Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 2000

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Results for Star Club

84=S4.4+07:31 (+0:14)124Star Club
88=WS3.4X07:32519Star Club
92=J18.2X07:34 (+0:24)78Star Club (Watson/Callow)
99=WJ18.4X07:36402Star Club
99=VA.4X07:36 (+0:51)385Star Club
207=S2.2-08:05 (+0:25)274Star Club (Rolfe/Ashford)
217=VB.1X08:06 (+0:02)36Star Club (Emmerson)
221=S3.1X08:07 (+0:16)543Star Club (Emmerson)
241=WS3.4+08:11 (+0:18)523Star Club
245=WS2.4+08:12 (+0:25)12Star Club
250=VF.2X08:13 (+0:09)35Star Club (Evans/Swan-Brown)
266WS1.4+08:17 (+0:37)327Star Club
276=WJ18.2X08:21 (+0:03)217Star Club (Manley/Manley)
276=VD.2X08:21275Star Club (McNaughton/Pollard)
287=WS4.4+08:23 (+0:09)16Star Club
317=VE.1X08:30 (+0:04)302Star Club (Evans)
320=N.1X08:31 (+0:26)373Star Club (Bartells)
325=S3.1X08:33 (+0:42)499Star Club (Bartells)
325=WJ16.2X08:33 (+0:19)33Star Club (Hurrell/Manley)
354=WS3.4+08:41 (+0:48)201Star Club
362=WS2.2-08:44 (+0:05)214Star Club (Fitzgeral/Buckinham)
374=J16.1X08:47 (+0:35)39Star Club (Darnell)
380=J16.1X08:49 (+0:37)40Star Club (Bavington)
392=WJ14.4X+08:53 (+0:49)484Star Club
445WJ18.1X09:18 (+0:44)380Star Club (Mayne)
477=J16.2X09:42 (+2:13)83Star Club (Maynard/Childs)
477=J15.1X09:42 (+1:29)108Star Club (Rozman)
485=WN.2X09:48 (+1:12)150Star Club (Conway/Palmer)
490J15.2X09:57 (+2:18)27Star Club (Barnes/Knight)
492WJ16.1X10:00 (+1:11)232Star Club (Hurrell)