC

44=S2.4+07:13 (+0:22)2Sudbury RC (A)
76S2.2X07:28 (+0:26)527Sudbury RC
81=S3.4+07:30 (+0:17)516Sudbury RC (B)
119=S4.4+07:42 (+0:25)125Sudbury RC (A)
142=S2.4+07:47 (+0:56)246Sudbury RC (B)
160=S4.4+07:52 (+0:35)126Sudbury RC (B)
165=VC.4+07:53 (+0:39)180Sudbury RC
221=S3.4+08:07 (+0:54)399Sudbury RC (A)
233=S2.1X08:09 (+0:18)365Sudbury RC (Moule)
235=S3.1X08:10 (+0:19)369Sudbury RC (Chambers)
287=S3.1X08:23 (+0:32)294Sudbury RC (White)
307=VD.2-08:2732Sudbury RC
325=WS4.4+08:33 (+0:19)261Sudbury RC
325=S1.2-08:33 (+1:12)490Sudbury RC
342=WS2.4+08:37 (+0:50)522Sudbury RC
350=N.4+08:40 (+1:26)471Sudbury RC
380=WS2.4+08:49 (+1:02)132Sudbury RC
398=WS2.2X08:56 (+0:56)143Sudbury RC (A)
417=WS3.4+09:04 (+1:11)410Sudbury RC
420=J15.1X09:05 (+0:52)229Sudbury RC (Hogsbjerg)
424WN.2X09:08 (+0:32)361Sudbury RC
449=WN.4+09:22 (+1:15)205Sudbury RC (A)
458=WJ16.1X09:29 (+0:40)52Sudbury RC
474=WVA.4+09:39 (+1:21)332Sudbury RC
488=WN.4+09:53 (+1:46)18Sudbury RC (B)