Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubTimeVerdict
109:00B2.Op.1X37TRT(121) Trent RC (Carlton-Greaves)LBR(122) Loughborough RC2:451 1/2 lengths
209:02B2.Op.1X38NOW(125) Northwich RC (Beardwood)TRT(126) Trent RC (Bell)2:461 length
309:04W.J17.2X51PGN(88) Pengwern RCNST(89) North Staffordshire RC (Barratt)3:04easily
409:06W.J17.2X52TRT(92) Trent RC (Punchard)GRN(93) The Grange School Hartford2:031/2 length
509:08B2.W.2X54NST(86) North Staffordshire RCTRT(87) Trent RC (Smith/McLocklin)2:553 lengths
609:10B2.W.J14.4X+60 / 102GRO(61) Grosvenor RCKCH(62) Kings School Chester RC (Aldridge)3:261 length
709:12B2.W.J14.4X+61 / 62HCS(64) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Jackson)KCH(65) Kings School Chester RC (Moore)NTTRow Over
809:14B2.W.J14.4X+61 / 62GLR(66) Gloucester RC (Burt)HCS(67) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Finlay)3:144 lengths
909:16J17.1X45HCS(130) Hereford Cathedral School BCGRN(131) The Grange School HartfordNTTRow Over
1009:18J17.1X46GHP(133) Gloucester Hartpury (Fox)CHE(134) Cheltenham College (Lowde)2:44easily
1109:20J17.1X46GHP(135) Gloucester Hartpury (John)CHE(136) Cheltenham College (Morris)2:491/2 length
1209:22B3.W.J15.2X41GLR(109) Gloucester RC (Greenough/Soutter)LER(110) Leicester RC4:004 lengths
1309:24B3.W.J15.2X42PGN(113) Pengwern RCCHE(114) Cheltenham College (James/Negus-Cole)3:081 length
1409:26B1.W.J15.2X47CHE(98) Cheltenham College (Vyvyan-Robinson/Cowing)STP(99) Stourport BC (Davis/Jones)2:431/2 length
1509:28B1.W.J15.2X48NOW(101) Northwich RCRCH(102) Royal Chester RC (Harrison/Hird)3:144 lengths
1609:30B1.W.J15.2X48CHE(103) Cheltenham College (Cane/Hall)QPH(104) Queens Park High School RC0:103 lengths
1709:32B1.W.J14.4X+63 / 65QPH(55) Queens Park High School RCNOW(56) Northwich RC2:471/2 length
1809:34B1.W.J14.4X+64 / 65GLR(59) Gloucester RC (Topham)GRN(60) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy)NTTRow Over
1909:36B2.J15.4X+66KCH(46) Kings School Chester RCWRG(47) RGS Worcester BC2:571 length
2009:38B2.J15.4X+67KSW(49) Kings School Worcester BC (Watkins)LER(50) Leicester RC0:331 1/2 lengths
2109:40B2.J15.4X+67RCH(51) Royal Chester RCSHR(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mainwaring)4:59Not Rowed Out
2209:42B1.J15.4X+68CHE(38) Cheltenham College (Bertran)QPH(39) Queens Park High School RCNTTRow Over
2309:44B1.J15.4X+68NOW(40) Northwich RCSTK(41) Trentham BC (Donnelly)1:582 lengths
2409:46B1.J15.4X+69KSW(42) Kings School Worcester BC (Meredith)CHE(43) Cheltenham College (Emerson)3:041 length
2509:48B1.J15.4X+69KSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)STK(45) Trentham BC (Lawson)2:391 length
2609:50B2.Op.4+71STP(21) Stourport BCBEW(22) Bewdley RC (Addison)2:393 lengths
2709:52B2.Op.4+72QPH(25) Queens Park High School RCHAU(26) Harper Adams University RC2:051 1/2 lengths
2809:54B1.Op.4+74SAB(19) Sabrina RCBEW(20) Bewdley RC (Brookes)0:591 length
2909:56W.J14.1X80GRO(150) Grosvenor RCNST(151) North Staffordshire RC3:183 lengths
3009:58B2.W.J15.1X81GLR(145) Gloucester RC (Innes-Lewis)GRO(146) Grosvenor RC3:323 lengths
3110:00B2.W.J15.1X81GLR(147) Gloucester RC (Kalap)LER(148) Leicester RC4:133 lengths
3210:02B1.W.J15.1X82KSW(141) Kings School Worcester BC (Quiney)GLR(142) Gloucester RC (Curtis)NTTRow Over
3310:04B1.W.J15.1X82KSW(143) Kings School Worcester BC (Clarke)STP(144) Stourport BC0:062 feet
3410:06J16.1X83TRT(137) Trent RC (Tomlinson)GLR(138) Gloucester RC3:013 lengths
3510:08J16.1X83TRT(139) Trent RC (Smith)KSW(140) Kings School Worcester BC3:003 lengths
3610:10J18.1X85GHP(128) Gloucester HartpuryCHE(129) Cheltenham CollegeNTTRow Over
3710:12B2.Op.1X86LBR(122) Loughborough RCTRT(123) Trent RC (Pountney)2:462 lengths
3810:14B2.Op.1X86TRT(124) Trent RC (Russell)TRT(126) Trent RC (Bell)3:30easily
3910:32B1.Op.1X87NOW(119) Northwich RC (White)NCR(120) Notts County Rowing Association3:20easily
4010:34Mx.Mas.E.2X88LER(116) Leicester RCLBR(117) Loughborough RC2:46easily
4110:36B3.W.J15.2X89GLR(109) Gloucester RC (Greenough/Soutter)WRG(111) RGS Worcester BC3:193 lengths
4210:38B3.W.J15.2X89KSW(112) Kings School Worcester BC (Lucas/Hill)PGN(113) Pengwern RC3:234 lengths
4310:40B2.W.J15.2X90STP(105) Stourport BC (Aston/Livesey)TRT(106) Trent RC3:394 lengths
4410:42B2.W.J15.2X90GLR(107) Gloucester RC (Topps/Fielder)KSW(108) Kings School Worcester BC (Baker/Edmonds)3:00Not recorded
4510:44J17.1X84HCS(130) Hereford Cathedral School BCGHP(132) Gloucester Hartpury (Toynton)2:411 length
4610:46J17.1X84GHP(133) Gloucester Hartpury (Fox)CHE(136) Cheltenham College (Morris)3:023 lengths
4710:48B1.W.J15.2X91CHE(98) Cheltenham College (Vyvyan-Robinson/Cowing)RCH(100) Royal Chester RC (Harris/Thomson)3:153/4 length
4810:50B1.W.J15.2X91NOW(101) Northwich RCCHE(103) Cheltenham College (Cane/Hall)2:541 length
4910:52W.J16.2X92CHE(94) Cheltenham CollegePGN(95) Pengwern RC5:53easily
5010:54W.J16.2X92GLR(96) Gloucester RCHCS(97) Hereford Cathedral School BC2:59easily
5110:56W.J17.2X93PGN(88) Pengwern RCNST(90) North Staffordshire RC (Cartlidge)3:233 lengths
5210:58W.J17.2X93TRT(91) Trent RC (Carlton-Greaves)TRT(92) Trent RC (Punchard)5:35easily
5311:00B2.W.2X94QPH(83) Queens Park High School RCTRT(84) Trent RC (McDonagh/Kristiansen)4:45easily
5411:02B2.W.2X94CHE(85) Cheltenham CollegeTRT(87) Trent RC (Smith/McLocklin)2:501/2 length
5511:04B1.W.2X95LER(79) Leicester RCGUI(80) Guildford RC (Gleichmann/Johnson)3:451 1/4 lengths
5611:06B1.W.2X95GHP(81) Gloucester HartpuryGUI(82) Guildford RC (Gray/Marshall)2:453 1/2 lengths
5711:08J14.2X96GLR(75) Gloucester RCLER(76) Leicester RC3:113 feet
5811:10J14.2X96STK(77) Trentham BCGRN(78) The Grange School Hartford2:403 1/2 lengths
5911:12Mas.CDE.2-100PGN(69) Pengwern RC (=E)BRI(70) Bridgnorth RC (=C)3:113 lengths
6011:14B2.W.J14.4X+101GRO(61) Grosvenor RCNOW/QPH(63) NOW/QPH3:242 lengths
6111:16B2.W.J14.4X+101KCH(65) Kings School Chester RC (Moore)GLR(66) Gloucester RC (Burt)5:18Not Rowed Out
6211:18B2.W.J14.4X+102HCS(64) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Jackson)HCS(67) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Finlay)NTTRow Over
6311:20B1.W.J14.4X+103QPH(55) Queens Park High School RCCHE(57) Cheltenham College3:27easily
6411:22B1.W.J14.4X+103GRN(58) The Grange School Hartford (Burrows)GRN(60) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy)2:593 lengths
6511:24B1.W.J14.4X+ NOW(56) Northwich RCGLR(59) Gloucester RC (Topham)NTTRow Over
6611:26B2.J15.4X+105KCH(46) Kings School Chester RCSHR(48) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bayne)3:16easily
6711:28B2.J15.4X+105KSW(49) Kings School Worcester BC (Watkins)SHR(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mainwaring)2:393 lengths
6811:30B1.J15.4X+106QPH(39) Queens Park High School RCSTK(41) Trentham BC (Donnelly)2:263 lengths
6911:32B1.J15.4X+106KSW(42) Kings School Worcester BC (Meredith)KSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)3:193 lengths
7011:34W.Mas.CE.4X107GRO(36) Grosvenor RC (=E)STK(37) Trentham BC (=C)NTTRow Over
7111:36B2.Op.4+112STP(21) Stourport BCYSJ(23) York St John University RC2:48easily
7211:38B2.Op.4+112LBR(24) Loughborough RCHAU(26) Harper Adams University RC2:382 lengths
7311:40B1.Op.4+113SAB(16) Sabrina RCNOW(17) Northwich RC2:262 1/2 lengths
7411:42B1.Op.4+113RCH(18) Royal Chester RCSAB(19) Sabrina RC0:09Not Rowed Out
7511:44J14.8X99CHE(14) Cheltenham CollegeGRN(15) The Grange School Hartford2:563/4 length
7612:02W.J18.8+114NOW(11) Northwich RCSTK(12) Trentham BC2:432 1/2 lengths
7712:04W.8+115SHR(6) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolIRO(7) Ironbridge RC2:492 lengths
7812:06W.8+115PGN(8) Pengwern RCSTP(9) Stourport BC2:342 1/2 lengths
7912:08Mas.EF.8+116GUI(4) Guildford RC (=E)GRO(5) Grosvenor RC (=F)5:52Not Rowed Out
8012:10W.J14.1X TRT(149) Trent RCGRO(150) Grosvenor RC3:252 lengths
8112:12B2.W.J15.1X GLR(145) Gloucester RC (Innes-Lewis)LER(148) Leicester RC3:34easily
8212:14B1.W.J15.1X KSW(141) Kings School Worcester BC (Quiney)STP(144) Stourport BC3:47easily
8312:16J16.1X GLR(138) Gloucester RCTRT(139) Trent RC (Smith)2:282 1/2 lengths
8412:18J17.1X GHP(132) Gloucester Hartpury (Toynton)GHP(133) Gloucester Hartpury (Fox)3:44easily
8512:20J18.1X KSW(127) Kings School Worcester BCCHE(129) Cheltenham College2:442 feet
8612:22B2.Op.1X LBR(122) Loughborough RCTRT(126) Trent RC (Bell)2:552 1/2 lengths
8712:24B1.Op.1X GUI(118) Guildford RCNOW(119) Northwich RC (White)2:48easily
8812:26Mx.Mas.E.2X UPT(115) Upton RCLER(116) Leicester RC2:512 lengths
8912:28B3.W.J15.2X GLR(109) Gloucester RC (Greenough/Soutter)PGN(113) Pengwern RC2:241 1/4 lengths
9012:30B2.W.J15.2X TRT(106) Trent RCGLR(107) Gloucester RC (Topps/Fielder)2:442 feet
9112:32B1.W.J15.2X RCH(100) Royal Chester RC (Harris/Thomson)NOW(101) Northwich RC3:083 1/2 lengths
9212:34W.J16.2X CHE(94) Cheltenham CollegeGLR(96) Gloucester RC2:071 1/4 lengths
9312:36W.J17.2X PGN(88) Pengwern RCTRT(91) Trent RC (Carlton-Greaves)3:05easily
9412:38B2.W.2X QPH(83) Queens Park High School RCTRT(87) Trent RC (Smith/McLocklin)4:401 1/2 lengths
9512:40B1.W.2X GUI(80) Guildford RC (Gleichmann/Johnson)GHP(81) Gloucester Hartpury1:302 lengths
9612:42J14.2X LER(76) Leicester RCSTK(77) Trentham BC1:58easily
9712:44Mas.FG.2X PGN(73) Pengwern RC (=F)BEW(74) Bewdley RC (=G)2:512 lengths
9812:46W.J18.2- GRN(71) The Grange School HartfordKSW(72) Kings School Worcester BC4:24easily
9912:48J14.8X KCH(13) Kings School Chester RCGRN(15) The Grange School Hartford2:413/4 length
10012:50Mas.CDE.2- STP(68) Stourport BC (=D)PGN(69) Pengwern RC (=E)2:463 lengths
10112:52B2.W.J14.4X+ GRO(61) Grosvenor RCGLR(66) Gloucester RC (Burt)3:02a canvas
10212:54B2.W.J14.4X+ KCH(62) Kings School Chester RC (Aldridge)HCS(67) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Finlay)3:212 lengths
10312:56B1.W.J14.4X+ QPH(55) Queens Park High School RCGRN(60) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy)2:365 feet
10412:58W.4X+ LIV(53) Liverpool Victoria RCSHR(54) Royal Shrewsbury School3:123 1/2 lengths
10513:00B2.J15.4X+ KCH(46) Kings School Chester RCKSW(49) Kings School Worcester BC (Watkins)2:511 2/3 lengths
10613:02B1.J15.4X+ STK(41) Trentham BC (Donnelly)KSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)2:263 1/2 lengths
10713:04W.Mas.CE.4X WRR(35) Worcester RC (=E)GRO(36) Grosvenor RC (=E)3:153 lengths
10813:06J16.4X KSW(33) Kings School Worcester BCNOW(34) Northwich RC2:221/2 length
10913:08Op.4X STK(31) Trentham BCWRG(32) RGS Worcester BCNTTRow Over
11013:10W.Mas.D.4+ STP(29) Stourport BCTRF(30) Trafford RC  
11113:12J17.4+ SHR(27) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKSW(28) Kings School Worcester BC2:291 length
11213:14B2.Op.4+ STP(21) Stourport BCHAU(26) Harper Adams University RC2:391 1/4 lengths
11313:16B1.Op.4+ SAB(16) Sabrina RCSAB(19) Sabrina RC2:042 lengths
11413:18W.J18.8+ KSW(10) Kings School Worcester BCNOW(11) Northwich RC3:031 length
11513:20W.8+ SHR(6) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolPGN(8) Pengwern RC2:281/4 length
11613:22Mas.EF.8+ BEW(3) Bewdley RC (=E)GRO(5) Grosvenor RC (=F)2:111 length
11713:24Mas.CD.8+ NOW(1) Northwich RC (=C)GRO(2) Grosvenor RC (=D)2:302 1/2 lengths
11813:30W.J16.1X148CHE(351) Cheltenham College (Brain)TRT(352) Trent RC3:583 lengths
11913:32W.J16.1X149PGN(354) Pengwern RCLER(355) Leicester RC3:11easily
12013:34W.J16.1X149GLR(356) Gloucester RCCHE(357) Cheltenham College (Dening-Smitherman Grace)NTTRow Over
12113:36W.J17.1X150AGE(345) Agecroft RCCHE(346) Cheltenham College (Corbett)3:343 lengths
12213:38W.J17.1X151CHE(349) Cheltenham College (Shaw)PGN(350) Pengwern RCNTTRow Over
12313:40W.1X154GRO(340) Grosvenor RCNOW(341) Northwich RC (Worden)NTTRow Over
12413:42J14.1X155GRN(331) The Grange School Hartford (Hare)NST(332) North Staffordshire RC2:39easily
12513:44J14.1X156QPH(335) Queens Park High School RCLER(336) Leicester RC3:23easily
12613:46J15.1X157KSW(325) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)RUN(326) Runcorn RC2:26a canvas
12713:48J15.1X158GLR(329) Gloucester RCPGN(330) Pengwern RC2:503 feet
12813:50B2.W.J14.2X161GRN(316) The Grange School Hartford (Cawley/Davenport)HCS(317) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Montgomery/Johnson)5:08easily
12913:52B1.W.J14.2X163NST(311) North Staffordshire RC (Greenwood/Kimberley)QPH(312) Queens Park High School RC2:23easily
13013:54B2.J15.2X165KCH(295) Kings School Chester RC (Chalapati/Smith)LER(296) Leicester RC3:09easily
13113:56B2.J15.2X166GRO(299) Grosvenor RCKCH(300) Kings School Chester RC (Feakes/Burrows)NTTRow Over
13213:58B1.J15.2X167QPH(287) Queens Park High School RC (Williamson/Bamber)KSW(288) Kings School Worcester BC (Fenby/Meredith)4:502 1/2 lengths
13314:00B1.J15.2X167STK(289) Trentham BC (Hudson/Donnelly)QPH(290) Queens Park High School RC (Baker/Cox)2:172 1/2 lengths
13414:02B1.J15.2X168STK(291) Trentham BC (Brown/Bill)NOW(292) Northwich RC3:226 lengths
13514:04B1.J15.2X168GLR(293) Gloucester RCKSW(294) Kings School Worcester BC (Allan/Rendall-Baker)2:555 lengths
13614:06J16.2X170NOW(285) Northwich RCSTP(286) Stourport BC2:262 1/2 lengths
13714:08J17.2X172WRG(280) RGS Worcester BC (Beasley)GHP(281) Gloucester Hartpury2:284 lengths
13814:10B2.W.J15.4X+175GLR(261) Gloucester RC (Fielder)KSW(262) Kings School Worcester BC (Dupont)2:105 lengths
13914:12B2.W.J15.4X+176NST(265) North Staffordshire RCWRG(266) RGS Worcester BC3:31easily
14014:14B1.W.J15.4X+177RCH(253) Royal Chester RC (Foster)CHE(254) Cheltenham College3:331 length
14114:32B1.W.J15.4X+177KSW(255) Kings School Worcester BC (Clarke)STK(256) Trentham BC3:193 1/2 lengths
14214:34B1.W.J15.4X+178QPH(257) Queens Park High School RCRCH(258) Royal Chester RC (Harris)2:491 length
14314:36B1.W.J15.4X+178NOW(259) Northwich RCSTP(260) Stourport BC2:38a canvas
14414:38B1.J14.4X+182 / 222GRN(247) The Grange School Hartford (Sproul)STK(248) Trentham BC (Brackley)2:061 3/4 lengths
14514:40B2.W.4+191IRO(213) Ironbridge RC (Thomas)NOW(214) Northwich RC2:443 1/2 lengths
14614:42B2.W.4+192IRO(216) Ironbridge RC (Attree)PGN(217) Pengwern RC3:023 lengths
14714:44B2.W.4+192NST(218) North Staffordshire RCHAU(219) Harper Adams University RC (Cowell)8:04Not Rowed Out
14814:46W.J16.1X195CHE(351) Cheltenham College (Brain)HCS(353) Hereford Cathedral School BC2:152 1/2 lengths
14914:48W.J16.1X195PGN(354) Pengwern RCCHE(357) Cheltenham College (Dening-Smitherman Grace)9:013 feet
15014:50W.J17.1X196CHE(346) Cheltenham College (Corbett)GHP(347) Gloucester Hartpury4:38easily
15114:52W.J17.1X196TRT(348) Trent RCPGN(350) Pengwern RC2:305 lengths
15214:54W.J18.1X197CHE(343) Cheltenham CollegeGHP(344) Gloucester Hartpury (Fisher)2:46easily
15314:56W.1X198TRF(337) Trafford RCNOW(338) Northwich RC (Burke)2:493 1/2 lengths
15414:58W.1X198TRT(339) Trent RCNOW(341) Northwich RC (Worden)3:45Not Rowed Out
15515:00J14.1X199NST(332) North Staffordshire RCSTP(333) Stourport BC3:33easily
15615:02J14.1X199GRN(334) The Grange School Hartford (Collier)QPH(335) Queens Park High School RCNTTRow Over
15715:04J15.1X200RUN(326) Runcorn RCLER(327) Leicester RC3:56Not recorded
15815:06J15.1X200KSW(328) Kings School Worcester BC (Barclay)PGN(330) Pengwern RC0:041/2 length
15915:08Mas.D.1X202GUI(321) Guildford RCLBR(322) Loughborough RC1:184 1/2 lengths
16015:10B2.W.J14.2X204HCS(313) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Cripps/Tolley)TRT(314) Trent RCNTTRow Over
16115:12B2.W.J14.2X204HCS(315) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Gamble/Shorrock)GRN(316) The Grange School Hartford (Cawley/Davenport)2:002 lengths
16215:14B1.W.J14.2X205NST(308) North Staffordshire RC (Siaghi/Hurst)GRN(309) The Grange School Hartford (Cassidy/Pattinson)1:263 lengths
16315:16B1.W.J14.2X205STK(310) Trentham BCQPH(312) Queens Park High School RC1:363 feet
16415:18W.Mas.DEF.2X206WEY(306) Weybridge RC (=F)GRO(307) Grosvenor RC (Ocenaskova =D)3:063 1/2 lengths
16515:20B2.J15.2X209LER(296) Leicester RCWRG(297) RGS Worcester BC1:01a canvas
16615:22B2.J15.2X209KCH(298) Kings School Chester RC (Sengupta/Banfield)GRO(299) Grosvenor RC6:164 lengths
16715:24B1.J15.2X210QPH(287) Queens Park High School RC (Williamson/Bamber)STK(289) Trentham BC (Hudson/Donnelly)3:031 1/2 lengths
16815:26B1.J15.2X210STK(291) Trentham BC (Brown/Bill)GLR(293) Gloucester RC2:45easily
16915:28J16.2X211TRT(282) Trent RCKSW(283) Kings School Worcester BC (Checkley)3:062 1/2 lengths
17015:30J16.2X211KSW(284) Kings School Worcester BC (Robins)NOW(285) Northwich RC7:10Not recorded
17115:32J17.2X212KSW(277) Kings School Worcester BCWRG(278) RGS Worcester BC (Jarvis)2:331 1/2 lengths
17215:34J17.2X212WRG(279) RGS Worcester BC (Walker)WRG(280) RGS Worcester BC (Beasley)1:535 lengths
17315:36Op.2X214PGN/NRC(271) PGN/NRCTRT(272) Trent RC (Cardon)3:591 foot
17415:38Op.2X214STK(273) Trentham BCTRT(274) Trent RC (Kristiansen)2:21easily
17515:40B2.W.J15.4X+217KSW(262) Kings School Worcester BC (Dupont)LER(263) Leicester RC3:37easily
17615:42B2.W.J15.4X+217GLR(264) Gloucester RC (Soutter)WRG(266) RGS Worcester BC1:47easily
17715:44B1.W.J15.4X+218CHE(254) Cheltenham CollegeSTK(256) Trentham BC1:321 length
17816:00B1.W.J15.4X+218RCH(258) Royal Chester RC (Harris)NOW(259) Northwich RC0:403 lengths
17916:02B2.J14.4X+219 / 220HCS(249) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Whittall)HCS(250) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Macklin)8:11easily
18016:04B2.J14.4X+219 / 220HCS(251) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Kruger)GRN(252) The Grange School Hartford (Swallow-Oakes)3:45easily
18116:06B1.J14.4X+221 / 222KCH(244) Kings School Chester RC (Harrington)STK(245) Trentham BC (Jones)3:41easily
18216:08B1.J14.4X+221KCH(246) Kings School Chester RC (Heller)STK(248) Trentham BC (Brackley)1:27easily
18316:10W.J16.4X223GRN(240) The Grange School HartfordKSW(241) Kings School Worcester BC2:422 lengths
18416:12W.J16.4X223STP(242) Stourport BCNST(243) North Staffordshire RC1:194 lengths
18516:14W.4X225GUI(234) Guildford RCLER(235) Leicester RC4:025 lengths
18616:16W.4X225QPH(236) Queens Park High School RCTRT(237) Trent RC2:26Not recorded
18716:18Mas.EF.4X227WRR(228) Worcester RC (Carter =E)GRO(229) Grosvenor RC (=E)1:563 lengths
18816:20Mas.EF.4X227GUI(230) Guildford RC (=F)WRR(231) Worcester RC (Riley =E)2:51easily
18916:22Mas.CD.4X228TRT(226) Trent RC (=C)STP(227) Stourport BC (=D)1:41Not recorded
19016:24W.J18.4+230KSW(221) Kings School Worcester BCSTK(222) Trentham BC8:484 lengths
19116:26B2.W.4+231IRO(213) Ironbridge RC (Thomas)HAU(215) Harper Adams University RC (Cook)2:483 lengths
19216:28B2.W.4+231IRO(216) Ironbridge RC (Attree)HAU(219) Harper Adams University RC (Cowell)3:32easily
19316:30B1.W.4+232GRO(209) Grosvenor RC (Mitchell)SHR(210) Royal Shrewsbury School3:20easily
19416:32B1.W.4+232GRO(211) Grosvenor RC (Gifford)BEW(212) Bewdley RC3:311 1/2 lengths
19516:34W.J16.1X CHE(351) Cheltenham College (Brain)PGN(354) Pengwern RC0:334 lengths
19616:36W.J17.1X CHE(346) Cheltenham College (Corbett)TRT(348) Trent RC3:02Not recorded
19716:38W.J18.1X GHP(342) Gloucester Hartpury (Carpenter)GHP(344) Gloucester Hartpury (Fisher)NTTRow Over
19816:40W.1X TRF(337) Trafford RCTRT(339) Trent RC1:23easily
19916:42J14.1X NST(332) North Staffordshire RCQPH(335) Queens Park High School RC3:262 feet
20016:44J15.1X RUN(326) Runcorn RCKSW(328) Kings School Worcester BC (Barclay)2:44easily
20116:46Mas.F.1X STP(323) Stourport BCPGN(324) Pengwern RC2:55easily
20216:48Mas.D.1X NST(320) North Staffordshire RCGUI(321) Guildford RC3:111 length
20316:50Mas.AB.1X GUI(318) Guildford RC (=A)NCR(319) Notts County Rowing Association (=B)4:20easily
20416:52B2.W.J14.2X TRT(314) Trent RCHCS(315) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Gamble/Shorrock)3:384 lengths
20516:54B1.W.J14.2X GRN(309) The Grange School Hartford (Cassidy/Pattinson)QPH(312) Queens Park High School RC3:031 length
20616:56W.Mas.DEF.2X GRO(305) Grosvenor RC (Vorberg =E)WEY(306) Weybridge RC (=F)2:544 lengths
20716:58W.Mas.C.2X STK(303) Trentham BCTRF(304) Trafford RCNTTRow Over
20817:00W.Mas.B.2X IRO(301) Ironbridge RCLBR(302) Loughborough RC4:503 lengths
20917:02B2.J15.2X WRG(297) RGS Worcester BCKCH(298) Kings School Chester RC (Sengupta/Banfield)3:103 lengths
21017:04B1.J15.2X STK(289) Trentham BC (Hudson/Donnelly)GLR(293) Gloucester RC3:003/4 length
21117:06J16.2X TRT(282) Trent RCNOW(285) Northwich RC2:552 lengths
21217:08J17.2X WRG(278) RGS Worcester BC (Jarvis)WRG(279) RGS Worcester BC (Walker)3:12easily
21317:10J18.2X KSW(275) Kings School Worcester BCGHP(276) Gloucester Hartpury2:34easily
21417:12Op.2X PGN/NRC(271) PGN/NRCSTK(273) Trentham BC2:13easily
21517:14W.Mas.DE.2- WEY(269) Weybridge RC (=E)STP(270) Stourport BC (=D)2:54easily
21617:16J18.2- CHE(267) Cheltenham CollegeKSW(268) Kings School Worcester BC0:06easily
21717:18B2.W.J15.4X+ KSW(262) Kings School Worcester BC (Dupont)WRG(266) RGS Worcester BC2:281/4 length
21817:20B1.W.J15.4X+ STK(256) Trentham BCRCH(258) Royal Chester RC (Harris)1:37easily
21917:22B2.J14.4X+ HCS(250) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Macklin)HCS(251) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Kruger)7:424 lengths
22017:24B2.J14.4X+ HCS(249) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Whittall)GRN(252) The Grange School Hartford (Swallow-Oakes)3:381 length
22117:26B1.J14.4X+ STK(245) Trentham BC (Jones)STK(248) Trentham BC (Brackley)2:363 lengths
22217:28B1.J14.4X+ GRN(247) The Grange School Hartford (Sproul)KCH(244) Kings School Chester RC (Harrington)3:34easily
22317:30W.J16.4X GRN(240) The Grange School HartfordNST(243) North Staffordshire RC2:301 1/2 lengths
22417:32W.J18.4X NOW(238) Northwich RCKSW(239) Kings School Worcester BC2:47easily
22517:34W.4X GUI(234) Guildford RCQPH(236) Queens Park High School RC2:23easily
22617:36J15.4X NOW(232) Northwich RCQPH(233) Queens Park High School RC2:162 1/2 lengths
22717:38Mas.EF.4X GRO(229) Grosvenor RC (=E)GUI(230) Guildford RC (=F)2:504 lengths
22817:40Mas.CD.4X LBR(225) Loughborough RC (=D)TRT(226) Trent RC (=C)2:35easily
22917:42Mas.D.4- STP(223) Stourport BCLBR(224) Loughborough RC2:193 lengths
23017:44W.J18.4+ SHR(220) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKSW(221) Kings School Worcester BC1:551/2 length
23117:46B2.W.4+ IRO(213) Ironbridge RC (Thomas)IRO(216) Ironbridge RC (Attree)3:074 lengths
23217:48B1.W.4+ GRO(209) Grosvenor RC (Mitchell)BEW(212) Bewdley RC2:49easily
23317:50Mas.EF.4+ GUI(207) Guildford RC (=E)GRO(208) Grosvenor RC (=F)3:263 lengths
23417:52Mas.D.4+ GRO(205) Grosvenor RCPGN/LLA(206) PGN/LLA2:211 length
23517:54W.Mas.D.8+ LBR(203) Loughborough RCPGN(204) Pengwern RC2:521/4 length
23617:56J18.8+ SHR(201) Royal Shrewsbury School (Sykes-Waller)SHR(202) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mainwaring)2:272 lengths