Oxford City Royal Regatta

Saturday 17th August 2013

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)VerdictHandicap
108:30W.NOV.1X29MER(97) Merton CollegePTR(98) Putney Town RC (Pictor)2 1/2 lengths
208:33W.NOV.1X32ZKF(105) Athlunkard BCPTR(106) Putney Town RC (Carboo)2 1/2 lengths
308:36NOV.1X33PTR(81) Putney Town RCSON(82) Sons of the Thames RCeasily
408:39NOV.1X33COX(83) City of Oxford RCJEC(84) Jesus College, CambridgeRow Over
508:42NOV.1X34LLA(85) Llandaff RC (Naven)CUR(86) Curlew RCeasily
608:45NOV.1X34WAD(87) Wadham CollegePTR(88) Putney Town RC3 1/2 lengths
708:48NOV.1X35ZKF(89) Athlunkard BCTWK(90) Twickenham RCeasily
808:51NOV.1X35SOM(91) Somerville CollegeHSB(92) HSBC RCeasily
908:54NOV.1X36LLA(93) Llandaff RC (Lewis)PTR(94) Putney Town RCRow Over
1008:57NOV.1X36COX(95) City of Oxford RCJEC(96) Jesus College, CambridgeRow Over
1109:00W.IM3.2X38WRC(65) Wallingford RC (Walker)FSC(66) Furnivall SC3 1/2 lengths
1209:03W.IM3.2X40ZKF(71) Athlunkard BCWRC(72) Wallingford RC (Bard)easily
1309:06W.IM3.2X41CBR(74) City of Bristol RCWRC(75) Wallingford RC (Weller)3 1/2 lengths
1409:09W.IM3.4+45SON(36) Sons of the Thames RC (Sach)HEC(37) Hertford College3/4 length
1509:12W.IM3.4+45LLA(38) Llandaff RCCBR(39) City of Bristol RC (Jeffrey)2 lengths
1609:15W.IM3.4+44BBL(40) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCFSC(41) Furnivall SC (Hutchings)1 1/2 lengths
1709:18W.IM3.4+46MHD(43) Maidenhead RCZKF(44) Athlunkard BCRow Over
1809:21W.IM3.4+46HSB(45) HSBC RCLIC(46) Lincoln College BCRow Over
1909:24W.IM3.4+47FSC(47) Furnivall SC (Kanabar)SON(48) Sons of the Thames RC (Parr)2 lengths
2009:27W.IM3.4+47LLA(49) Llandaff RCCBR(50) City of Bristol RC (Munro)easily
2109:30IM3.4+48LLA(17) Llandaff RC (Hudson)ABN(18) Abingdon RC1 1/2 lengths
2209:33IM3.4+48WRO(19) Worcester College (Breuer)CBR(20) City of Bristol RC (Cook)4 1/2 lengths
2309:36IM3.4+49GTM(21) Green Templeton BCSON(22) Sons of the Thames RC1 1/2 lengths
2409:39IM3.4+49COX(23) City of Oxford RCHEC(24) Hertford College2 1/2 lengths
2509:42IM3.4+50MER(25) Merton CollegeZKF(26) Athlunkard BC3 lengths
2609:45IM3.4+50MAG(27) Magdalen College, OxfordJEC(28) Jesus College, Cambridge3 lengths
2709:48IM3.4+51CAM(29) City of CambridgeCBR(30) City of Bristol RC (Butcher)Row Over
2809:51IM3.4+51LLA(31) Llandaff RC (Evans)WRO(32) Worcester College (Calder-Smith)4 lengths
2909:54W.NOV.1X54PTR(98) Putney Town RC (Pictor)WRC(99) Wallingford RCeasily
3009:57W.NOV.1X54PTR(100) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)CHB(101) Christ Churcheasily
3110:00W.NOV.1X55PTR(102) Putney Town RC (Bowler)BBL(103) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCeasily
3210:03W.NOV.1X55TWK(104) Twickenham RCPTR(106) Putney Town RC (Carboo)Not Rowed Out
3310:06NOV.1X56SON(82) Sons of the Thames RCCOX(83) City of Oxford RC3 1/2 lengths
3410:09NOV.1X56CUR(86) Curlew RCWAD(87) Wadham Collegeeasily
3510:12NOV.1X57TWK(90) Twickenham RCSOM(91) Somerville Collegeeasily
3610:15NOV.1X57LLA(93) Llandaff RC (Lewis)COX(95) City of Oxford RC1 1/4 lengths
3710:18IM2.1X59SON(79) Sons of the Thames RCZKF(80) Athlunkard BC4 1/2 lengths
3810:21W.IM3.2X60FSC(66) Furnivall SCWRC(67) Wallingford RC (Cottingham)Disqualification
3910:24W.IM3.2X60WRC(68) Wallingford RC (Longworth)CUR(69) Curlew RC1 1/4 lengths
4010:27W.IM3.2X61LLA(70) Llandaff RCZKF(71) Athlunkard BC1 length
4110:30W.IM3.2X61HSB(73) HSBC RCCBR(74) City of Bristol RCNot Rowed Out
4210:33Mas.FGH.2X63ABN(63) Abingdon RC (=F)BTC(64) BTC Southampton (Wardell =F)1 1/4 lengths
4310:36Mas.BCD.2X65ZOQ(58) Corio Bay Australia (=D)BUR(59) Burway RC (=B)Row Over
4410:39W.IM3.4+68FSC(41) Furnivall SC (Hutchings)SEH(42) St Edmund Hall3 1/2 lengths
4510:42W.IM3.4+68SON(36) Sons of the Thames RC (Sach)CBR(39) City of Bristol RC (Jeffrey)easily
4610:45W.IM3.4+69ZKF(44) Athlunkard BCLIC(46) Lincoln College BC1 length
4710:48W.IM3.4+69FSC(47) Furnivall SC (Kanabar)LLA(49) Llandaff RC2 1/4 lengths
4810:51IM3.4+71LLA(17) Llandaff RC (Hudson)WRO(19) Worcester College (Breuer)Disqualification
4910:54IM3.4+71SON(22) Sons of the Thames RCHEC(24) Hertford Collegea canvas
5010:57IM3.4+72ZKF(26) Athlunkard BCMAG(27) Magdalen College, Oxford3/4 length
5111:00IM3.4+72CBR(30) City of Bristol RC (Butcher)LLA(31) Llandaff RC (Evans)easily
5211:03W.NOV.8+77CUR(15) Curlew RCOAC(16) Oxford Academicals RC3 lengths
5311:06W.IM2.8+74BBL(10) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCCOX(11) City of Oxford RC1 length
5411:09W.NOV.1X78WRC(99) Wallingford RCCHB(101) Christ Church2 1/2 lengths
5511:12W.NOV.1X78BBL(103) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCTWK(104) Twickenham RC2/3 length
5611:15NOV.1X80SON(82) Sons of the Thames RCCUR(86) Curlew RC1 1/2 lengths
5711:18NOV.1X80SOM(91) Somerville CollegeLLA(93) Llandaff RC (Lewis)Not Rowed Out
5811:21IM2.1X81NSH(76) Nonesuch BCZKF(77) Athlunkard BC2 lengths
5911:24IM2.1X81TWK(78) Twickenham RCZKF(80) Athlunkard BC3 lengths
6011:27W.IM3.2X82FSC(66) Furnivall SCWRC(68) Wallingford RC (Longworth)a canvas
6111:30W.IM3.2X82LLA(70) Llandaff RCCBR(74) City of Bristol RC1 1/4 lengths
6211:33Mas.FGH.2X87ZOQ(60) Corio Bay Australia (=G)BTC(61) BTC Southampton (Purkess =H)4 1/2 lengths
6311:36Mas.FGH.2X87UTC(62) Upper Thames RC (=F)BTC(64) BTC Southampton (Wardell =F)1 length
6411:39Mas.BCD.2X89ABN(55) Abingdon RC (=C)PBD/MED(56) Poplar/Medway (=C)3 1/2 lengths
6511:42Mas.BCD.2X89OAC(57) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)ZOQ(58) Corio Bay Australia (=D)easily
6611:45IM3.2X90PTR(51) Putney Town RC (Hickling)HIN/PMB(52) Hinksey/Pembroke2 1/2 lengths
6711:48IM3.2X90ZKF(53) Athlunkard BCPTR(54) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)5 lengths
6811:51W.IM3.4+88CBR(39) City of Bristol RC (Jeffrey)SEH(42) St Edmund Hall1 1/3 lengths
6911:54W.IM3.4+88LIC(46) Lincoln College BCLLA(49) Llandaff RC1/2 length
7011:57Mas.AB.Nov.4+83CYG(34) Cygnet RC (=A)CUR(35) Curlew RC (=A)2 1/2 lengths
7112:00IM3.4+86WRO(19) Worcester College (Breuer)HEC(24) Hertford College2 1/4 lengths
7212:03IM3.4+86MAG(27) Magdalen College, OxfordLLA(31) Llandaff RC (Evans)2 lengths
7312:06W.IM2.8+84CHB/HEC/KEB/MAG/MER/(7) (OUW Comp)GTM(8) Green Templeton BC2 lengths
7412:09W.IM2.8+84HSB(9) HSBC RCCOX(11) City of Oxford RC2 1/2 lengths
7512:12NOV.8+85HSB(5) HSBC RCCBR(6) City of Bristol RC2 lengths
7612:15W.NOV.8+91OAC(12) Oxford Academicals RCPTR(13) Putney Town RC2 lengths
7712:18W.NOV.8+91FAL(14) Falcon RCOAC(16) Oxford Academicals RC1 3/4 lengths
7812:21W.NOV.1X WRC(99) Wallingford RCBBL(103) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC3 lengths
7912:24IM2.8+92CYG(2) Cygnet RCGTM(3) Green Templeton BC2 1/2 lengths
8012:27NOV.1X SON(82) Sons of the Thames RCLLA(93) Llandaff RC (Lewis)2 1/2 lengths
8112:30IM2.1X NSH(76) Nonesuch BCZKF(80) Athlunkard BC1 1/2 lengths
8212:33W.IM3.2X FSC(66) Furnivall SCCBR(74) City of Bristol RC2 1/2 lengths
8312:36Mas.AB.Nov.4+ WRC(33) Wallingford RC (=B)CUR(35) Curlew RC (=A)easily
8412:39W.IM2.8+ CHB/HEC/KEB/MAG/MER/(7) (OUW Comp)COX(11) City of Oxford RC3 lengths
8512:42NOV.8+ PTR(4) Putney Town RCHSB(5) HSBC RC3 1/2 lengths
8612:45IM3.4+ WRO(19) Worcester College (Breuer)MAG(27) Magdalen College, Oxford3 1/2 lengths
8712:48Mas.FGH.2X BTC(61) BTC Southampton (Purkess =H)BTC(64) BTC Southampton (Wardell =F)1/2 length
8812:51W.IM3.4+ CBR(39) City of Bristol RC (Jeffrey)LLA(49) Llandaff RC2 1/4 lengths
8912:54Mas.BCD.2X PBD/MED(56) Poplar/Medway (=C)ZOQ(58) Corio Bay Australia (=D)4 1/2 lengths
9012:57IM3.2X HIN/PMB(52) Hinksey/PembrokePTR(54) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)3 1/2 lengths
9113:00W.NOV.8+ PTR(13) Putney Town RCFAL(14) Falcon RC2/3 length
9213:03IM2.8+ OAC(1) Oxford Academicals RCGTM(3) Green Templeton BC1 1/3 lengths
10114:15W.NOV.2X121BBL(188) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCLLA(189) Llandaff RCeasily
10214:18NOV.4+129CYG(144) Cygnet RCHSB(145) HSBC RC (Davies)easily
10314:21NOV.4+130WRO(147) Worcester CollegeCBR(148) City of Bristol RC (Pillinger)1 1/2 lengths
10414:24NOV.4+131HEC(151) Hertford CollegeCUR(152) Curlew RC3 1/2 lengths
10514:27NOV.4+128CBR(153) City of Bristol RC (Benson)SHG(154) St Hugh's College (Cowls)easily
10614:30NOV.4+128HSB(155) HSBC RC (Browne)WRC(156) Wallingford RC (Ashforth)2 1/2 lengths
10714:33W.IM3.1X145CAM(216) City of Cambridge (Eagle-Wilsher)TWK(217) Twickenham RC2 1/2 lengths
10814:36W.IM3.1X145SON(218) Sons of the Thames RCRDG(219) Reading RCDefault
10914:39W.IM3.1X146TRO(220) Trinity CollegeMHD(221) Maidenhead RC2 lengths
11014:42W.IM3.1X146WRC(222) Wallingford RCCAM(223) City of Cambridge (Smart)3/4 length
11114:45IM3.1X150TWK(205) Twickenham RC (Pedersen)OAC(206) Oxford Academicals RCeasily
11214:48IM3.1X149ABN(208) Abingdon RCMED(209) Medway Towns RCeasily
11314:51IM3.1X149CAM(210) City of CambridgeTWK(211) Twickenham RC (Wooller)2 1/2 lengths
11414:54ELI.1X152WRC(203) Wallingford RCNSH(204) Nonesuch BC1 3/4 lengths
11514:57Mx.ELI.2X154HEC(193) Hertford CollegeWOO(194) Wolfson College, Oxfordeasily
11615:00Mx.ELI.2X153WRC(196) Wallingford RCCBR(197) City of Bristol RCeasily
11715:03Mx.ELI.2X153CAM(198) City of CambridgeFSC(199) Furnivall SCeasily
11815:06W.NOV.2X156PTR(181) Putney Town RCSON(182) Sons of the Thames RCDefault
11915:09W.NOV.2X156HEC(183) Hertford CollegeOAC/WEY(184) Academicals / Weybridgeeasily
12015:12W.NOV.2X157FSC(185) Furnivall SCCBR(186) City of Bristol RCDefault
12115:15W.NOV.2X157CHB/MER(187) Christ Church / MertonBBL(188) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC1 1/3 lengths
12215:18NOV.2X158CYG(175) Cygnet RCFAL(176) Falcon RC1 1/4 lengths
12315:21NOV.2X159WRC(179) Wallingford RCPTR(180) Putney Town RC (Knight)a canvas
12415:24IM1.2-161ZKF(166) Athlunkard BCCUR(167) Curlew RC2 1/2 lengths
12515:27IM1.2-162SHG(170) St Hugh's CollegeWEY(171) Weybridge RCDisqualification
12615:30W.NOV.4+164PTR(157) Putney Town RC (Ward)FAL(158) Falcon RCeasily
12715:33W.NOV.4+165COX(161) City of Oxford RCPTR(162) Putney Town RC (Clarke)easily
12815:36NOV.4+167CBR(153) City of Bristol RC (Benson)HSB(155) HSBC RC (Browne)1 length
12915:39NOV.4+166HSB(145) HSBC RC (Davies)WRC(146) Wallingford RC (Cole)2 1/2 lengths
13015:42NOV.4+166WRO(147) Worcester CollegeCOX(149) City of Oxford RCeasily
13115:45NOV.4+167SHG(150) St Hugh's College (Maddock)HEC(151) Hertford Collegeeasily
13215:48IM2.4+168CUR(136) Curlew RCCYG(137) Cygnet RC2/3 length
13315:51IM2.4+168LLA(138) Llandaff RCWRO(139) Worcester College3 lengths
13415:54IM2.4+169SON(140) Sons of the Thames RCGTM(141) Green Templeton BC1 1/2 lengths
13515:57IM2.4+169WOO(142) Wolfson College, OxfordPTR(143) Putney Town RCeasily
13616:00W.IM3.8+170COX(128) City of Oxford RCLLA(129) Llandaff RCa canvas
13716:03W.IM3.8+170CUR(130) Curlew RCZKF(131) Athlunkard BC3 lengths
13816:06W.IM3.8+171CBR(132) City of Bristol RCGTM(133) Green Templeton BCDisqualification
13916:09W.IM3.8+171FSC(134) Furnivall SCSON(135) Sons of the Thames RC1 1/3 lengths
14016:12IM3.8+173COX(121) City of Oxford RC (Marns)MHD(122) Maidenhead RC2 lengths
14116:15IM3.8+172OAC(124) Oxford Academicals RCZKF(125) Athlunkard BC1 1/2 lengths
14216:18IM3.8+172JEC(126) Jesus College, CambridgeCOX(127) City of Oxford RC (Henwood)Default
14316:21W.Mas.AB.1X174LLA(224) Llandaff RC (=B)BBL(225) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=A)1/2 length
14416:24W.Mas.AB.1X174CBR(226) City of Bristol RC (=B)COX(227) City of Oxford RC (=A)2 1/2 lengths
14516:27W.IM3.1X175CAM(216) City of Cambridge (Eagle-Wilsher)SON(218) Sons of the Thames RC1 length
14616:30W.IM3.1X175MHD(221) Maidenhead RCWRC(222) Wallingford RC4 lengths
14716:33Mas.DEF.1X176SON(212) Sons of the Thames RC (=D)ABN(213) Abingdon RC (Godsafe =D)6 lengths
14816:36Mas.DEF.1X176CAM(214) City of Cambridge (=F)ABN(215) Abingdon RC (Baker =E)2 lengths
14916:39IM3.1X177MED(209) Medway Towns RCTWK(211) Twickenham RC (Wooller)1 1/2 lengths
15016:42IM3.1X177OAC(206) Oxford Academicals RCFSC(207) Furnivall SC2 lengths
15116:45ELI.1X178HWG(200) Royal Grammar School, High WycombeRDG(201) Reading RC3 lengths
15216:48ELI.1X178GRI(202) GriffenWRC(203) Wallingford RC2 lengths
15316:51Mx.ELI.2X179WRC(196) Wallingford RCCAM(198) City of Cambridgeeasily
15416:54Mx.ELI.2X179WOO(194) Wolfson College, OxfordARM/MHD(195) Army / Maidenhead1 length
15516:57W.J16.2X180FAL(191) Falcon RCCAM(192) City of Cambridge (Redfern)2 feet
15617:00W.NOV.2X181PTR(181) Putney Town RCOAC/WEY(184) Academicals / Weybridgeeasily
15717:03W.NOV.2X181CBR(186) City of Bristol RCBBL(188) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCeasily
15817:06NOV.2X182FAL(176) Falcon RCPTR(177) Putney Town RC (Hickling)Disqualification
15917:09NOV.2X182HSB(178) HSBC RCWRC(179) Wallingford RCeasily
16017:12ELI.2X183PBD/MED(173) Poplar/MedwayPTR(174) Putney Town RCDefault
16117:15IM1.2-184CUR(167) Curlew RCWRC/UWS(168) Wallingford/Swansea Unieasily
16217:18IM1.2-184SON(169) Sons of the Thames RCSHG(170) St Hugh's College5 lengths
16317:21W.IM1.4X185PTR(164) Putney Town RCWRC(165) Wallingford RC (Cottingham)4 lengths
16417:24W.NOV.4+186PTR(157) Putney Town RC (Ward)PTR(159) Putney Town RC (Wood)easily
16517:27W.NOV.4+186HSB(160) HSBC RCCOX(161) City of Oxford RCeasily
16617:30NOV.4+187WRC(146) Wallingford RC (Cole)COX(149) City of Oxford RC2 1/2 lengths
16717:33NOV.4+187HEC(151) Hertford CollegeCBR(153) City of Bristol RC (Benson)2 lengths
16817:36IM2.4+188CUR(136) Curlew RCLLA(138) Llandaff RC3 lengths
16917:39IM2.4+188SON(140) Sons of the Thames RCWOO(142) Wolfson College, Oxford3 1/2 lengths
17017:42W.IM3.8+189LLA(129) Llandaff RCCUR(130) Curlew RC4 lengths
17117:45W.IM3.8+189CBR(132) City of Bristol RCFSC(134) Furnivall SCeasily
17217:48IM3.8+190OAC(124) Oxford Academicals RCCOX(127) City of Oxford RC (Henwood)easily
17317:51IM3.8+190MHD(122) Maidenhead RCCBR(123) City of Bristol RC2 1/2 lengths
17417:54W.Mas.AB.1X LLA(224) Llandaff RC (=B)CBR(226) City of Bristol RC (=B)3 lengths
17517:57W.IM3.1X CAM(216) City of Cambridge (Eagle-Wilsher)WRC(222) Wallingford RC2 feet
17618:00Mas.DEF.1X ABN(213) Abingdon RC (Godsafe =D)ABN(215) Abingdon RC (Baker =E)1 1/2 lengths
17718:03IM3.1X FSC(207) Furnivall SCMED(209) Medway Towns RC3 lengths
17818:06ELI.1X RDG(201) Reading RCGRI(202) Griffen1 length
17918:09Mx.ELI.2X ARM/MHD(195) Army / MaidenheadWRC(196) Wallingford RC1 1/2 lengths
18018:12W.J16.2X CAM(190) City of Cambridge (Potterill)FAL(191) Falcon RCa canvas
18118:15W.NOV.2X OAC/WEY(184) Academicals / WeybridgeBBL(188) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2 lengths
18218:18NOV.2X FAL(176) Falcon RCWRC(179) Wallingford RC3 lengths
18318:21ELI.2X WRC(172) Wallingford RCPBD/MED(173) Poplar/Medway3 lengths
18418:24IM1.2- CUR(167) Curlew RCSON(169) Sons of the Thames RC4 lengths
18518:27W.IM1.4X WRC(163) Wallingford RC (Bard)PTR(164) Putney Town RCeasily
18618:30W.NOV.4+ PTR(157) Putney Town RC (Ward)COX(161) City of Oxford RCeasily
18718:33NOV.4+ WRC(146) Wallingford RC (Cole)HEC(151) Hertford College3 lengths
18818:36IM2.4+ LLA(138) Llandaff RCWOO(142) Wolfson College, Oxford4 lengths
18918:39W.IM3.8+ CUR(130) Curlew RCFSC(134) Furnivall SC1 3/4 lengths
19018:42IM3.8+ MHD(122) Maidenhead RCOAC(124) Oxford Academicals RC1/2 length