Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 4th August 2018

Photographs by Mark Alliston are available here.

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
109:00W.5.1X40GRF(96) Greenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)RDG(98) Reading RC (T Chenje)WOO(97) Wolfson College, Oxford (S Schauman)4:044 lengths4 lengths
209:04W.5.1X40MAR(99) Marlow RC (P Harrison)BNT(101) Bentham BC (A Williams)GTM(100) Green Templeton BC (J Buck)4:015 lengths2 lengths
309:08Mas.BC.2X29HEN(38) Henley RCGTM(39) Green Templeton BC3:245 lengths 
409:12W.5.1X40OAC(102) Oxford Academicals RC (E Green)MAR(103) Marlow RC (H Furniss)MAR(93) Marlow RC (E Holloway)4:134 lengths2 1/2 lengths
509:16W.4.1X41OLW(89) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (N Holland)MAR(90) Marlow RC (C Oconnell)3:524 lengths 
609:20W.4.1X41OAC(92) Oxford Academicals RC (A Swiejkowska)MAA(91) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (J Day)4:135 lengths 
709:24W.4.1X41OLW(95) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (O Grant)MAA(94) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (I Zakers)3:542 lengths 
809:28W.1.1X33COX(71) City of Oxford RC (C Armstrong)MHD(72) Maidenhead RC (N Marti)3:411 1/2 lengths 
909:32W.1.1X33WAD(73) Wadham College (S Hall)BBL(74) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (K Baldwin)3:573 1/2 lengths 
1009:36W.3.1X37OLW(82) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Thomas)RDG(81) Reading RC (M Stockton)3:565 lengths 
1109:40W.3.1X37BBL(85) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (L Oakley)BIR(83) Birmingham RC (C Kelley)SUA(84) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (C Goodwin)3:551/2 lengtheasily
1209:44W.3.1X37RDG(86) Reading RC (E Hodges)RAF(87) Royal Air Force RC (M Hart)4:22Not Rowed Out 
1309:48Mas.BC.2X29BEB(41) Bewl Bridge RCLIN(40) Linacre BC3:235 lengths 
1409:52W.2.1X42HEN(76) Henley RC (N Atkinson)FAL(75) Falcon RC (N Sharma)3:522 lengths 
1509:56W.2.1X42OLW(77) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Hoff)RDG(78) Reading RC (K Reeman)3:584 feet 
1610:04Op.1.8+50WAR(2) Warwick BCGTM(1) Green Templeton BC2:461/3 length 
1710:08W.2.1X42MHD(80) Maidenhead RC (S Harker)HEN(79) Henley RC (J Mehers)4:141 length 
1810:12Op.2.2X51HIL(34) Hillingdon RCRAF(35) Royal Air Force RC (Gray/Jamieson)VRC(33) Vesta RC3:264 lengths1 length
1910:16Op.2.2X51RAF(37) Royal Air Force RC (Carpenter/Jackman)ABN(36) Abingdon RC3:19easily 
2010:20Mas.DE.2X BNT(43) Bentham BCMAR(44) Marlow RCBEB(42) Bewl Bridge RC3:191 length3 1/2 lengths
2110:25W.Mas.AB.2X44FAL(58) Falcon RCMHD(59) Maidenhead RC (Lucas =B)3:471 1/2 lengths 
2210:29W.Mas.AB.2X44MHD(61) Maidenhead RC (Marti =B)VRC(60) Vesta RC3:36easily 
2310:33Mas.GH.2X45MAR(49) Marlow RC (Hill =G)WEY(47) Weybridge3:403 lengths 
2410:37Mas.GH.2X45MAR(50) Marlow RC (Martin-Fagg =H)HEN(48) Henley RC3:554 lengths 
2510:41W.2.4+48SUA(12) Stratford-upon-Avon BCFAL(14) Falcon RCRAF(13) Royal Air Force RC (Trick)3:425 lengthseasily
2610:45W.2.4+48FSC(16) Furnivall SCTWK(15) Twickenham RC3:332 lengths 
2710:49Op.1.8+50SUA(4) Stratford-upon-Avon BCVRC(3) Vesta RC2:583/4 length 
2810:53Op.2.8+43TWK(6) Twickenham RCRAF(5) Royal Air Force RC (Smith)3:041 length 
2910:57Mas.BC.2X BEB(41) Bewl Bridge RCHEN(38) Henley RC3:195 lengths 
3011:02Op.2.8+43ABN/SOU(8) Abingdon RC/Southampton UniRAF(7) Royal Air Force RC (Gray)2:595 lengths 
3311:14W.1.1X COX(71) City of Oxford RC (C Armstrong)WAD(73) Wadham College (S Hall)3:502 lengths 
3411:19W.Mas.E.2X57FAL(65) Falcon RCHEN(66) Henley RC4:02easily 
3511:23Mx.4+ UTC(17) Upper Thames RCBNT(18) Bentham BC (Bates)BNT(19) Bentham BC (Hanna)3:16easily4 lengths
3611:28W.Mas.E.2X57UTC(67) Upper Thames RCETX(68) Eton Excelsior RC3:462 lengths 
3111:30Op.2-55EIC/EXU(28) East India Club / Exeter UnivCYG(27) Cygnet4:02Not Rowed Out 
3211:33Op.2-55EXU(29) Exeter UniversityTWK(30) Twickenham RC3:133 1/2 lengths 
3711:36W.3.1X OLW(82) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Thomas)BBL(85) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (L Oakley)RDG(86) Reading RC (E Hodges)3:565 lengths1 1/2 lengths
3811:41W.2.4X MAR(25) Marlow RCABN(24) Abingdon RCSON(26) Sons of the Thames RCNTT2 lengthseasily
3911:46Op.1.2X HEN(31) Henley RC (Turnell)HEN(32) Henley RC (Hayes)3:05easily 
4011:51W.5.1X MAR(99) Marlow RC (P Harrison)GRF(96) Greenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)OAC(102) Oxford Academicals RC (E Green)3:542 1/2 lengths5 lengths
4111:56W.4.1X OLW(89) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (N Holland)OLW(95) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (O Grant)OAC(92) Oxford Academicals RC (A Swiejkowska)NTT1 1/2 lengthseasily
4212:01W.2.1X HEN(76) Henley RC (N Atkinson)OLW(77) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Hoff)MHD(80) Maidenhead RC (S Harker)3:582 1/2 lengths1 length
4312:06Op.2.8+ ABN/SOU(8) Abingdon RC/Southampton UniTWK(6) Twickenham RC2:574 lengths 
4412:11W.Mas.AB.2X MHD(61) Maidenhead RC (Marti =B)FAL(58) Falcon RC3:27easily 
4512:16Mas.GH.2X MAR(49) Marlow RC (Hill =G)MAR(50) Marlow RC (Martin-Fagg =H)3:513 lengths 
4612:21W.1.4X MAA/VRC(23) Mortlake,Anglian & Alpha/VestaBBL(22) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC3:29easily 
4712:26W.4- BSC(104) Blue Star ClubHEN(20) Henley RCMAR(21) Marlow RC3:181/2 length1 1/2 lengths
4812:31W.2.4+ FSC(16) Furnivall SCSUA(12) Stratford-upon-Avon BC3:354 lengths 
4912:36W.1.4+ RAF(11) Royal Air Force RC (Robinson)BBL(10) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCBNT(9) Bentham BC3:344 lengths3 lengths
5012:41Op.1.8+ WAR(2) Warwick BCSUA(4) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:471 1/2 lengths 
5112:46Op.2.2X RAF(37) Royal Air Force RC (Carpenter/Jackman)HIL(34) Hillingdon RC3:124 lengths 
5212:51J14.2X EXE(56) Exeter RCHER(57) Hereford RC (Dutson-Smith)HER(55) Hereford RC (Wynter)3:244 lengths2 lengths
5312:56J15.2X EXE(54) Exeter RCWRC(53) Wallingford RC3:37Not Rowed Out 
5613:15W.Mas.F.2X MAA(69) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCWRC(70) Wallingford RC4:111/2 length 
5713:20W.Mas.E.2X UTC(67) Upper Thames RCFAL(65) Falcon RC3:402 lengths 
5813:25Mas.F.2X SHV/UTC(45) Shiplake Vikings/Upper ThamesABN(46) Abingdon RC3:33easily 
5913:30W.Mas.C.2X BBL(63) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCETX(62) Eton Excelsior RCRAF(64) Royal Air Force RC3:351/2 length3 1/2 lengths
5513:35Op.2- EXU(29) Exeter UniversityEIC/EXU(28) East India Club / Exeter Univ3:23easily 
10113:40Mx.2.2X133BSC(271) Blue Star ClubWAR(272) Warwick BCRDG(273) Reading RC3:251 1/2 lengths2 lengths
10213:44Mx.2.2X133UTC(274) Upper Thames RC (Weston/Cruci)BNT(275) Bentham BC3:28easily 
10313:48Mx.1.2X113UTC(266) Upper Thames RC (Rose)WRC(268) Wallingford RCRDG/QBC(267) Reading RC/Quintin BC3:242 lengthsRow Over
10413:52Mx.1.2X113MAA/TRC(270) Mortlake,Anglian & Alpha/ThamesTWK(269) Twickenham RC3:251 1/2 lengths 
10513:56Op.5.1X138WAR(298) Warwick BC (A Whitbread)HEC(296) Hertford College (J Waterman)MAR(297) Marlow RC (M Ruinet)3:413 lengths1 1/2 lengths
10614:00Op.5.1X138VRC(301) Vesta RC (P Corby)SHU(299) Sheffield University RC (J Taylor)WOO(300) Wolfson College, Oxford (A Ferris)3:361 lengtheasily
10714:04Op.5.1X138MAR(302) Marlow RC (A Garnett)VRC(303) Vesta RC (G Thomas)3:53easily 
10814:08Op.4.1X139RDG(292) Reading RC (R Marsland)RAF(293) Royal Air Force RC (T Jackman)3:383 lengths 
10914:12Op.4.1X139VRC(295) Vesta RC (N Cleobury)FAL(294) Falcon RC (P Hathaway)3:392 1/2 lengths 
11014:16Op.2.4X151HER(241) Hereford RCSUA(240) Stratford-upon-Avon BC3:103 lengths 
11114:20Op.3.1X140MER(287) Merton College (L Koch)FUL(286) Fulham Reach RC (R Benton)3:394 lengths 
11214:24Op.3.1X140UTC(288) Upper Thames RC (A Powell)RDG(289) Reading RC (W Shrieve)3:342 1/2 lengths 
11314:32Mx.1.2X MAA/TRC(270) Mortlake,Anglian & Alpha/ThamesUTC(266) Upper Thames RC (Rose)3:192 1/2 lengths 
11414:37Op.2.4+150CYG(218) CygnetVRC(219) Vesta RC (Vaux)3:223 1/2 lengths 
11514:41Op.3.1X140RAF(291) Royal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)MAR(290) Marlow RC (M Parsons)3:384 lengths 
11614:45Op.2.1X142TSS(279) Tideway Scullers School (H Alireza)VRC(278) Vesta RC (M Cannon)SHV(280) Shiplake Vikings RC (R Ash)3:344 lengthsRow Over
11714:49Op.2.1X142TWK(283) Twickenham RC (J Wooller)HEN(281) Henley RC (A Jacob)BEB(282) Bewl Bridge RC (B Long)3:423 lengthsRow Over
11814:53Op.2.1X142TSS(284) Tideway Scullers School (J Brown Fumeau)ETX(285) Eton Excelsior RC (M Len)3:40easily 
11914:57W.2.2X145RDG(263) Reading RCFAL(262) Falcon RC (Humphries/Dowdeswell)MAR(261) Marlow RC (Whitten/Palmer)3:502 lengths4 lengths
12015:01W.2.2X145BNT(265) Bentham BCFAL(264) Falcon RC (Johnson/O'Loughlin)3:515 lengths 
12115:05W.1.2X146WRC(257) Wallingford RCMAR(258) Marlow RC (Evans)3:443 lengths 
12215:09W.1.2X146RAF(259) Royal Air Force RCSUA(260) Stratford-upon-Avon BC3:461 length 
12315:13Op.2.4X151ABN(238) Abingdon RCHIL(239) Hillingdon RC3:083/4 length 
12415:17Op.4.4+154RAF(225) Royal Air Force RC (Littlefield)SON(224) Sons of the Thames RC3:333 lengths 
12515:21W.1.8+ VRC(205) Vesta RCRDG(206) Reading RC (York)BBL(204) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC3:151/3 length2 lengths
12615:26Op.4.4+154RDG(226) Reading RCEIC(227) East India Club3:221 length 
12715:30Op.3.4+137HER(221) Hereford RC (Fraser)TWK(220) Twickenham RC3:183 1/2 lengths 
12815:34Op.3.4+137ABN/SOU(222) Abingdon RC/Southampton UniHER(223) Hereford RC (Weaver)3:191 foot 
12915:38Op.2.4+150WOO(216) Wolfson College, OxfordRAF(217) Royal Air Force RC (May)3:204 1/2 lengths 
13015:42Op.4-162TWK(228) Twickenham RCRAF(229) Royal Air Force RC3:031 length 
13115:46Op.4-162MER(230) Merton CollegeVRC(231) Vesta RC3:174 lengths 
13215:50W.J15.1X163MHD(312) Maidenhead RC (I Sellers)SUA(311) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (N Brunt)4:085 lengths 
13315:54Mx.2.2X UTC(274) Upper Thames RC (Weston/Cruci)BSC(271) Blue Star Club3:154 1/2 lengths 
13415:59W.J15.1X163COX(313) City of Oxford RC (S Turner-Frick)SUA(314) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (M Kenny)4:014 lengths 
13516:07J15.1X165HEN(305) Henley RC (S O'Connor)EXE(304) Exeter RC (O Wickham)4:31Not Rowed Out 
13616:11J15.1X165EXE(307) Exeter RC (E Fuller)WRC(306) Wallingford RC (F Powell)3:393 lengths 
13716:15Op.3.4+ HER(221) Hereford RC (Fraser)ABN/SOU(222) Abingdon RC/Southampton Uni3:161 length 
13816:20Op.5.1X WAR(298) Warwick BC (A Whitbread)VRC(301) Vesta RC (P Corby)MAR(302) Marlow RC (A Garnett)3:22easily4 lengths
13916:25Op.4.1X RDG(292) Reading RC (R Marsland)VRC(295) Vesta RC (N Cleobury)3:332 1/2 lengths 
14016:30Op.3.1X RAF(291) Royal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)MER(287) Merton College (L Koch)UTC(288) Upper Thames RC (A Powell)3:303 lengths2 lengths
14116:35Mas.DE.4X BNT(242) Bentham BCHEN(243) Henley RC3:32Row Over 
14216:40Op.2.1X TSS(279) Tideway Scullers School (H Alireza)TSS(284) Tideway Scullers School (J Brown Fumeau)TWK(283) Twickenham RC (J Wooller)3:203 lengths4 lengths
14316:45Op.1.1X BIR(277) Birmingham RC (S Byford)BEB(276) Bewl Bridge RC (H Jahnich)3:333 1/2 lengths 
14416:50W.2- MAR(254) Marlow RCRAF(256) Royal Air Force RCBNT(255) Bentham BC3:423 lengthseasily
14516:55W.2.2X RDG(263) Reading RCBNT(265) Bentham BC3:522 1/2 lengths 
14617:00W.1.2X RAF(259) Royal Air Force RCWRC(257) Wallingford RC3:381/2 length 
14717:05Op.1.4X HEN/DUB/JEO(237) Henley RC/Durham U/Jesus Coll OxfordEIC/EXU(236) East India Club / Exeter Univ2:50easily 
14817:10W.Mas.BC.4X ETX(248) Eton Excelsior RCRAF(249) Royal Air Force RC3:303 1/2 lengths 
14917:15Mas.GH.4X TWK(247) Twickenham RCUTC(246) Upper Thames RC3:404 lengths 
15017:20Op.2.4+ WOO(216) Wolfson College, OxfordCYG(218) Cygnet3:121/2 length 
15117:25Op.2.4X HER(241) Hereford RCABN(238) Abingdon RC2:583 1/2 lengths 
16017:29W.Mas.D.4X FAL(250) Falcon RC (Scarf)FAL(251) Falcon RC (Cottrell)3:283 1/2 lengths 
15217:34Mas.EF.4- MAR(234) Marlow RC (Faulkner =F)MAR(235) Marlow RC (Westcott =E)3:233 lengths 
15317:39Mas.CD.4- MAR(233) Marlow RCRDG(232) Reading RC3:213 lengths 
15417:44Op.4.4+ RDG(226) Reading RCRAF(225) Royal Air Force RC (Littlefield)3:212 1/2 lengths 
15517:49W.2.8+ WOO(209) Wolfson College, OxfordMAR(208) Marlow RCBNT(207) Bentham BC3:191/2 length4 lengths
15617:54Op.1.4+ QBC/COX(214) Quintin BC/City of Oxford RCSUA(215) Stratford-upon-Avon BCVRC(213) Vesta RC (Bottomley)3:091/2 length3 1/2 lengths
15717:59W.3.8+ RDG(211) Reading RC (Evans)TWK(212) Twickenham RCOAC(210) Oxford Academicals RC3:231/3 length1 length
15818:04M.ALM.8+ BSC(203) Blue Star ClubNMS(202) Nemesis Boat ClubBNT(201) Bentham BC2:431 1/2 lengthseasily
15918:09W.Mas.E.4X ETX(253) Eton Excelsior RCHEN(252) Henley RC3:394 1/2 lengths 
16118:19Mas.F.4X UTC(245) Upper Thames RCABN(244) Abingdon RC3:17easily 
16218:24Op.4- TWK(228) Twickenham RCMER(230) Merton College3:063 lengths 
16318:29W.J15.1X COX(313) City of Oxford RC (S Turner-Frick)MHD(312) Maidenhead RC (I Sellers)3:582 1/2 lengths 
16418:34J14.1X EXE(310) Exeter RC (T Shipton)SAA(308) Star & Arrow Club (H Neal)HEN(309) Henley RC (J McLellan)3:363 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
16518:39J15.1X EXE(307) Exeter RC (E Fuller)HEN(305) Henley RC (S O'Connor)3:325 lengths 

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