Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head

Sunday 15th October 2000

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Results for Star Club

7=S1.4+06:5495Star Club
26=S1.2-07:1516Star Club (Emmerson/Sangster)
31=S2.4+07:17 (+0:31)153Star Club
42=S3.1X07:28289Star Club (Lindsay)
51=J18.2X07:31 (+0:30)115Star Club (Bavington/Watson)
54=S4.2-07:3323Star Club (Rick/Watson)
70=WJ18.4X07:42 (+0:07)102Star Club
80=WE.2X07:48274Star Club
95=N.4+07:55 (+0:40)54Star Club (A)
109=WN.2X08:0124Star Club (Stokes/Whiteman)
123=WS3.2X08:08 (+0:03)218Star Club (Stokes/Whiteman)
126=WN.4+08:10 (+0:06)12Star Club
129=WS4.4+08:11 (+0:12)106Star Club
131S3.1X08:12 (+0:44)132Star Club (Callow)
134=WJ15.4X+08:14216Star Club
140=WJ18.2X08:16 (+0:17)224Star Club (Newton/Lesnster)
142J18.1X08:18 (+0:31)235Star Club (Callow)
150=VB.1X08:21 (+0:33)26Star Club (Oldham)
150=VE.1X08:21138Star Club (Evans)
161=J16.1X08:26 (+0:10)31Star Club (Bavington)
173=MN.4X08:3411Star Club (B)
177=N.4+08:35 (+1:20)55Star Club (B)
191=WJ18.1X08:42 (+0:19)83Star Club (Manley)
199=WS2.1X08:48 (+0:13)187Star Club (Manley)
205=J15.1X08:50 (+0:25)191Star Club (Rozman)
209=WJ16.1X08:52 (+0:27)283Star Club (Black)
230=J16.1X09:08 (+0:52)30Star Club (Maynard)
241=MN.4X09:18 (+0:44)108Star Club (A)