Egham Regatta

Sunday 29th June 2014

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Results for Hinksey Sculling School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Berkshire SurreyTimeVerdict
3710:18J15B.4X+59EMA(24) Emanuel School (Soverall)FAL(48) Falcon RC2:09easily
3810:21J15B.4X+59ETX(28) Eton Excelsior RCTSS(191) Tideway Scullers School2:014 lengths
3910:24J15B.4X+60HIN(71) Hinksey Sculling SchoolKGS(93) Kingston Grammar School2:032 lengths
4010:27J15B.4X+60TLA(181) The Langley AcademyEMA(23) Emanuel School (Green)2:045 lengths
5911:24J15B.4X+70EMA(24) Emanuel School (Soverall)TSS(191) Tideway Scullers School1:593 1/2 lengths
6011:27J15B.4X+70KGS(93) Kingston Grammar SchoolEMA(23) Emanuel School (Green)1:551/2 length
7011:57J15B.4X+ TSS(191) Tideway Scullers SchoolEMA(23) Emanuel School (Green)1:561/2 length
11214:15J14A.4X+132CCS(12) Claires Court School BC (Moreland)HEN(58) Henley RC2:011 foot
11314:18J14A.4X+132WBS(220) Windsor Boys School (Bartoletti)HIN(72) Hinksey Sculling School2:10easily
11414:21J14A.4X+133WBS(222) Windsor Boys School (Shaw)TFN(200) Tiffin School BC2:022 1/2 lengths
11514:24J14A.4X+133WBS(221) Windsor Boys School (Walker)CCS(11) Claires Court School BC (Challis)2:033/4 length
13215:15J14A.4X+143CCS(12) Claires Court School BC (Moreland)WBS(220) Windsor Boys School (Bartoletti)2:041/2 length
13315:18J14A.4X+143WBS(222) Windsor Boys School (Shaw)WBS(221) Windsor Boys School (Walker)2:031 length
14315:48J14A.4X+ CCS(12) Claires Court School BC (Moreland)WBS(221) Windsor Boys School (Walker)2:042 feet
17617:46J13A.4X+190FAL(50) Falcon RCMAR(116) Marlow RC2:213 1/2 lengths
17717:49J13A.4X+190ETX(30) Eton Excelsior RCSTN(155) Staines BC2:193 1/2 lengths
17817:52J13A.4X+191WLT(214) Walton RCCCS(14) Claires Court School BC2:232 1/2 lengths
17917:55J13A.4X+191HEN(59) Henley RCHIN(73) Hinksey Sculling School2:155 lengths
19018:28J13A.4X+201MAR(116) Marlow RCSTN(155) Staines BC2:101/2 length
19118:31J13A.4X+201CCS(14) Claires Court School BCHEN(59) Henley RCNTT6 lengths
20119:01J13A.4X+ MAR(116) Marlow RCHEN(59) Henley RC2:09a canvas
15216:34W.J15A.4X+172SBT(169) Surbiton High School (cope)STN(156) Staines BC2:173 lengths
15316:37W.J15A.4X+172ABN(2) Abingdon RC (Rostant)MHD(106) Maidenhead RC2:161 length
15416:40W.J15A.4X+173HIN(74) Hinksey Sculling School (Carruthers)SHV(146) Shiplake Vikings RC2:191/2 length
15516:43W.J15A.4X+173ETX(32) Eton Excelsior RC (Taylor)WBK(205) Walbrook RCNTTeasily
15616:46W.J15A.4X+174EMA(25) Emanuel SchoolTFN(202) Tiffin School BC2:112 1/2 lengths
15716:49W.J15A.4X+174HEN(60) Henley RCKGS(94) Kingston Grammar School2:121 1/2 lengths
15816:52W.J15A.4X+175SBT(170) Surbiton High School (Orsman)ETX(31) Eton Excelsior RC (Mathews)NTT1 length
15916:55W.J15A.4X+175ABN(1) Abingdon RC (Dunmore)HIN(75) Hinksey Sculling School (Chaston)2:182 1/2 lengths
17217:34W.J15A.4X+188SBT(169) Surbiton High School (cope)ABN(2) Abingdon RC (Rostant)2:101 1/4 lengths
17317:37W.J15A.4X+188HIN(74) Hinksey Sculling School (Carruthers)ETX(32) Eton Excelsior RC (Taylor)2:123 lengths
17417:40W.J15A.4X+189EMA(25) Emanuel SchoolHEN(60) Henley RC2:102/3 length
17517:43W.J15A.4X+189ETX(31) Eton Excelsior RC (Mathews)HIN(75) Hinksey Sculling School (Chaston)2:14a canvas
18818:22W.J15A.4X+200SBT(169) Surbiton High School (cope)ETX(32) Eton Excelsior RC (Taylor)2:051 1/2 lengths
18918:25W.J15A.4X+200EMA(25) Emanuel SchoolETX(31) Eton Excelsior RC (Mathews)2:071 1/2 lengths
20018:58W.J15A.4X+ ETX(32) Eton Excelsior RC (Taylor)EMA(25) Emanuel School2:062 feet
10413:51W.J14A.4X+128SBT(171) Surbiton High SchoolABN(3) Abingdon RC2:171/2 length
10513:54W.J14A.4X+128HEN(61) Henley RCMBC(124) Molesey BC2:114 lengths
10613:57W.J14A.4X+129MHD(107) Maidenhead RCETX(33) Eton Excelsior RC2:184 lengths
10714:00W.J14A.4X+129CCS(15) Claires Court School BCHIN(76) Hinksey Sculling SchoolNTTRow Over
12815:03W.J14A.4X+141SBT(171) Surbiton High SchoolHEN(61) Henley RC2:153 lengths
12915:06W.J14A.4X+141MHD(107) Maidenhead RCHIN(76) Hinksey Sculling School2:121 1/4 lengths
14115:42W.J14A.4X+ HEN(61) Henley RCHIN(76) Hinksey Sculling School2:082 lengths
10013:39W.J14B.4X+126ABN(4) Abingdon RCHIN(77) Hinksey Sculling School2:333/4 length
10113:42W.J14B.4X+126TLA(182) The Langley AcademyFAL(51) Falcon RCNTT3 feet
10213:45W.J14B.4X+127ETX(34) Eton Excelsior RCMBC(125) Molesey BC2:31easily
10313:48W.J14B.4X+127TSS(192) Tideway Scullers SchoolBUR(7) Burway RC2:313/4 length
12614:57W.J14B.4X+140ABN(4) Abingdon RCTLA(182) The Langley Academy2:373 lengths
12715:00W.J14B.4X+140MBC(125) Molesey BCTSS(192) Tideway Scullers SchoolNTTNot Rowed Out
14015:39W.J14B.4X+ ABN(4) Abingdon RCTSS(192) Tideway Scullers School2:312 1/2 lengths
3310:06W.J13B.4X+55HIN(78) Hinksey Sculling SchoolFAL(52) Falcon RC2:264 lengths
3410:09W.J13B.4X+55ETX(36) Eton Excelsior RCTSS(193) Tideway Scullers School2:40easily
3510:12W.J13B.4X+56HEN(62) Henley RCSBT(172) Surbiton High School2:32easily
3610:15W.J13B.4X+56TLA(183) The Langley AcademyMAR(118) Marlow RC2:374 lengths
5511:12W.J13B.4X+68HIN(78) Hinksey Sculling SchoolETX(36) Eton Excelsior RC2:35easily
5611:15W.J13B.4X+68HEN(62) Henley RCMAR(118) Marlow RC2:332 lengths
6811:51W.J13B.4X+ HIN(78) Hinksey Sculling SchoolHEN(62) Henley RC2:302 1/2 lengths
8012:39J15.2X96TFN(203) Tiffin School BC (Lawn)CCS(18) Claires Court School BCNTT1 1/2 lengths
8112:42J15.2X96WBS(225) Windsor Boys School (Price Blackburn)MHD(108) Maidenhead RC2:142 1/4 lengths
8212:45J15.2X97HIN(79) Hinksey Sculling SchoolSHV(148) Shiplake Vikings RC2:08easily
8312:48J15.2X97EMA(26) Emanuel SchoolTSS(194) Tideway Scullers SchoolNTTRow Over
8412:51J15.2X98TLA(184) The Langley AcademySTN(159) Staines BC2:05easily
8512:54J15.2X98MBC(127) Molesey BCKGS(98) Kingston Grammar SchoolNTT1 1/2 lengths
8612:57J15.2X99BUR(8) Burway RCHEN(63) Henley RC2:062 1/2 lengths
8713:00J15.2X99TFN(204) Tiffin School BC (Siu)WBS(226) Windsor Boys School (Smelt)2:20easily
9613:27J15.2X122TFN(203) Tiffin School BC (Lawn)MHD(108) Maidenhead RC2:111/2 length
9713:30J15.2X122SHV(148) Shiplake Vikings RCEMA(26) Emanuel SchoolNTTNot Rowed Out
9813:33J15.2X123STN(159) Staines BCKGS(98) Kingston Grammar School2:001 3/4 lengths
9913:36J15.2X123HEN(63) Henley RCTFN(204) Tiffin School BC (Siu)2:05Not Rowed Out
12214:45J15.2X138TFN(203) Tiffin School BC (Lawn)SHV(148) Shiplake Vikings RC2:132 lengths
12314:48J15.2X138STN(159) Staines BCHEN(63) Henley RCNTT4 lengths
13815:33J15.2X SHV(148) Shiplake Vikings RCSTN(159) Staines BCNTT3 lengths
2409:39W.J16.2X51HIN(81) Hinksey Sculling School (Batho)STN(162) Staines BC2:24easily
2609:45W.J16.2X51ETX(39) Eton Excelsior RC (Homa)MBC(130) Molesey BC (Butler)2:221 foot
2709:48W.J16.2X52SBT(173) Surbiton High SchoolETX(38) Eton Excelsior RC (Purcell)NTTDefault
2809:51W.J16.2X52HIN(80) Hinksey Sculling School (Carrington-Windo)MBC(129) Molesey BC (Cassini)2:181 1/2 lengths
5111:00W.J16.2X66STN(162) Staines BCETX(39) Eton Excelsior RC (Homa)NTTDisqualification
5211:03W.J16.2X66ETX(38) Eton Excelsior RC (Purcell)MBC(129) Molesey BC (Cassini)2:203 lengths
6611:45W.J16.2X ETX(39) Eton Excelsior RC (Homa)MBC(129) Molesey BC (Cassini)2:193/4 length
7212:15W.J15.2X88SBT(175) Surbiton High School (Cassidy)KGS(99) Kingston Grammar School (Hill)2:232 1/2 lengths
7312:18W.J15.2X88WBK(207) Walbrook RC (McInally)SHV(149) Shiplake Vikings RC2:244 1/2 lengths
7412:21W.J15.2X89HIN(82) Hinksey Sculling School (Carruthers)MHD(109) Maidenhead RC (O Sullivan)2:392 1/2 lengths
7512:24W.J15.2X89ABN(5) Abingdon RCETX(40) Eton Excelsior RC2:201 1/4 lengths
7612:27W.J15.2X90STN(163) Staines BCMBC(131) Molesey BC2:24easily
7712:30W.J15.2X90EMA(27) Emanuel SchoolSBT(174) Surbiton High School (Brister-Runnacles)NTT1 foot
7812:33W.J15.2X91WBK(208) Walbrook RC (Warrior)KGS(100) Kingston Grammar School (Stokman)2:45easily
7912:36W.J15.2X91HIN(83) Hinksey Sculling School (Holt)MHD(110) Maidenhead RC (Bell)2:343 1/2 lengths
8813:03W.J15.2X118SBT(175) Surbiton High School (Cassidy)SHV(149) Shiplake Vikings RC2:221 length
8913:06W.J15.2X118MHD(109) Maidenhead RC (O Sullivan)ETX(40) Eton Excelsior RCNTT3 1/2 lengths
9013:09W.J15.2X119MBC(131) Molesey BCSBT(174) Surbiton High School (Brister-Runnacles)2:141 length
9113:12W.J15.2X119KGS(100) Kingston Grammar School (Stokman)MHD(110) Maidenhead RC (Bell)2:212 lengths
11814:33W.J15.2X136SBT(175) Surbiton High School (Cassidy)ETX(40) Eton Excelsior RCNTT1 foot
11914:36W.J15.2X136MBC(131) Molesey BCKGS(100) Kingston Grammar School (Stokman)2:271/3 length
13615:27W.J15.2X ETX(40) Eton Excelsior RCKGS(100) Kingston Grammar School (Stokman)2:192 1/2 lengths
908:54W.J14.2X21MBC(132) Molesey BC (Alexopoulos)SBT(176) Surbiton High School (O Loan)2:242 lengths
1008:57W.J14.2X21TLA(188) The Langley Academy (Simbo)ABN(6) Abingdon RC2:24easily
1109:00W.J14.2X22ETX(42) Eton Excelsior RC (Ward)HIN(84) Hinksey Sculling School (Duffy)NTT1/3 length
1209:03W.J14.2X22CCS(19) Claires Court School BCTSS(197) Tideway Scullers SchoolNTTDefault
1309:06W.J14.2X23WBK(209) Walbrook RCMHD(111) Maidenhead RC2:224 lengths
1409:09W.J14.2X23SBT(139) Surbiton High School (Pearson)HEN(66) Henley RC2:202 lengths
1509:12W.J14.2X25MBC(133) Molesey BC (Dunford)ETX(41) Eton Excelsior RC (Swain)NTTeasily
1609:15W.J14.2X25HIN(85) Hinksey Sculling School (Hawksworth-Pratten)TLA(187) The Langley Academy (Khan)2:27easily
2109:30W.J14.2X49SBT(176) Surbiton High School (O Loan)ABN(6) Abingdon RC2:224 lengths
2209:33W.J14.2X49HIN(84) Hinksey Sculling School (Duffy)TSS(197) Tideway Scullers School2:43easily
2309:36W.J14.2X50MHD(111) Maidenhead RCSBT(139) Surbiton High School (Pearson)2:133 lengths
2509:42W.J14.2X50MBC(133) Molesey BC (Dunford)HIN(85) Hinksey Sculling School (Hawksworth-Pratten)2:282 lengths
4910:54W.J14.2X65ABN(6) Abingdon RCHIN(84) Hinksey Sculling School (Duffy)2:205 lengths
5010:57W.J14.2X65MHD(111) Maidenhead RCMBC(133) Molesey BC (Dunford)2:184 lengths
6511:42W.J14.2X ABN(6) Abingdon RCMHD(111) Maidenhead RC2:16easily
14416:10W.J13.2X164MAR(120) Marlow RC (McCrorie)ETX(44) Eton Excelsior RC (Berry)NTTeasily
14516:13W.J13.2X164WBK(211) Walbrook RC (Knight)STN(164) Staines BCNTT2 feet
14616:16W.J13.2X165HIN(86) Hinksey Sculling School (Collins)MHD(113) Maidenhead RC (Bird)2:472 lengths
14716:19W.J13.2X165TLA(190) The Langley Academy (Natt)TSS(198) Tideway Scullers SchoolNTTeasily
14816:22W.J13.2X166HEN(67) Henley RC (Fletcher)WBK(210) Walbrook RC (Titherington)NTT3/4 length
14916:25W.J13.2X166MAR(121) Marlow RC (Hearne)HEN(68) Henley RC (Bach)NTT3/4 length
15016:28W.J13.2X167HIN(87) Hinksey Sculling School (Blyth)ETX(43) Eton Excelsior RC (Robbins)2:441 length
15116:31W.J13.2X167TLA(189) The Langley Academy (Griifin)MHD(112) Maidenhead RC (Harding)NTTeasily
16417:10W.J13.2X184ETX(44) Eton Excelsior RC (Berry)WBK(211) Walbrook RC (Knight)NTT3/4 length
16517:13W.J13.2X184MHD(113) Maidenhead RC (Bird)TSS(198) Tideway Scullers SchoolNTTeasily
16617:16W.J13.2X185HEN(67) Henley RC (Fletcher)HEN(68) Henley RC (Bach)2:364 lengths
16717:19W.J13.2X185ETX(43) Eton Excelsior RC (Robbins)MHD(112) Maidenhead RC (Harding)2:373 lengths
18418:10W.J13.2X198ETX(44) Eton Excelsior RC (Berry)TSS(198) Tideway Scullers School2:271 length
18518:13W.J13.2X198HEN(68) Henley RC (Bach)MHD(112) Maidenhead RC (Harding)2:30a canvas
19818:52W.J13.2X TSS(198) Tideway Scullers SchoolHEN(68) Henley RC (Bach)NTT1/2 length
108:30J16.1X17KGS(103) Kingston Grammar School (Bern)MBC(134) Molesey BC (Meadows)2:051 length
208:33J16.1X17SHV(151) Shiplake Vikings RC (Gerrard)FAL(56) Falcon RC (Podgorski)2:073 lengths
308:36J16.1X18WBS(228) Windsor Boys School (Davies)STN(165) Staines BC (Sheldon)2:29easily
408:39J16.1X18RDG(143) Reading RC (Towell)WBK(212) Walbrook RC (Proudfoot)2:20easily
508:42J16.1X19WBS(230) Windsor Boys School (Laws)HIN(88) Hinksey Sculling School (Beveridge)2:052 lengths
608:45J16.1X19HEN(69) Henley RC (Taylor)SHV(150) Shiplake Vikings RC (Blois-Brooke)2:143 lengths
708:48J16.1X20WBS(229) Windsor Boys School (Edwards)RDG(142) Reading RC (Stevens)NTT1/2 length
808:51J16.1X20KGS(104) Kingston Grammar School (Bridge)FAL(57) Falcon RC (Downes)2:192 lengths
1709:18J16.1X47MBC(134) Molesey BC (Meadows)SHV(151) Shiplake Vikings RC (Gerrard)NTT1 foot
1809:21J16.1X47WBS(228) Windsor Boys School (Davies)WBK(212) Walbrook RC (Proudfoot)2:132 lengths
1909:24J16.1X48WBS(230) Windsor Boys School (Laws)SHV(150) Shiplake Vikings RC (Blois-Brooke)2:083 lengths
2009:27J16.1X48RDG(142) Reading RC (Stevens)FAL(57) Falcon RC (Downes)2:224 lengths
4710:48J16.1X64MBC(134) Molesey BC (Meadows)WBK(212) Walbrook RC (Proudfoot)2:131/2 length
4810:51J16.1X64SHV(150) Shiplake Vikings RC (Blois-Brooke)FAL(57) Falcon RC (Downes)2:102 1/2 lengths
6411:39J16.1X MBC(134) Molesey BC (Meadows)SHV(150) Shiplake Vikings RC (Blois-Brooke)2:101 length
16016:58W.J16.1X180HIN(89) Hinksey Sculling School (Marshall)ETX(46) Eton Excelsior RC (Mahal)2:452 lengths
16117:01W.J16.1X180MHD(114) Maidenhead RC (Holgate)MBC(136) Molesey BC (Butler)2:264 lengths
16217:04W.J16.1X181HIN(90) Hinksey Sculling School (May)ETX(47) Eton Excelsior RC (Iannaccone)2:445 lengths
16317:07W.J16.1X181MBC(135) Molesey BC (Bowman)HIN(91) Hinksey Sculling School (Batho)2:322 lengths
18017:58W.J16.1X196ETX(46) Eton Excelsior RC (Mahal)MHD(114) Maidenhead RC (Holgate)2:255 lengths
18118:01W.J16.1X196HIN(90) Hinksey Sculling School (May)HIN(91) Hinksey Sculling School (Batho)2:324 lengths
19618:46W.J16.1X MHD(114) Maidenhead RC (Holgate)HIN(91) Hinksey Sculling School (Batho)NTT3 1/2 lengths