Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 12th February 2006

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Results for University of Kent

108=S3.4+07:11(+00:15)163University of Kent
118=S2.4+07:15(+00:22)229University of Kent
129=N.4+07:20(+00:06)166University of Kent (C)
146=S4.4+07:28(+00:25)235University of Kent (A)
179N.4+07:59(+00:45)167University of Kent (B)
184=N.4+08:01(+00:47)203University of Kent (A)
186=N.4+08:02(+00:48)201University of Kent (D)
192S4.4+08:08(+01:05)233University of Kent (B)
193=WN.4+08:09(+00:09)134University of Kent (A)
202WS3.4+08:15(+00:15)204University of Kent
218WN.4+09:28(+01:28)238University of Kent (B)