Egham Regatta

Sunday 29th June 2014

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Results for Walton RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceBerkshireSurreyTimeVerdict
17617:46J13A.4X+190(50) Falcon RC(116) Marlow RC2:213 1/2 lengths
17717:49J13A.4X+190(30) Eton Excelsior RC(155) Staines BC2:193 1/2 lengths
17817:52J13A.4X+191(214) Walton RC(14) Claires Court School BC2:232 1/2 lengths
17917:55J13A.4X+191(59) Henley RC(73) Hinksey Sculling School2:155 lengths
19018:28J13A.4X+201(116) Marlow RC(155) Staines BC2:101/2 length
19118:31J13A.4X+201(14) Claires Court School BC(59) Henley RCNTT6 lengths
20119:01J13A.4X+ (116) Marlow RC(59) Henley RC2:09a canvas
2909:54J14.2X53(160) Staines BC(195) Tideway Scullers School2:15easily
3009:57J14.2X53(128) Molesey BC(185) The Langley Academy2:183 lengths
3110:00J14.2X54(64) Henley RC(215) Walton RCNTTDefault
3210:03J14.2X54(54) Falcon RC(227) Windsor Boys School2:171 1/2 lengths
5311:06J14.2X67(195) Tideway Scullers School(128) Molesey BC2:113 1/2 lengths
5411:09J14.2X67(64) Henley RC(54) Falcon RC2:211 1/2 lengths
6711:48J14.2X (195) Tideway Scullers School(54) Falcon RC2:192 lengths
9213:15J13.2X120(161) Staines BC(206) Walbrook RC2:293/4 length
9313:18J13.2X120(65) Henley RC(119) Marlow RC2:264 lengths
9413:21J13.2X121(196) Tideway Scullers School(55) Falcon RC2:193 1/2 lengths
9513:24J13.2X121(186) The Langley Academy(216) Walton RC2:30easily
12014:39J13.2X137(206) Walbrook RC(119) Marlow RC2:301 length
12114:42J13.2X137(196) Tideway Scullers School(216) Walton RC2:192 1/2 lengths
13715:30J13.2X (119) Marlow RC(196) Tideway Scullers School2:26easily
11614:27W.J13.1X135(70) Henley RC (Edwards)(217) Walton RC (Poole)2:462 lengths
11714:30W.J13.1X135(167) Staines BC (Dight)(213) Walbrook RC (Branston)2:563 lengths
13515:24W.J13.1X (70) Henley RC (Edwards)(213) Walbrook RC (Branston)2:481 1/2 lengths