Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Draw for Guildford RC

1) Masters E/F Eights

Sponsored by Alpha Chartered Surveyors

 1) Guildford RC (Warne =F)───┐ Grosvenor RC (Perkins =E)   
 2) Grosvenor RC (Perkins =E)─┘ 2 lengths                   

44) Masters F Coxed Fours

Sponsored by Quibiquality Media

 214) Grosvenor RC─┐ Grosvenor RC     
 215) Guildford RC─┘ 5 lengths        

52) Masters E/F Quad Sculls

Sponsored by Cyberdyne Systems

 241) Worcester RC (Dowty =E)──┐ Guildford RC (Cooper =F)     
 242) Guildford RC (Cooper =F)─┘ 2 1/2 lengths