Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 15th February 2004

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Results for University of Kent

71=S3.4+07:03(+00:01)107University of Kent (A)
82=S2.4+07:07(+00:04)166University of Kent
93=S4.4+07:16(+00:27)138University of Kent (A)
95=S3.4+07:17(+00:15)194University of Kent (B)
109=N.8+07:25(+00:55)127University of Kent
116=S4.8+07:27(+01:19)182University of Kent
138=N.4+07:44(+00:37)111University of Kent
144=S4.4+07:47(+00:58)168University of Kent (B)
178WN.4+08:27(+00:19)143University of Kent
181=WS4.4+08:30(+00:33)202University of Kent