St Neots Regatta

Saturday 27th July 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
208:33Mas.EFG.4X45MAV(82) Maidstone Invicta RC (Prentice =E)OUT(83) Oundle Town RC (=E)3 lengths
408:39Mas.BCD.4+142PET(40) Peterborough City (=C)GLB(41) Globe RC (=B)1 1/2 lengths
508:42Mas.BCD.4+174BRX(37) Broxbourne RC (=D)LOT(38) London Otters RC (=B)easily
608:45W.Mas.ABC.1X67SRC(240) Sudbury RC (=B)GLB(241) Globe RC (=A)easily
708:48B2.W.8+109DBY/UNO(18) Derby/Northumbria UniversityGLB(19) Globe RC4 lengths
808:51B2.W.1X90YRK(234) York City RCNOR(235) Norwich RC (Downing)2 1/2 lengths
908:54W.J17.1X93STA(246) Star ClubBED(247) Bedford Rowing Club2 1/4 lengths
1008:57W.J17.1X93PET(248) Peterborough City (Griffiths)NWK(249) Newark RC (Archer Dytch)easily
1109:00W.J17.1X98MIK(250) Milton Keynes RCPET(251) Peterborough City (Reed)Row Over
1209:03B2.Op.4+60LEE(35) Leeds RCPET(36) Peterborough City1 1/4 lengths
1309:06W.J17.1X98NWK(252) Newark RC (Holland)PET(253) Peterborough City (Mace)5 lengths
1409:09B2.Op.4-114CUR(59) Curlew RCDBY(60) Derby RCeasily
1509:12B2.W.4X88PET(95) Peterborough City (Griffiths)LEE(96) Leeds RC1/2 length
309:15Mas.EFG.4X44PET(86) Peterborough City (=G)MAV(87) Maidstone Invicta RC (Chapman =F)3 1/2 lengths
1609:15B1.Op.1X113NWK(199) Newark RCBRX(200) Broxbourne RC6 lengths
1709:18W.Mas.ABC.1X68OUT(244) Oundle Town RC (=A)PET(245) Peterborough City (=B)1 3/4 lengths
1809:21B1.W.1X100PET(228) Peterborough CityMAV(229) Maidstone Invicta RC1 1/4 lengths
1909:24B1.W.1X64NWK(232) Newark RC (Shaw)NOR(233) Norwich RC3/4 length
2009:27B2.Op.4+52LOT(29) London Otters RC (Graignic)CYG(30) Cygnet RC3 1/2 lengths
109:30B1.Op.4-40NOR(54) Norwich RCSNE(55) St Neots RC3 lengths
2109:30B1.Mx.2X85DBY(184) Derby RCDEB(185) Deben RC3/4 length
2309:36J17.1X72STA(222) Star Club (Gale)LEE(223) Leeds RC1 length
2409:39J17.1X106MAV(224) Maidstone Invicta RCSTA(225) Star Club (D'Arcy)5 lengths
2509:42B2.Op.4+52GLB(31) Globe RC (Hughes)MIK(32) Milton Keynes RC (Hearn)3 lengths
2609:45J17.1X106SRC(226) Sudbury RCSTA(227) Star Club (Tilds)5 lengths
2709:48B1.Op.1X131CSH(195) City of Sheffield RCDOS(196) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association4 lengths
2809:51B2.Op.4+60LOT(33) London Otters RC (Cantarero)LEA(34) Lea Rowing Club6 lengths
2909:54B2.W.1X69DBY(238) Derby RCHUU(239) Hull University2 lengths
3009:57B1.Mx.2X59YRK(180) York City RCCNN(181) Cambridge '99 RC6 lengths
3110:00B1.Mx.2X59LEE(182) Leeds RCSRC(183) Sudbury RCNot Rowed Out
3210:03B1.Mx.2X85YAR(186) Yare RCSRC/UTS(187) Sudbury/Teeside Univeasily
3310:06B1.Op.8+66LOT(4) London Otters RCDBY/NWK(5) Derby/Newark1 3/4 lengths
3410:09B2.Op.4X182LEE(75) Leeds RCPET/POR/SRC(76) Peterborough/Portsmouth Univ/Sudbury3 lengths
3510:12W.4+121GLB(49) Globe RC (Lepinay)LEA(50) Lea Rowing Club (Streeten)3/4 length
3610:15W.J17.2X157NOR(173) Norwich RCSNE(174) St Neots RC4 lengths
3710:18J17.2X147NOR(147) Norwich RCPET(148) Peterborough City (Ingle)3 lengths
3810:21W.4+144LEE(47) Leeds RCGLB(48) Globe RC (Le Bescond)1 1/2 lengths
3910:24W.4+144LEA(45) Lea Rowing Club (Weil)GLB(46) Globe RC (Chager)4 lengths
4110:30Mas.BC.2X196CSH(133) City of Sheffield RC (=B)RAF(134) Royal Air Force RC (=B)DNS
2210:30J17.1X72MAV(220) Maidstone Invicta RCBED(221) Bedford Rowing Club2 lengths
4210:33Mas.BC.2X196LOT(131) London Otters RC (=B)DON(132) Doncaster RC (=C)easily
4310:36Mas.E.4+91NOR(43) Norwich RCLCN(44) Lincoln Rowing Centreeasily
4410:39Mas.EFG.4X190ANC(85) Ancholme RC (=F)MAV(87) Maidstone Invicta RC (Chapman =F)4 lengths
4510:42Mas.EFG.4X190MAV(82) Maidstone Invicta RC (Prentice =E)LEA(84) Lea Rowing Club (=E)1 length
4610:45B1.Op.8+134PBD(1) Poplar, Blackwall & DistrictLEA(2) Lea Rowing Club1 length
4710:48B2.Op.2X95BRX(123) Broxbourne RCBOS(124) Boston RC5 lengths
4810:51W.J17.2X162NWK/TYN(176) Newark/TyneSTA/MIK(177) Star/Milton Keyneseasily
4910:54W.J17.2X162SRC(178) Sudbury RCBED(179) Bedford Rowing Club (Monaghan)easily
5010:57W.Mas.DEF.2X151BED(163) Bedford Rowing Club (=F)OUT(164) Oundle Town RC (=D)2 feet
5111:00W.Mas.DEF.2X168SRC(167) Sudbury RC (=D)BRX(168) Broxbourne RC (=D)1 length
5211:03B2.Op.4+161LOT(29) London Otters RC (Graignic)GLB(31) Globe RC (Hughes)3/4 length
5311:06B2.W.2X99MAV(157) Maidstone Invicta RCSTA(158) Star Club (Coowar/Titterington)1 1/2 lengths
5411:09B2.W.2X86OUT(161) Oundle Town RCLEE(162) Leeds RC2 lengths
5511:12J17.2X179BED/GHP(151) Bedford/Gloucester HartpuryANC(152) Ancholme RCDNS
5611:15B2.Op.2X95RAF(125) Royal Air Force RCLEE(126) Leeds RC3 lengths
5711:18B2.Op.2X105CSH(127) City of Sheffield RC (Mashford/Luckham)DOS(128) Doncaster Schools Rowing Associationeasily
5811:21B2.Op.2X105BOS(129) Boston RCLEA(130) Lea Rowing Club1/2 length
5911:24B1.Mx.2X192CNN(181) Cambridge '99 RCLEE(182) Leeds RC1 1/2 lengths
6011:27B2.Op.4+161LEA(34) Lea Rowing ClubPET(36) Peterborough City1 length
4011:29B1.Op.4- BED(53) Bedford Rowing ClubSNE(55) St Neots RC3 lengths
6111:30B2.Op.4X97LOT(71) London Otters RC (Busby)LCN(72) Lincoln Rowing Centre1/2 length
6211:33B1.Op.2X143YRK(121) York City RCNOR(122) Norwich RCeasily
6311:36W.Mas.DE.4X104OUT(106) Oundle Town RC (=E)BRX(107) Broxbourne RC (=D)easily
6411:39B1.W.1X187EXU(231) Exeter UniversityNOR(233) Norwich RC3 lengths
6511:42B2.W.4X88STA(97) Star Club (Keats)NTN(98) Northampton RCeasily
6611:45B1.Op.8+134BOS(3) Boston RCDBY/NWK(5) Derby/Newark2 lengths
6711:48W.Mas.ABC.1X150SRC(240) Sudbury RC (=B)YAR(242) Yare RC (=C)4 lengths
6811:51W.Mas.ABC.1X150NOR(243) Norwich RC (=B)OUT(244) Oundle Town RC (=A)2 lengths
6911:54B2.W.1X173DEB(237) Deben RCHUU(239) Hull University1/2 length
7011:57B2.W.4X126DBY(99) Derby RCLCN(100) Lincoln Rowing Centre2 1/2 lengths
7112:00B2.W.4X126YRK(101) York City RCSTA(102) Star Club (Feltham)3 lengths
7212:03J17.1X189BED(221) Bedford Rowing ClubSTA(222) Star Club (Gale)3 lengths
7312:06B1.Op.4+101CHU(23) Churchill CollegePBD(24) Poplar, Blackwall & District (Browne)1 length
7412:09Op.4X+185MIK(112) Milton Keynes RCDON(113) Doncaster RC1/2 length
7512:12Mas.BCD.4X130SIV(80) St Ives RC (=D)SNE(81) St Neots RC (=B)easily
7612:15B1.Op.4+92GLB(27) Globe RC (Opanasiuk)PBD(28) Poplar, Blackwall & District (Colquitt)4 lengths
7712:18B1.Op.4X123MAV(65) Maidstone Invicta RCYRK(66) York City RC2 1/2 lengths
7812:21B1.W.4X139NOR/OXB(91) Norwich/Oxford BrookesPET(92) Peterborough City2 lengths
7912:24B1.Op.4X166EXU(69) Exeter UniversityRAF/YRK/YSJ(70) RAF RC / York City RC / York St John Univ3 feet
8012:27Mas.D.2X132CAB(137) Cantabrigian RCMAV(138) Maidstone Invicta RCNot Rowed Out
8112:30Mas.D.2X132STA(135) Star ClubDON(136) Doncaster RCeasily
8212:33W.4+121YRK(51) York City RCPBD(52) Poplar, Blackwall & District2 lengths
8312:36J18.1X146PET(218) Peterborough CityNOR(219) Norwich RC (Aldous)3 lengths
8412:39B2.Op.8+148LOT(6) London Otters RC (Downard)DOS(7) Doncaster Schools Rowing Associationeasily
8512:42B1.Mx.2X192DEB(185) Deben RCSRC/UTS(187) Sudbury/Teeside Univ3 feet
8612:45B2.W.2X178STA(160) Star Club (Sadler/Feltham)OUT(161) Oundle Town RCeasily
8712:48Op.2-175PET(114) Peterborough CityCUR(115) Curlew RCeasily
8812:51B2.W.4X197PET(95) Peterborough City (Griffiths)STA(97) Star Club (Keats)1 length
8912:54B2.W.8+169GLB(14) Globe RCLEA(15) Lea Rowing Club1/2 length
9012:57B2.W.1X173YRK(234) York City RCLCN(236) Lincoln Rowing Centre4 lengths
9113:00Mas.E.4+ MAV(42) Maidstone Invicta RCNOR(43) Norwich RC3 lengths
9213:03B1.Op.4+153MIK(26) Milton Keynes RC (Pototsky)GLB(27) Globe RC (Opanasiuk)3 lengths
9313:06W.J17.1X181BED(247) Bedford Rowing ClubNWK(249) Newark RC (Archer Dytch)3 lengths
9413:09J18.1X146NOR(216) Norwich RC (Codling)STA(217) Star Club3 lengths
9513:12B2.Op.2X188BRX(123) Broxbourne RCLEE(126) Leeds RCeasily
9613:15W.4-176CSH(61) City of Sheffield RCMAV(62) Maidstone Invicta RC4 lengths
9713:18B2.Op.4X199LCN(72) Lincoln Rowing CentreOUT(73) Oundle Town RC2 1/2 lengths
9813:21W.J17.1X181MIK(250) Milton Keynes RCNWK(252) Newark RC (Holland)easily
10013:27B1.W.1X187MAV(229) Maidstone Invicta RCNWK(230) Newark RC (Kane)2 lengths
10113:30B1.Op.4+153PBD(24) Poplar, Blackwall & District (Browne)LEA(25) Lea Rowing Club (Heath)2 lengths
10213:33Mx.Mas.CDE.2X165DEB(190) Deben RC (Keeble =D)PET(191) Peterborough City (=C)easily
10313:36W.Mas.DE.4X180PET/LER(103) Peterborough/Leicester (=E)SNE(104) St Neots RC (=E)3 lengths
10413:39W.Mas.DE.4X180NOR(105) Norwich RC (=D)BRX(107) Broxbourne RC (=D)easily
10513:42B2.Op.2X188DOS(128) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationBOS(129) Boston RC1 length
10613:45J17.1X189MAV(224) Maidstone Invicta RCSRC(226) Sudbury RCeasily
10713:48Mas.E.1X186BOS(210) Boston RCNOR(211) Norwich RC1 length
10813:51Mas.C.1X167MAV(203) Maidstone Invicta RCOMN(204) Old Monmothians RC3 lengths
10913:54B2.W.8+202CUR(17) Curlew RCDBY/UNO(18) Derby/Northumbria Universityeasily
11013:57Mx.Mas.DE.8+129OUT(21) Oundle Town RC (=D)PET(22) Peterborough City (=D)1 3/4 lengths
11114:00Mas.D.1X164MAV(205) Maidstone Invicta RCYAR(206) Yare RCeasily
9914:01B2.W.2X178MAV(157) Maidstone Invicta RCLEE(159) Leeds RC2 1/2 lengths
11214:03Op.2-175GLB(116) Globe RCNOR(117) Norwich RC2 lengths
11314:06B1.Op.1X170MAV(198) Maidstone Invicta RCNWK(199) Newark RC1 1/2 lengths
11414:09B2.Op.4-198BOS(58) Boston RCDBY(60) Derby RC2 lengths
11514:12B2.Op.8+148LOT(8) London Otters RC (Hart)CYG(9) Cygnet RCeasily
11614:15Mas.BCD.4X145DON(77) Doncaster RC (=C)CAB(78) Cantabrigian RC (=D)1/2 length
11714:18Mx.Mas.CDE.2X165MAV(188) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)DEB(189) Deben RC (Tester =C)Not Rowed Out
11814:21W.J18.2X171MAV(169) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(170) Peterborough CityRow Over
11914:24J18.4X160NOR(89) Norwich RCDOS(90) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association2 feet
12014:27B1.W.4X139NWK(93) Newark RCEXU(94) Exeter University2/3 length
12114:30W.4+201GLB(49) Globe RC (Lepinay)PBD(52) Poplar, Blackwall & Districteasily
12214:33Mas.GH.1X163MAV(212) Maidstone Invicta RC (=H)TYN(213) Tyne RC (=H)1 1/4 lengths
12314:36B1.Op.4X200MAV(65) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(67) Peterborough City1 length
12414:39Mas.GH.1X163STA(214) Star Club (=G)YAR(215) Yare RC (=G)easily
12514:42Mas.C.1X167YSJ(201) York St John University RCCNN(202) Cambridge '99 RC1 1/4 lengths
12614:45B2.W.4X197DBY(99) Derby RCSTA(102) Star Club (Feltham)easily
12714:48B1.W.8+155PET(10) Peterborough CityCSH(11) City of Sheffield RC1/2 length
12814:51W.J18.2X171DOS(171) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationSRC(172) Sudbury RCeasily
12914:54Mx.Mas.DE.8+ ANC(20) Ancholme RC (=E)OUT(21) Oundle Town RC (=D)2 lengths
13014:57Mas.BCD.4X145CSH(79) City of Sheffield RC (=B)SIV(80) St Ives RC (=D)easily
13115:00B1.Op.1X170DOS(196) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationMAU(197) Manchester University1 1/2 lengths
13215:03Mas.D.2X DON(136) Doncaster RCMAV(138) Maidstone Invicta RC5 lengths
13315:06Mas.E.2X159CAB(139) Cantabrigian RCSNE(140) St Neots RC2 lengths
13415:09B1.Op.8+ LEA(2) Lea Rowing ClubDBY/NWK(5) Derby/Newark3 lengths
13515:12Mas.D.1X164NWK(207) Newark RCHLS(208) Hollowell Scullerseasily
13615:15Mas.E.2X159LEA(141) Lea Rowing ClubOUT(142) Oundle Town RCeasily
13715:18Mx.4X156MAV(109) Maidstone Invicta RCDOS(110) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1/3 length
13815:21B1.W.8+155YRK(12) York City RCLCN(13) Lincoln Rowing Centre1/4 length
13915:24B1.W.4X NOR/OXB(91) Norwich/Oxford BrookesNWK(93) Newark RC4 lengths
14015:27Mas.FG.2X177NTN(145) Northampton RC (=F)DEB(146) Deben RC (=G)easily
14115:30Mas.FG.2X177YAR(143) Yare RC (=F)MAV(144) Maidstone Invicta RC (=G)3/4 length
14215:33Mas.BCD.4+174SNE(39) St Neots RC (=D)GLB(41) Globe RC (=B)easily
14315:36B1.Op.2X183MAU(120) Manchester UniversityNOR(122) Norwich RCeasily
14415:39W.4+201LEA(45) Lea Rowing Club (Weil)LEE(47) Leeds RCeasily
14515:42Mas.BCD.4X CAB(78) Cantabrigian RC (=D)SIV(80) St Ives RC (=D)easily
14615:45J18.1X STA(217) Star ClubPET(218) Peterborough City1 1/2 lengths
14715:48J17.2X203NOR(147) Norwich RCSTA/GHP(149) Star/Gloucester Hartpury2 lengths
14815:51B2.Op.8+ DOS(7) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationLOT(8) London Otters RC (Hart)a canvas
14915:54W.4-176DBY(63) Derby RCCUR(64) Curlew RCeasily
15015:57W.Mas.ABC.1X YAR(242) Yare RC (=C)OUT(244) Oundle Town RC (=A)easily
15116:00W.Mas.DEF.2X194OUT(164) Oundle Town RC (=D)LER(165) Leicester RC (=E)4 lengths
15216:03Mx.J18.2X191BED(193) Bedford Rowing ClubSNE(194) St Neots RCRow Over
15316:06B1.Op.4+ PBD(24) Poplar, Blackwall & District (Browne)GLB(27) Globe RC (Opanasiuk)1 1/2 lengths
15416:09B1.Op.2X183CSH(118) City of Sheffield RC (Turnbull)BED(119) Bedford Rowing Club5 lengths
15516:12B1.W.8+ PET(10) Peterborough CityLCN(13) Lincoln Rowing Centre3/4 length
15616:15Mx.4X NOR(108) Norwich RCDOS(110) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association3 lengths
15716:18W.J17.2X193NOR(173) Norwich RCBED(175) Bedford Rowing Club (Coles)easily
15816:21B1.W.2X195NWK(153) Newark RCLEE(154) Leeds RC (Skinner/Peck)1 1/2 lengths
15916:24Mas.E.2X SNE(140) St Neots RCOUT(142) Oundle Town RC1 1/2 lengths
16016:27J18.4X MAV(88) Maidstone Invicta RCNOR(89) Norwich RC4 lengths
16116:30B2.Op.4+ GLB(31) Globe RC (Hughes)PET(36) Peterborough City1 length
16216:33W.J17.2X193STA/MIK(177) Star/Milton KeynesSRC(178) Sudbury RCeasily
16316:36Mas.GH.1X TYN(213) Tyne RC (=H)STA(214) Star Club (=G)easily
16416:39Mas.D.1X YAR(206) Yare RCHLS(208) Hollowell Scullerseasily
16516:42Mx.Mas.CDE.2X MAV(188) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)PET(191) Peterborough City (=C)easily
16616:45B1.Op.4X200SIV(68) St Ives RCRAF/YRK/YSJ(70) RAF RC / York City RC / York St John Univ4 lengths
16716:48Mas.C.1X YSJ(201) York St John University RCOMN(204) Old Monmothians RC2 lengths
16816:51W.Mas.DEF.2X194STA(166) Star Club (=F)SRC(167) Sudbury RC (=D)easily
16916:54B2.W.8+202GLB(14) Globe RCSNE(16) St Neots RC1 1/2 lengths
17016:57B1.Op.1X MAU(197) Manchester UniversityNWK(199) Newark RC3 1/2 lengths
17217:03B1.W.2X195BED(155) Bedford Rowing ClubCSH(156) City of Sheffield RC6"
17317:06B2.W.1X YRK(234) York City RCDEB(237) Deben RC2 1/2 lengths
17417:09Mas.BCD.4+ BRX(37) Broxbourne RC (=D)SNE(39) St Neots RC (=D)2/3 length
17517:12Op.2- PET(114) Peterborough CityNOR(117) Norwich RC1 1/2 lengths
17617:15W.4- CSH(61) City of Sheffield RCDBY(63) Derby RCNot Rowed Out
17717:18Mas.FG.2X YAR(143) Yare RC (=F)DEB(146) Deben RC (=G)easily
17117:20W.J18.2X PET(170) Peterborough CitySRC(172) Sudbury RCeasily
17817:21B2.W.2X MAV(157) Maidstone Invicta RCSTA(160) Star Club (Sadler/Feltham)3 lengths
17917:24J17.2X203PET(150) Peterborough City (Morgan-Bramley)ANC(152) Ancholme RCeasily
18017:27W.Mas.DE.4X PET/LER(103) Peterborough/Leicester (=E)BRX(107) Broxbourne RC (=D)2 lengths
18117:30W.J17.1X BED(247) Bedford Rowing ClubMIK(250) Milton Keynes RC1/2 length
18217:33B2.Op.4X199LOT(74) London Otters RC (Buck)LEE(75) Leeds RCNot Rowed Out
18317:36B1.Op.2X BED(119) Bedford Rowing ClubMAU(120) Manchester University4 lengths
18417:39B2.Op.4-198PBD(56) Poplar, Blackwall & DistrictLOT(57) London Otters RC3/4 length
18517:42Op.4X+ LOT(111) London Otters RCMIK(112) Milton Keynes RC2 1/2 lengths
18617:45Mas.E.1X MIK(209) Milton Keynes RCBOS(210) Boston RCRow Over
18717:48B1.W.1X MAV(229) Maidstone Invicta RCNOR(233) Norwich RC1 1/2 lengths
18817:51B2.Op.2X LEE(126) Leeds RCDOS(128) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association3 lengths
18917:54J17.1X STA(222) Star Club (Gale)SRC(226) Sudbury RC1 foot
19017:57Mas.EFG.4X MAV(82) Maidstone Invicta RC (Prentice =E)MAV(87) Maidstone Invicta RC (Chapman =F)1 1/2 lengths
19118:00Mx.J18.2X LEE(192) Leeds RCBED(193) Bedford Rowing Club5 lengths
19218:03B1.Mx.2X LEE(182) Leeds RCDEB(185) Deben RC3 lengths
19318:06W.J17.2X NOR(173) Norwich RCSTA/MIK(177) Star/Milton KeynesNot Rowed Out
19418:09W.Mas.DEF.2X LER(165) Leicester RC (=E)STA(166) Star Club (=F)3 lengths
19518:12B1.W.2X NWK(153) Newark RCCSH(156) City of Sheffield RC1 length
19618:15Mas.BC.2X DON(132) Doncaster RC (=C)RAF(134) Royal Air Force RC (=B)easily
19718:18B2.W.4X STA(97) Star Club (Keats)STA(102) Star Club (Feltham)2 lengths
19818:21B2.Op.4- PBD(56) Poplar, Blackwall & DistrictDBY(60) Derby RCeasily
19918:24B2.Op.4X LCN(72) Lincoln Rowing CentreLEE(75) Leeds RC2 1/2 lengths
20018:27B1.Op.4X MAV(65) Maidstone Invicta RCSIV(68) St Ives RC3 feet
20118:30W.4+ LEE(47) Leeds RCGLB(49) Globe RC (Lepinay)easily
20218:33B2.W.8+ SNE(16) St Neots RCDBY/UNO(18) Derby/Northumbria University1 foot
20318:36J17.2X NOR(147) Norwich RCANC(152) Ancholme RCeasily