Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 29th June 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
109:00B2.Op.1X28ABV(127) AB Severn BC (Elliott)ABS(126) Abingdon School (Watkins)RAD(125) Radley College Boat Club3:305 lengths5 lengths
209:04B2.Op.1X28ABS(128) Abingdon School (Garrow)PAN(129) Pangbourne College BC (Robson)3:372 lengths 
309:08Op.2-23RAD(100) Radley College Boat Club (Turnbull)PAN(101) Pangbourne College BC (Smith)3:33Not Rowed Out 
409:12Op.2-23RBL(102) Reading Blue Coat School (Mussett)NSC(103) Norwich School3:131 1/2 lengths 
509:16Op.2-22RAD(104) Radley College Boat Club (Silman)PAN(105) Pangbourne College BC (Shashlov)3:151/2 length 
609:20Op.2-22RBL(107) Reading Blue Coat School (Burghart)PAN(106) Pangbourne College BC (Riley)3:23easily 
709:24Op.4X52ZCAO(72) St Peter’s College, New ZealandNSC(71) Norwich School2:446 lengths 
809:28B2.W.J14.4X+53BGS(97) Bedford Girls School (Dewe)SWB(98) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Smith)SHV(96) Shiplake Vikings RC (Taylor)3:532 lengths4 lengths
909:32J14.2X RDG(118) Reading RCGMS(120) Great Marlow School3:39easily 
1009:36B1.W.J14.4X+54GMS(88) Great Marlow School (Pendlebury)SWP(89) Sir William Perkins School (Trickett)3:503 lengths 
1109:40B1.W.J14.4X+54BGS(91) Bedford Girls School (Coughlin)SWB(90) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Heard Norrish)SWP(92) Sir William Perkins School (Wernham)3:441/2 length1/2 length
1209:44B1.W.J14.4X+54GMS(94) Great Marlow School (Baxter)BGS(93) Bedford Girls School (Hartshorn)3:574 lengths 
1309:48B1.Op.2X61RAD(108) Radley College Boat ClubRDG/UTC(109) Reading/Upper ThamesZADO(133) Boston College High School3:043/4 length5 lengths
1409:52B1.Op.2X61GMS(110) Great Marlow SchoolPAN(112) Pangbourne College BCRBL(111) Reading Blue Coat School3:235 lengthsRow Over
1509:56B1.Op.2X61UYO(113) University of York Boat ClubSWB(114) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:193 lengths 
1610:00B2.J15.4X+55RBL(81) Reading Blue Coat School (Petrov)RAD(82) Radley College Boat Club (Willmott)3:18easily 
1710:04B2.J15.4X+55RAD(84) Radley College Boat Club (Lewis)GMS(85) Great Marlow School (Forgenie)WIN(83) Winchester College BC3:163 feetRow Over
1810:08B2.J15.4X+55SHV(87) Shiplake Vikings RCRBL(86) Reading Blue Coat School (Robinson)3:212 lengths 
1910:12W.J16.4X57ABV(74) AB Severn BCGMS(73) Great Marlow School3:241 1/4 lengths 
2010:16W.J16.4X57RDG(76) Reading RCHEN(77) Henley RCNTTNot Rowed Out 
2110:20Op.4X52ZAZC(70) Scotch College BCSPT(68) St Peters School BCZCAS(69) Australian Defence Force, AUS2:444 lengths3 lengths
2210:24Op.2-60RBL(107) Reading Blue Coat School (Burghart)RAD(104) Radley College Boat Club (Silman)3:204 lengths 
2310:28Op.2-60RBL(102) Reading Blue Coat School (Mussett)RAD(100) Radley College Boat Club (Turnbull)3:236 lengths 
2410:32Op.4-63GMA/GMS/NEW/UWE(64) Great Marlow SwansETX(65) Eton Excelsior RC3:085 lengths 
2510:36Op.4-63ZASX(67) Sydney RCRDG(66) Reading RC2:486 lengths 
2610:40Op.2nd.8+73ZCAS(1) Australian Defence Force, AUSZAGL(2) Green Lake Crew, USA2:352 1/2 lengths 
2710:44Op.2nd.8+73ZANK(4) King's College Boat Club, Uni of QueenslandZCAX(3) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA2:341/2 length 
2810:48B2.Op.1X ABS(128) Abingdon School (Garrow)ABV(127) AB Severn BC (Elliott)3:15easily 
2910:52B3.Op.1X ABV(132) AB Severn BC (Teague)PAN(131) Pangbourne College BC (Vousden)UCO(130) University College, Oxford3:39easily5 lengths
3010:56B1.W.4+62BGS(52) Bedford Girls SchoolOLW(51) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Han)RBL(53) Reading Blue Coat School3:32easilyNot recorded
3111:00B1.W.4+62OLW(54) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Jamieson)UCO(55) University College, Oxford (Lepinay)ZADT(56) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, Ireland3:262 lengths1 length
3211:04B1.W.4+62OLW(58) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Bruce-Smith)PAN(57) Pangbourne College BCNTTRow Over 
5411:04B1.W.J14.4X+ BGS(91) Bedford Girls School (Coughlin)GMS(88) Great Marlow School (Pendlebury)GMS(94) Great Marlow School (Baxter)3:461 lengtheasily
3311:08B1.J14.8X59RAD(20) Radley College Boat Club (Mekic)ABS(19) Abingdon School (Schilizzi)2:573 lengths 
3411:13B1.J14.8X59ABS(22) Abingdon School (Badcock)WIN(23) Winchester College BCRBL(21) Reading Blue Coat School (Ferozdin)3:042 1/2 lengthsRow Over
3511:18B1.J14.8X59RAD(25) Radley College Boat Club (Baldwin-Battersby)ABS(24) Abingdon School (Wright)3:051/3 length 
3611:23B1.Sch.8+64NSC(9) Norwich SchoolZAPS(10) St Paul's, USA2:352/3 length 
3711:27B1.Sch.8+64ZAKE(6) Kent School BCZCAV(5) The Scots College, Australia2:331 1/2 lengths 
3811:31B1.Sch.8+64BDS(7) Bedford SchoolZADO(134) Boston College High SchoolWIN(8) Winchester College BC2:361 1/4 lengths2 1/2 lengths
3911:35B1.Op.4+65ZANK(30) King's College Boat Club, Uni of QueenslandLEA(29) Lea Rowing Club2:581 3/4 lengths 
4011:39B1.Op.4+65ZASX(31) Sydney RCBRC(32) Brasenose College2:561 1/2 lengths 
4111:43B1.Op.4+65UYO(34) University of York Boat ClubDUB(33) Durham University (Dinkele)2:503/4 length 
4211:47W.J15.8+69PAN(15) Pangbourne College BCSWP(14) Sir William Perkins School (David)BGS(16) Bedford Girls School3:202/3 lengthRow Over
4311:51W.J15.8+69SWP(18) Sir William Perkins School (Nearcou)HEN(17) Henley RC3:091 length 
4411:55B2.Op.4+72ZCAX(35) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USADUB(36) Durham University (Young)2:583 lengths 
4511:59B2.Op.4+72ZAPS(37) St Paul's, USARHO(38) Royal Holloway (UL)3:03easily 
7012:03Mas.E.4+ RDG(47) Reading RC (Bailey)RDG(46) Reading RC (Williams)3:391/2 length 
4612:03B2.Op.4+72RDG(39) Reading RC (Griffiths)ABS(40) Abingdon SchoolNTTRow Over 
4712:07W.J16.4+ GMS(63) Great Marlow SchoolSWP(62) Sir William Perkins School3:344 lengths 
4812:11B1.Op.1X MBC(122) Molesey BCZCAO(123) St Peter’s College, New ZealandDUB(124) Durham University3:292 1/4 lengthsNot Rowed Out
5012:19B2.Op.2X ABV(116) AB Severn BCSHV(115) Shiplake Vikings RC3:173 1/2 lengths 
5112:23J15.4+ RAD(50) Radley College Boat ClubWIN(49) Winchester College BCPAN(48) Pangbourne College BC3:141 1/2 lengths1 length
5212:27Op.4X ZCAO(72) St Peter’s College, New ZealandZAZC(70) Scotch College BCNTT6 feet 
5312:31B2.W.J14.4X+ SHV(99) Shiplake Vikings RC (Askew)BGS(97) Bedford Girls School (Dewe)SWP(95) Sir William Perkins School (Grant)3:513 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
5512:39B2.J15.4X+ RBL(81) Reading Blue Coat School (Petrov)SHV(87) Shiplake Vikings RCRAD(84) Radley College Boat Club (Lewis)NTT1 1/2 lengths3 lengths
5612:43B1.J15.4X+ GMS(80) Great Marlow School (Kelly)SWB(79) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolRBL(78) Reading Blue Coat School (Watkins)3:112 lengths1/4 length
5712:47W.J16.4X ZASX(75) Sydney RCRDG(76) Reading RCABV(74) AB Severn BC3:17easily1 1/4 lengths
5812:51B2.J14.8X SWB(28) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolABS(26) Abingdon School (Kind)RBL(27) Reading Blue Coat School (Fenton)2:504 lengthsRow Over
5912:56B1.J14.8X RAD(20) Radley College Boat Club (Mekic)RAD(25) Radley College Boat Club (Baldwin-Battersby)ABS(22) Abingdon School (Badcock)3:001 1/2 lengths1/4 length
6013:01Op.2- RBL(107) Reading Blue Coat School (Burghart)RBL(102) Reading Blue Coat School (Mussett)3:191 length 
6114:01B1.Op.2X RAD(108) Radley College Boat ClubGMS(110) Great Marlow SchoolUYO(113) University of York Boat Club3:071/2 length1 length
6214:05B1.W.4+ OLW(54) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Jamieson)BGS(52) Bedford Girls SchoolOLW(58) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Bruce-Smith)3:283 lengths4 lengths
6314:09Op.4- ZASX(67) Sydney RCGMA/GMS/NEW/UWE(64) Great Marlow Swans2:43easily 
6414:13B1.Sch.8+ NSC(9) Norwich SchoolZAKE(6) Kent School BCBDS(7) Bedford School2:361 length1/4 length
6514:17B1.Op.4+ UYO(34) University of York Boat ClubZASX(31) Sydney RCZANK(30) King's College Boat Club, Uni of QueenslandNTT1 length5 lengths
6614:21B3.Op.4+ PAN(43) Pangbourne College BCRDG(42) Reading RC (Bishop)RAD(41) Radley College Boat Club3:43easilyRow Over
6714:25B2.W.4+ RDG(60) Reading RC (Papavergos)UCO(61) University College, Oxford (Szekeres-Tapp)RDG(59) Reading RC (Hancock)3:58easily1 foot
6814:29B2.Sch.8+ SPT(13) St Peters School BCRAD(11) Radley College Boat ClubABS(12) Abingdon School2:451 1/2 lengths1/2 length
6914:33W.J15.8+ SWP(18) Sir William Perkins School (Nearcou)PAN(15) Pangbourne College BC3:12easily 
7114:41Mas.B.4+ ETX(45) Eton Excelsior RCRAF(44) Royal Air Force RCNTT1 length 
7214:45B2.Op.4+ ZAPS(37) St Paul's, USAZCAX(35) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USARDG(39) Reading RC (Griffiths)2:541 1/2 lengthseasily
7314:49Op.2nd.8+ ZCAS(1) Australian Defence Force, AUSZANK(4) King's College Boat Club, Uni of Queensland2:341 length 
10114:58B1.W.1X136OLW(283) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Holland)RDG(284) Reading RC (Chenje)SWB(282) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:505 lengthseasily
10215:02B1.W.1X136BGS(286) Bedford Girls SchoolOLW(285) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Jamieson)3:594 lengths 
10315:06W.2X137OLW(274) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Kerr)ZCAS(275) Australian Defence Force, AUSNTTRow Over 
10415:10W.2X137OLW(277) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Gluck)SWB(278) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:41easily 
10515:14Op.8+131ZAPS(202) St Paul's, USAZANK/ZCAS(201) King's College/ADF2:413 lengths 
10615:18W.8+124OLW(219) Oxford University Lwt Women's BCGMS(220) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over 
10715:22W.8+124ZADT(218) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, IrelandRDG(217) Reading RCUCO(216) University College, Oxford2:54easily2 lengths
10815:26B1.W.J15.4X+141RDG(262) Reading RCHEN(263) Henley RC3:332 lengths 
10915:30B1.W.J15.4X+141SWP(265) Sir William Perkins SchoolGMS(264) Great Marlow School3:364 lengths 
11015:34J15.8+132GMS(212) Great Marlow SchoolABS(213) Abingdon School (Kidd May)RAD(214) Radley College Boat Club (Burges Watson)3:001 length1 length
11115:38J16.4+146RAD(233) Radley College Boat ClubABS(234) Abingdon School (Cunningham)3:135 lengths 
11215:42B1.W.J15.4X+141SWB(267) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolABV(266) AB Severn BC (Beck)3:345 lengths 
11315:46B2.J14.4X+142WIN(259) Winchester College BC (Hoskins)ABS(258) Abingdon School (Schilizzi)RAD(256) Radley College Boat Club (Buchan)3:224 lengthsDisqualification
11415:50B2.W.1X133PLE(288) Poole Amateur Rowing ClubRDG(287) Reading RC (Lee)RDG(289) Reading RC (Jackson)4:01easilyRow Over
11515:54B2.W.1X133OLW(291) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Cocker)RDG(290) Reading RC (Austin)4:086 lengths 
11615:58B1.J14.4X+143ABS(250) Abingdon School (Badcock)RAD(248) Radley College Boat Club (Marriott)WIN(249) Winchester College BC (Bucknall)3:302 1/2 lengthsRow Over
11716:02B1.J14.4X+143WIN(253) Winchester College BC (Doré Green)RAD(252) Radley College Boat Club (Van de Grift)ABS(251) Abingdon School (Wright)3:341 1/2 lengths1/2 length
11816:06B1.J14.4X+143SWB(254) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Dhariwal)RAD(260) Radley College Boat Club (Mekic)ABS(255) Abingdon School (Dawson)3:282/3 length2 lengths
11916:10Sch.4X144BDS(243) Bedford SchoolZAZC(241) Scotch College BCSPT(242) St Peters School BC2:503/4 lengtheasily
12016:14Sch.4X144ZCAO(244) St Peter’s College, New ZealandGMS(245) Great Marlow School2:472 lengths 
12116:18W.J15.4+145HEN(238) Henley RCBGS(239) Bedford Girls School (Ewen)3:43easily 
12216:22J16.4+146ABS(235) Abingdon School (Jones)KSR(236) Kings School Rochester BC3:182 1/2 lengths 
12316:26Op.2nd.4+147DUB(227) Durham University (Dinkele)NSC(226) Norwich School2:571 1/2 lengths 
12416:30W.8+ ZADT(218) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, IrelandOLW(219) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC3:05easily 
12516:34Op.2nd.4+147ZCAX(230) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USAZAPS(229) St Paul's, USARAF(228) Royal Air Force RC2:552 feeteasily
12616:38Op.2nd.4+147DUB(232) Durham University (Young)LEA(231) Lea Rowing Club3:061/2 length 
12716:42W.J14.2X RDG(280) Reading RCABV(279) AB Severn BCHEN(281) Henley RC3:504 lengthsRow Over
12816:46W.J14.8X148SWB(223) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBGS(221) Bedford Girls SchoolSWP(222) Sir William Perkins School (Thomas)3:346 lengths1 1/4 lengths
12916:51W.J14.8X148SWP(224) Sir William Perkins School (Green)GMS(225) Great Marlow School3:312 lengths 
13016:56W.J14.1X RDG(292) Reading RCGMS(293) Great Marlow School4:228 lengths 
13117:00Op.8+149ZCAV(204) The Scots College, AustraliaZCAX(203) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USAZAPS(202) St Paul's, USA2:401/2 length1/2 length
13217:04J15.8+ ABS(215) Abingdon School (Hayes-Newington)GMS(212) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(211) Radley College Boat Club (Turnbull)2:492 lengths1/2 length
13317:08B2.W.1X PLE(288) Poole Amateur Rowing ClubOLW(291) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Cocker)4:041 1/2 lengths 
13417:12Op.8+149ZAGL(206) Green Lake Crew, USAZANK(207) King's College Boat Club, Uni of QueenslandBDS(205) Bedford School2:381 length3 feet
13517:16Op.8+149ZCAS(209) Australian Defence Force, AUSZADO(208) Boston College High SchoolSPT(210) St Peters School BC2:412/3 length3 1/2 lengths
13617:20B1.W.1X OLW(283) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Holland)BGS(286) Bedford Girls School3:563 lengths 
13717:24W.2X OLW(277) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Gluck)OLW(274) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Kerr)ABV(276) AB Severn BC3:425 lengths2/3 length
13817:28Mas.B.2X RDG(271) Reading RCRAF(273) Royal Air Force RCSHV(272) Shiplake Vikings RC3:50easily2 1/2 lengths
13917:32W.Sch.4X ZCAQ(246) Loreto Toorak, Melbourne, AUSGMS(247) Great Marlow School3:252/3 length 
14017:36B2.W.J15.4X+ SHV(270) Shiplake Vikings RC (Rosi)ABV(269) AB Severn BC (Quinn)SHV(268) Shiplake Vikings RC (Gummer)3:573 1/2 lengths4 lengths
14117:40B1.W.J15.4X+ SWB(267) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolSWP(265) Sir William Perkins SchoolRDG(262) Reading RC3:331 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
14217:44B2.J14.4X+ GMS(261) Great Marlow SchoolWIN(259) Winchester College BC (Hoskins)SWB(257) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Andrea)3:332 1/2 lengths5 lengths
14317:48B1.J14.4X+ SWB(254) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Dhariwal)WIN(253) Winchester College BC (Doré Green)ABS(250) Abingdon School (Badcock)3:264 lengthsNot Rowed Out
14417:52Sch.4X ZCAO(244) St Peter’s College, New ZealandBDS(243) Bedford School2:502 1/2 lengths 
14517:56W.J15.4+ HEN(238) Henley RCBGS(240) Bedford Girls School (Wallington)BGS(237) Bedford Girls School (Lloyd)3:35easily2 lengths
14618:00J16.4+ ABS(235) Abingdon School (Jones)RAD(233) Radley College Boat Club3:043/4 length 
14718:04Op.2nd.4+ DUB(227) Durham University (Dinkele)ZCAX(230) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USADUB(232) Durham University (Young)3:041 length3/4 length
14818:08W.J14.8X SWP(224) Sir William Perkins School (Green)SWB(223) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:341 1/3 lengths 
14918:13Op.8+ ZCAS(209) Australian Defence Force, AUSZAGL(206) Green Lake Crew, USAZCAV(204) The Scots College, Australia2:401 1/4 lengths2 1/4 lengths

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