Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th April 1999

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Results for Burway RC

79S2.4+07:13 (+0:43)191Burway RC
96=MS1.2X07:2153Burway RC (Wells/Collins)
109=J18.1X07:26 (+0:02)76Burway RC (Hermes)
115=J18.1X07:28 (+0:04)75Burway RC (Weeks)
115=WJ18.4X07:28 (+0:03)333Burway RC
145=WS3.4X07:36 (+0:14)208Burway RC
168=S1.1X07:42 (+0:12)15Burway RC (Wells)
185=WS1.4+07:47 (+0:24)70Burway RC
189=WS1.4-07:48 (+0:25)399Burway RC
199=S4.4+07:51 (+0:51)256Burway RC
203=VD.2X07:52 (+0:56)16Burway RC (Biddle/Wells)
210=N.4+07:53 (+0:44)140Burway RC
227=WS2.4+07:59 (+0:31)21Burway RC
230=S3.1X08:01 (+0:31)22Burway RC (Biddle)
230=WJ15.2X08:01241Burway RC (Sloan/Weeks)
238=S2.1X08:03 (+0:45)337Burway RC (Biddle)
282=WJ18.1X08:1643Burway RC (Collins)
286=WN.4+08:17 (+0:32)243Burway RC
292=WS1.2-08:18 (+0:26)347Burway RC (Jones/Mullins)
300=WS4.4+08:22 (+0:40)406Burway RC
314=WN.2X08:29 (+0:35)357Burway RC (Allfrey/Weeks)
333=S4.2-08:39 (+1:02)46Burway RC (Griffin/Lai-Fang)
343WJ15.1X08:44114Burway RC (Sloan)
362VD.1X08:59 (+1:22)157Burway RC (Wells)
368=WJ16.1X09:19 (+0:42)110Burway RC (Oliver)