Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 15th April 2007

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Results for University of Kent

73=S4.4+07:24(+00:22)332University of Kent
80=S3.4+07:25(+00:40)407University of Kent
95=N.4+07:32(+00:24)338University of Kent
104=N.4+07:37(+00:29)340University of Kent
130=WS4.4+07:42345University of Kent
149=S4.4+07:46(+00:44)414University of Kent
209=S4.4+08:01(+00:59)409University of Kent
249=S4.2-08:14(+00:36)302University of Kent (McPhee/Cummings)
276=S3.2-08:22(+00:58)396University of Kent (McPhee/Cummings)