Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 16th June 2013

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Castle DatchetVerdict
109:00J14.8X66ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolKSE(27) King's School Ely BCeasily
209:03W.J15.2X79GMA(174) GM Swans BCSWP(175) Sir William Perkins School (Contopoulos)easily
309:06J14.8X68RAD(29) Radley College Boat ClubWES(30) Westminster School BC1 2/3 lengths
409:09W.J15.2X79BMS(176) Bedford Modern SchoolMBC(177) Molesey BC5 lengths
509:12J14.8X72CAN(33) Canford School Boat ClubKCH(34) Kings School Chester RC2 lengths
609:15W.J15.2X80KGS(178) Kingston Grammar SchoolSRC(179) Sudbury RCeasily
709:18J14.8X74KCA(36) The King's School Canterbury BCLTU(37) Latymer Upper School4 lengths
809:21W.J15.2X80TSS(180) Tideway Scullers SchoolSWP(181) Sir William Perkins School (Yetman)easily
909:24W.J16.2X81GLB(166) Globe RCSTN(167) Staines BCeasily
1009:35W.J16.2X81KGS(168) Kingston Grammar SchoolPET(169) Peterborough City2 lengths
1109:38W.J16.2X82KRC(170) Kingston Rowing ClubGMS(171) Great Marlow SchoolRow Over
1209:41W.J16.2X82RDG(172) Reading RCETX(173) Eton Excelsior RC1 1/2 lengths
1309:44W.J17.2X83ETX(158) Eton Excelsior RCBMS(159) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
1409:47W.J17.2X83GLB(160) Globe RCGMS(161) Great Marlow Schooleasily
1509:50W.J17.2X85PET(162) Peterborough CityLTU(163) Latymer Upper School1 1/2 lengths
1609:53W.J17.2X85GRN(164) The Grange School, HartfordSHP(165) Shiplake College2 1/2 lengths
1709:56W.J18.2X86WEY(150) WeybridgeKSE(151) King's School Ely BC (Bradbury)1 3/4 lengths
1809:59W.J18.2X86CAM(152) City of CambridgeGRN(153) The Grange School, Hartford (Ford)1 length
1910:02W.J18.2X87GLB(154) Globe RCROS(155) Ross RC4 lengths
2010:05W.J18.2X87KSE(156) King's School Ely BC (Loversidge)GRN(157) The Grange School, Hartford (Jolliffe)easily
2110:08J15.2X88MBC(142) Molesey BCPET(143) Peterborough City (Westlake)5 lengths
2210:11J15.2X88GLB(144) Globe RCLVA(145) LVS Ascot Boat Clubeasily
2310:14J15.2X92GMS(146) Great Marlow SchoolROS(147) Ross RC2 lengths
2410:17J15.2X92KRC(148) Kingston Rowing ClubPET(149) Peterborough City (Casey)easily
2510:20J16.2X93BMS(134) Bedford Modern SchoolCAN(135) Canford School Boat Club1 length
2610:23J16.2X93WBS(136) Windsor Boys SchoolGLB(137) Globe RCeasily
2710:34J16.2X94TSS(138) Tideway Scullers SchoolWEY(139) Weybridge1 length
2810:37J16.2X94WES(140) Westminster School BCROS(141) Ross RC2 1/4 lengths
2910:40J17.2X95KSE(126) King's School Ely BC (Love)GLB(127) Globe RCRow Over
3010:43W.J14.4X+89ROS(117) Ross RCMBC(118) Molesey BC3 feet
3110:46J17.2X95WBS(128) Windsor Boys SchoolRUN(129) Runcorn RC4 1/2 lengths
3210:49J17.2X96PET(130) Peterborough CityGRN(131) The Grange School, Hartford5 lengths
3310:52J17.2X96STN(132) Staines BCKSE(133) King's School Ely BC (Macdonald)4 1/2 lengths
3410:55J18.2X99TSS(119) Tideway Scullers School (Haider)GLB(120) Globe RC2/3 length
3510:58J18.2X97GRN(122) The Grange School, HartfordWES(123) Westminster School BC1 1/4 lengths
3611:01J18.2X97WBS(124) Windsor Boys SchoolTSS(125) Tideway Scullers School (McManus)4 lengths
3711:04W.J14.4X+91TSS(113) Tideway Scullers SchoolKSE(114) King's School Ely BCa canvas
3911:10W.J14.4X+89CAM(115) City of CambridgeKCA(116) The King's School Canterbury BCeasily
4011:13W.J15.4X+101RDG(105) Reading RCCAN(106) Canford School Boat ClubRow Over
4111:16W.J15.4X+98KGS(107) Kingston Grammar SchoolGMS(108) Great Marlow School1 1/4 lengths
4211:19W.J15.4X+98MAR(109) Marlow RCHEN(110) Henley RCeasily
4311:22W.J15.4X+101GLB(103) Globe RCROS(104) Ross RCeasily
4411:25J14.4X+90MAR(95) Marlow RCWEY(96) Weybridgeeasily
4511:36J14.4X+90WBS(97) Windsor Boys SchoolETX(98) Eton Excelsior RC2 1/4 lengths
4611:39J14.4X+104PET(101) Peterborough CityMBC(102) Molesey BC1 length
4711:42J15.4X+100BMS(87) Bedford Modern SchoolWBS(88) Windsor Boys School (Edwards)2 1/4 lengths
3811:43W.J14.4X+91BAE(111) Barn Elms RCKRC(112) Kingston Rowing Club1 length
4811:45J14.4X+104TSS(99) Tideway Scullers SchoolGMS(100) Great Marlow Schooleasily
4911:48J15.4X+100MBC(89) Molesey BCSTN(90) Staines BCeasily
5011:51MIL.8+155RNY(1) Royal Navy RCRAF(2) Royal Air Force RC2 1/4 lengths
5111:54MIL.8+155ARM(3) Army RCWEC(4) Welbeck College BCeasily
5212:57J15.4X+110LTU(91) Latymer Upper SchoolKRC(92) Kingston Rowing Club1 1/4 lengths
5313:00J15.4X+110ETX(93) Eton Excelsior RCWBS(94) Windsor Boys School (Neill)2 1/2 lengths
5413:03W.J16.4X102WEY(79) WeybridgeCAM(80) City of Cambridge1 3/4 lengths
5513:06W.J16.4X102BMS(81) Bedford Modern SchoolTSS(82) Tideway Scullers Schooleasily
5613:09W.J16.4X105DEV(83) Devil's Elbow RCROS(84) Ross RCeasily
5713:12W.J16.4X105GRN(85) The Grange School, HartfordGLB(86) Globe RC3/4 length
5813:15W.J14.8X108GMS(42) Great Marlow SchoolMAR(43) Marlow RC4 lengths
5913:18J16.4X107TSS(75) Tideway Scullers SchoolCAM(76) City of Cambridge2 1/2 lengths
6013:21W.J14.8X108HEN(44) Henley RCPHS(45) Putney High School RC4 lengths
6113:24J16.4+103WES(53) Westminster School BCMAR/ZBK(54) Marlow/Brunswick School USA2 lengths
6213:27W.J14.8X106SWP(46) Sir William Perkins SchoolCAN(47) Canford School Boat Clubeasily
6313:30J15.4+119LTU(60) Latymer Upper SchoolWES(61) Westminster School BC4 lengths
6413:33W.J14.8X106ETX(48) Eton Excelsior RCKGS(49) Kingston Grammar Schooleasily
6513:36J15.4+119BMS(62) Bedford Modern SchoolGMS(63) Great Marlow School1/2 length
6613:39J14.8X118KSE(27) King's School Ely BCBMS(28) Bedford Modern School3/4 length
6713:43J16.4+121ABS(50) Abingdon SchoolABS(51) Abingdon School (Black)1 1/4 lengths
6813:46J14.8X118WES(30) Westminster School BCSHR(31) Royal Shrewsbury School2 1/2 lengths
6913:49J16.4+103BMS(55) Bedford Modern SchoolTSS(56) Tideway Scullers School1 1/4 lengths
7013:52W.J18.8+117KCA(20) The King's School Canterbury BCMBC(21) Molesey BCRow Over
7113:55J16.4X107GLB(77) Globe RCWBS(78) Windsor Boys School (Penny)easily
7213:58J14.8X124HAM(32) Hampton SchoolKCH(34) Kings School Chester RC4 lengths
7314:01J16.4X109GRN(72) The Grange School, HartfordWBS(73) Windsor Boys School (Withers)1 1/3 lengths
7414:04J14.8X124KGS(35) Kingston Grammar SchoolKCA(36) The King's School Canterbury BC2 1/2 lengths
7514:07J15.4+116CAN(57) Canford School Boat ClubKGS(58) Kingston Grammar Schooleasily
7614:17W.J18.8+127CHA(16) Champion of the ThamesLEH(17) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club3 lengths
7714:20J18.8+132ABS(5) Abingdon School (Wood)CAN(6) Canford School Boat Club1 3/4 lengths
7814:23J18.8+130HAM(8) Hampton SchoolKCH(9) Kings School Chester RCRow Over
7914:26W.J15.2X136GMA(174) GM Swans BCMBC(177) Molesey BCDisqualification
8014:29W.J15.2X136SRC(179) Sudbury RCTSS(180) Tideway Scullers School1/2 length
8114:32W.J16.2X131STN(167) Staines BCPET(169) Peterborough City2 lengths
8214:35W.J16.2X131GMS(171) Great Marlow SchoolETX(173) Eton Excelsior RC1 3/4 lengths
8314:38W.J17.2X137ETX(158) Eton Excelsior RCGLB(160) Globe RC3 lengths
8414:41J18.8+130KCA(10) The King's School Canterbury BCABS(11) Abingdon School (Cooper)2 lengths
8514:44W.J17.2X137LTU(163) Latymer Upper SchoolSHP(165) Shiplake College2 1/2 lengths
8614:47W.J18.2X142WEY(150) WeybridgeGRN(153) The Grange School, Hartford (Ford)easily
8714:50W.J18.2X142GLB(154) Globe RCGRN(157) The Grange School, Hartford (Jolliffe)4 lengths
8814:53J15.2X128MBC(142) Molesey BCLVA(145) LVS Ascot Boat Club3 lengths
8915:04W.J14.4X+115CAM(115) City of CambridgeMBC(118) Molesey BC2 1/2 lengths
9015:07J14.4X+125MAR(95) Marlow RCWBS(97) Windsor Boys School3 lengths
9115:10W.J14.4X+115KRC(112) Kingston Rowing ClubTSS(113) Tideway Scullers School1 length
9215:13J15.2X128ROS(147) Ross RCKRC(148) Kingston Rowing Club3 lengths
9315:16J16.2X143BMS(134) Bedford Modern SchoolWBS(136) Windsor Boys School4 lengths
9415:19J16.2X143TSS(138) Tideway Scullers SchoolWES(140) Westminster School BC1/2 length
9515:22J17.2X145GLB(127) Globe RCWBS(128) Windsor Boys Schooleasily
9615:25J17.2X145PET(130) Peterborough CitySTN(132) Staines BC1 length
9715:28J18.2X147WES(123) Westminster School BCWBS(124) Windsor Boys School1 length
9815:31W.J15.4X+141KGS(107) Kingston Grammar SchoolHEN(110) Henley RC3 1/2 lengths
9915:34J18.2X147TSS(119) Tideway Scullers School (Haider)TSS(121) Tideway Scullers School (Hodges)3 lengths
10015:37J15.4X+135BMS(87) Bedford Modern SchoolSTN(90) Staines BC1 1/2 lengths
10115:40W.J15.4X+141ROS(104) Ross RCCAN(106) Canford School Boat Club2 1/2 lengths
10215:43W.J16.4X148WEY(79) WeybridgeTSS(82) Tideway Scullers School4 lengths
10315:46J16.4+140WES(53) Westminster School BCTSS(56) Tideway Scullers School1 length
10415:49J14.4X+125TSS(99) Tideway Scullers SchoolPET(101) Peterborough Cityeasily
10515:52W.J16.4X148ROS(84) Ross RCGRN(85) The Grange School, Hartford2 lengths
10616:03W.J14.8X133CAN(47) Canford School Boat ClubETX(48) Eton Excelsior RC1 1/4 lengths
10716:06J16.4X149TSS(75) Tideway Scullers SchoolGLB(77) Globe RC2 lengths
10816:09W.J14.8X133MAR(43) Marlow RCHEN(44) Henley RC2 1/2 lengths
10916:12J16.4X149GRN(72) The Grange School, HartfordRDG(74) Reading RC2 1/2 lengths
11016:15J15.4X+135KRC(92) Kingston Rowing ClubWBS(94) Windsor Boys School (Neill)4 lengths
11116:18W.J18.4-150TSS(68) Tideway Scullers SchoolSWP(69) Sir William Perkins Schooleasily
11216:21W.J18.4-150LTU(70) Latymer Upper SchoolGMS(71) Great Marlow School2 1/2 lengths
11316:24W.MIL.4+146RNY(64) Royal Navy RCARM(65) Army RCeasily
11416:27J15.8X154TSS(22) Tideway Scullers SchoolWBS(23) Windsor Boys School2 3/4 lengths
11516:30W.J14.4X+ TSS(113) Tideway Scullers SchoolCAM(115) City of Cambridgeeasily
11616:33J15.4+139KGS(58) Kingston Grammar SchoolABS(59) Abingdon School1 1/2 lengths
11716:36W.J18.8+138HAB(19) Haberdashers MonmouthKCA(20) The King's School Canterbury BC2 1/2 lengths
11816:39J14.8X144BMS(28) Bedford Modern SchoolWES(30) Westminster School BC1 1/4 lengths
11916:42J15.4+139LTU(60) Latymer Upper SchoolGMS(63) Great Marlow School1 length
12016:45W.J15.8X153GMS(38) Great Marlow SchoolLEH(39) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club3 lengths
12116:48J16.4+140ABS(51) Abingdon School (Black)CAN(52) Canford School Boat Cluba canvas
12216:51W.J15.8X153ETX(40) Eton Excelsior RCSHV(41) Shiplake Vikings RC4 lengths
12317:02W.MIL.4+146WEC(66) Welbeck College BCRAF(67) Royal Air Force RC3/4 length
12417:05J14.8X144KCH(34) Kings School Chester RCKGS(35) Kingston Grammar School4 1/2 lengths
12517:08J14.4X+ MAR(95) Marlow RCTSS(99) Tideway Scullers School3/4 length
12617:11J15.8+151CAN(14) Canford School Boat ClubKCA(15) The King's School Canterbury BC2 3/4 lengths
12717:14W.J18.8+138LEH(17) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubSWP(18) Sir William Perkins School2 3/4 lengths
12817:17J15.2X MBC(142) Molesey BCROS(147) Ross RC3 1/2 lengths
12917:21J15.8X154BMS(24) Bedford Modern SchoolWES(25) Westminster School BC2/3 length
13017:24J18.8+152HAM(8) Hampton SchoolABS(11) Abingdon School (Cooper)4 lengths
13117:27W.J16.2X STN(167) Staines BCGMS(171) Great Marlow School4 lengths
13217:30J18.8+152CAN(6) Canford School Boat ClubSHR(7) Royal Shrewsbury School3/4 length
13317:33W.J14.8X MAR(43) Marlow RCETX(48) Eton Excelsior RC3 lengths
13417:36J15.8+151ABS(12) Abingdon SchoolSHR(13) Royal Shrewsbury School2 1/4 lengths
13617:49W.J15.2X MBC(177) Molesey BCTSS(180) Tideway Scullers School2 1/2 lengths
13717:52W.J17.2X ETX(158) Eton Excelsior RCLTU(163) Latymer Upper School4 lengths
13518:00J15.4X+ BMS(87) Bedford Modern SchoolKRC(92) Kingston Rowing Club1 length
13818:03W.J18.8+ SWP(18) Sir William Perkins SchoolHAB(19) Haberdashers Monmouth1 length
13918:07J15.4+ KGS(58) Kingston Grammar SchoolLTU(60) Latymer Upper School3/4 length
14018:10J16.4+ CAN(52) Canford School Boat ClubWES(53) Westminster School BC1 1/2 lengths
14118:13W.J15.4X+ ROS(104) Ross RCHEN(110) Henley RCeasily
14218:17W.J18.2X GRN(153) The Grange School, Hartford (Ford)GRN(157) The Grange School, Hartford (Jolliffe)easily
14318:20J16.2X BMS(134) Bedford Modern SchoolWES(140) Westminster School BC1 length
14418:23J14.8X BMS(28) Bedford Modern SchoolKCH(34) Kings School Chester RC1 length
14518:27J17.2X WBS(128) Windsor Boys SchoolSTN(132) Staines BC5 lengths
14618:30W.MIL.4+ ARM(65) Army RCWEC(66) Welbeck College BC3 1/2 lengths
14718:33J18.2X TSS(119) Tideway Scullers School (Haider)WBS(124) Windsor Boys School3 lengths
14818:37W.J16.4X TSS(82) Tideway Scullers SchoolROS(84) Ross RC3 lengths
14918:40J16.4X GRN(72) The Grange School, HartfordTSS(75) Tideway Scullers School1/2 length
15018:43W.J18.4- TSS(68) Tideway Scullers SchoolLTU(70) Latymer Upper School1 1/4 lengths
15118:47J15.8+ SHR(13) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolCAN(14) Canford School Boat Club3 lengths
15218:50J18.8+ SHR(7) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolABS(11) Abingdon School (Cooper)1 length
15318:53W.J15.8X GMS(38) Great Marlow SchoolETX(40) Eton Excelsior RC1 1/2 lengths
15418:59J15.8X WBS(23) Windsor Boys SchoolWES(25) Westminster School BC1 length
15519:02MIL.8+ ARM(3) Army RCRAF(2) Royal Air Force RC1 length