Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 15th February 2004

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1S1.8+05:4887Nephthys (A)
2S2.8+05:51117Granta BC
3S2.8+05:53 (+00:02)27Nephthys (A)
4S3.8+05:5558Granta BC (A)
5E.8+05:5657Star Club
6S1.8+06:01 (+00:13)1Star Club
7=S1.8+06:06 (+00:18)88Nephthys (B)
7=S3.8+06:06 (+00:11)149Granta BC (D)
9S4.8+06:0896Granta BC
10S2.8+06:11 (+00:20)28Nephthys (B)
11=S3.8+06:12 (+00:17)2Star Club
11=S1.8+06:12 (+00:24)177University of Leicester
13S3.8+06:14 (+00:19)179Pembroke College (Oxford)
14S4.8+06:17 (+00:09)183Bedford School
15S2.8+06:18 (+00:27)90The Queen`s College
16S2.8+06:20 (+00:29)59Star Club
17S3.8+06:21 (+00:26)92Oriel College
18=S3.8+06:22 (+00:27)151University of Leicester
18=S3.8+06:22 (+00:27)91City of Cambridge
18=S1.8+06:22 (+00:34)147The Queen`s College
21=S2.8+06:23 (+00:32)29Oriel College
21=S3.8+06:23 (+00:28)93Clare BC
21=S3.8+06:23 (+00:28)30The Queen`s College
21=S4.8+06:23 (+00:15)121Pembroke College (Oxford) (B)
21=S3.8+06:23 (+00:28)150Lady Margaret Hall BC (A)
21=S4.8+06:23 (+00:15)4St John`s College BC
27=S3.8+06:25 (+00:30)60Lady Margaret Hall BC (B)
27=S2.8+06:25 (+00:34)118Bedford Rowing Club
29=S1.8+06:27 (+00:39)89Cantabrigian RC
29=S3.8+06:27 (+00:32)61St Catharine`s College BC
31S3.8+06:28 (+00:33)3University College, Oxford
32=S2.8+06:29 (+00:38)148Cantabrigian RC
32=VC.8+06:2997Bedford/Isis/Upper Thames
34=S3.8+06:30 (+00:35)120Lady Margaret BC
34=S4.8+06:30 (+00:22)123Lady Margaret BC (B)
34=N.8+06:30155Bedford School (A)
37N.8+06:32 (+00:02)32Clare BC
38E.4-06:3413University of Leicester
39S2.8+06:35 (+00:44)178St Catherine's College
40=S3.8+06:36 (+00:41)152St Catherine's College
40=S4.8+06:36 (+00:28)95St Edmund Hall BC
40=N.8+06:36 (+00:06)184Bedford Modern School
43S4.8+06:39 (+00:31)180Keble College BC
44=S3.4X06:42103Star Club
44=S3.8+06:42 (+00:47)119Wadham College
44=N.8+06:42 (+00:12)186St Georges Hospital Med. School (A)
47=N.8+06:43 (+00:13)67Maidenhead RC
47=N.8+06:43 (+00:13)33Worcester College
49S4.8+06:45 (+00:37)63Wadham College
50=E.4-06:46 (+00:12)134Abingdon RC
50=S4.8+06:46 (+00:38)62Lady Margaret BC (A)
52S1.4-06:4715Bedford Rowing Club (A)
53S4.4+06:49199Bedford Modern School
54=N.8+06:50 (+00:20)66Lady Margaret BC
54=J18.4X06:5014Star Club
54=S1.4-06:50 (+00:03)73Abingdon RC
54=S4.8+06:50 (+00:42)94Bedford Rowing Club (B)
58VC.8+06:51 (+00:22)105Bedford Rowing Club
59S4.4X06:52167Star Club
60=S2.8+06:53 (+01:02)64Bedford Rowing Club
60=VE.4X06:53135Bedford Rowing Club
62S1.4+06:55104University of Leicester
63S4.8+06:56 (+00:48)153New College (BC)
64S1.4-06:57 (+00:10)18Bedford Rowing Club (B)
65=S1.4-06:58 (+00:11)72University of Leicester
65=E.4+06:5874University of Leicester
67VC.8+07:00 (+00:31)98Star Club
68N.8+07:01 (+00:31)34New College (BC)
69=S3.4+07:02137St Catharine`s College BC
69=N.8+07:02 (+00:32)187Bedford School (B)
71=S3.4+07:03 (+00:01)107University of Kent (A)
71=S1.4+07:03 (+00:08)75Bedford Rowing Club
71=N.8+07:03 (+00:33)6University of Birmingham
71=S2.4+07:0343University of Leicester (B)
75=S4.4X07:04 (+00:12)19Bedford Rowing Club
75=S4.4X07:04 (+00:12)44City of Cambridge
75=J15.8+07:049Bedford Modern School (A)
78=S2.4+07:05 (+00:02)17University of Leicester (A)
78=VC.4X07:0520Star Club
80=WS2.8+07:06125University of Leicester
80=WS2.8+07:06124UK Gold
82=N.8+07:07 (+00:37)185St Georges Hospital Med. School (B)
82=N.4+07:07109Bedford School (A)
82=S2.4+07:07 (+00:04)166University of Kent
85WS3.8+07:0869University of Leicester
86S4.8+07:10 (+01:02)31Bedford Rowing Club (A)
87N.4+07:12 (+00:05)110Bedford School (B)
88S2.8+07:13 (+01:22)65UK Gold
89=N.4+07:15 (+00:08)171St Catharine`s College BC
89=S2.4+07:15 (+00:12)136Maidstone Invicta RC
89=N.4+07:15 (+00:08)170Maidenhead RC (A)
89=N.8+07:15 (+00:45)126Pembroke College (Oxford)
93=WS3.8+07:16 (+00:08)99Clare BC
93=S4.4+07:16 (+00:27)138University of Kent (A)
95=WS4.8+07:178Bedford High School RC
95=S3.4+07:17 (+00:15)194University of Kent (B)
95=S4.8+07:17 (+01:09)122Falcon RC
98=VD.4-07:19193Bedford Rowing Club
98=S4.8+07:19 (+01:11)181Pembroke College (Oxford) (A)
98=WS4.8+07:19 (+00:02)158New College (BC)
101=WS3.8+07:21 (+00:13)157Dame Alice Harpur BC
101=J15.8+07:21 (+00:17)162Hampton School (A)
103=S4.4+07:22 (+00:33)169Churchill College BC
103=WS4.8+07:22 (+00:05)70Lady Margaret BC (A)
105=WS3.8+07:23 (+00:15)129Lady Margaret BC
105=S4.4+07:23 (+00:34)108Milton Keynes RC (C)
105=S3.4+07:23 (+00:21)106University of Leicester
108S3.4+07:24 (+00:22)21Milton Keynes RC
109=N.8+07:25 (+00:55)127University of Kent
109=WS3.8+07:25 (+00:17)36New College (BC)
109=WN.8+07:2540Clare BC
109=S4.4+07:25 (+00:36)47University of Leicester
113=WS4.8+07:26 (+00:09)188Churchill College BC
113=N.4+07:26 (+00:19)200Bedford Modern School
113=WS4.8+07:26 (+00:09)159Keble College BC
116=S4.8+07:27 (+01:19)182University of Kent
116=S4.4+07:27 (+00:38)45City of Cambridge
118VC.4X07:28 (+00:23)41Orion RC
119=WS4.4X07:29196Star Club
119=S3.4+07:29 (+00:27)195Churchill College BC
121=WN.8+07:30 (+00:05)132Churchill College BC
121=VE.4X07:30 (+00:37)16The Hornets Boat Club
121=WS4.8+07:30 (+00:13)133Dame Alice Harpur BC
121=S4.4+07:30 (+00:41)140Maidstone Invicta RC
125=WS4.4X07:31 (+00:02)77Bedford Rowing Club
125=WS4.8+07:31 (+00:14)161St Catharine`s College BC
125=N.4+07:31 (+00:24)172Maidenhead RC (B)
128J18.4X07:33 (+00:43)42Bedford Rowing Club
129=J15.8+07:34 (+00:30)190Hampton School (B)
129=WS3.8+07:34 (+00:26)128The Queen`s College
131WS4.8+07:35 (+00:18)38The Queen`s College
132WS3.8+07:36 (+00:28)68St Catharine`s College BC
133=WJ16.4X07:4050Star Club
133=WS4.8+07:40 (+00:23)131Bedford Rowing Club
135WJ16.4X07:41 (+00:01)79Dame Alice Harpur BC
136N.4+07:42 (+00:35)78Churchill College BC
137S4.4+07:43 (+00:54)197Falcon RC (A)
138=WS3.8+07:44 (+00:36)35Star Club
138=WS4.8+07:44 (+00:27)39Wolfson College BC (Cam)
138=VD.4-07:44 (+00:25)76The Hornets Boat Club
138=N.4+07:44 (+00:37)111University of Kent
138=WS3.8+07:44 (+00:36)156Pembroke College (Oxford) (B)
143S4.4+07:45 (+00:56)22Milton Keynes RC (A)
144=WS4.8+07:47 (+00:30)7Pembroke College (Oxford) (B)
144=S4.4+07:47 (+00:58)168University of Kent (B)
146WS3.4+07:48174University of Leicester
147WS4.8+07:50 (+00:33)100Wadham College
149=J15.8+07:54 (+00:50)10Bedford Modern School (B)
149=WS2.4+07:54 (+00:03)23Bedford Rowing Club
149=WJ15.4X+07:5483Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)
152WS4.8+07:55 (+00:38)37St John`s College BC
153=WN.4X07:57175Maidstone Invicta RC (B)
153=WS4.4+07:5749Bedford High School RC (A)
155=N.4X+07:59146Bedford School
155=WN.4X07:59 (+00:02)176City of Cambridge
157N.8+08:00 (+01:30)154Southampton Institute
158=WN.4X08:01 (+00:04)142Maidstone Invicta RC (A)
158=WS4.8+08:01 (+00:44)130Lady Margaret BC (B)
160WJ15.4X+08:02 (+00:08)52Bedford High School RC
161S4.4+08:05 (+01:16)139Milton Keynes RC (D)
162N.8+08:06 (+01:36)191Star Club (Time Only)
163WN.4+08:0882Bedford High School RC
164WJ15.4X+08:10 (+00:16)114Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)
165=WN.8+08:11 (+00:46)71Lady Margaret BC
165=J14.4X+08:1155King's School Ely BC (A)
167=WN.8+08:12 (+00:47)164St Catherine's College
167=WN.8+08:12 (+00:47)12Pembroke College (Oxford)
169N.4X+08:13 (+00:14)24Star Club
170WN.4+08:14 (+00:06)80Bedford Rowing Club (A)
171=S4.4+08:15 (+01:26)46Milton Keynes RC (B)
171=WS3.4+08:15 (+00:27)48Milton Keynes RC (B)
173=S4.4+08:16 (+01:27)198Falcon RC (B)
173=WN.4+08:16 (+00:08)203Bedford Rowing Club (B)
175WJ14.4X+08:1786Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)
176WS4.8+08:20 (+01:03)189St Catherine's College
177WS3.4+08:26 (+00:38)173Milton Keynes RC (A)
178WN.4+08:27 (+00:19)143University of Kent
179WS4.8+08:28 (+01:11)160Pembroke College (Oxford) (A)
180J14.4X+08:29 (+00:18)204Star Club
181=WN.4+08:30 (+00:22)25University of Birmingham
181=WS4.4+08:30 (+00:33)202University of Kent
183WJ14.4X+08:33 (+00:16)116Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)
184=WJ14.4X+08:36 (+00:19)26Bedford High School RC
184=WN.4+08:36 (+00:28)112Star Club
186=WS4.4+08:40 (+00:43)201Maidstone Invicta RC
186=WS4.4+08:40 (+00:43)141Milton Keynes RC
188WJ14.4X+08:42 (+00:25)145Star Club
189J14.8X08:45102Bedford High School RC
190J14.4X+08:47 (+00:36)84King's School Ely BC (B)
191WN.8+08:49 (+01:24)163Southampton Institute
192WJ15.4X+08:51 (+00:57)144Dame Alice Harpur BC (C)
193WN.4+08:53 (+00:45)81Milton Keynes RC
194J14.8X08:59 (+00:14)101Bedford Modern School
195WN.8+09:11 (+01:46)11University of Birmingham
196WN.4X+09:1856Star Club
197WJ14.4X+09:20 (+01:03)85King's School Ely BC
198J14.4X+09:21 (+01:10)53Bedford Modern School (B)
199J14.4X+09:29 (+01:18)54Bedford Modern School (A)
200WJ15.4X+09:37 (+01:43)51King's School Ely BC
201WN.4X+09:51 (+00:33)113Star Club