Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 7th May 2022

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Quarry Park ClubVerdict
108:30W.J16.1X40KSW(151) Kings School Worcester BCNOW(152) Northwich RCeasily
208:32W.4+56GRO(19) Grosvenor RC (Wagstaff)LAU(20) Lancaster University (McQueen)5 lengths
308:34W.J15.1X37NOW(153) Northwich RCRCH(154) Royal Chester RC (Stringfellow)4 lengths
408:36W.J15.1X34QPH(157) Queens Park High School RCRCH(158) Royal Chester RC (Robertson)4 lengths
508:38W.1X41TRT(138) Trent RCHAU(139) Harper Adams University RC2 lengths
608:40W.1X42PGN(141) Pengwern RCGRO(142) Grosvenor RC2 lengths
708:42W.1X42QPH(143) Queens Park High School RCLER(144) Leicester RC3 lengths
808:44B1.W.J14.2X44NST(96) North Staffordshire RC (Hough/Reaney)GRN(97) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
908:46B2.W.J15.2X46NOW(91) Northwich RC (Dobson/Garlick)BUL(92) Burton Leander RC3 lengths
1008:48B1.W.J15.2X48STK(86) Trentham BCGRN(87) The Grange School Hartford (Knox/Boustead)3 1/2 lengths
1108:50B1.W.J16.2X51STK(73) Trentham BCQPH(74) Queens Park High School RCeasily
1208:52B1.W.J16.2X52GRO(77) Grosvenor RCSHR(78) Royal Shrewsbury Schooleasily
1308:54J14.2X59GRN(62) The Grange School Hartford (Ball)RCH(63) Royal Chester RCNot Rowed Out
1408:56Op.4+75LAU(6) Lancaster University (Berridge)KCH(7) Kings School Chester RC (Walker)6 lengths
1508:58Op.4+75LAU(8) Lancaster University (O'Dwyer)KCH(9) Kings School Chester RC (Whittlestone)3 1/2 lengths
1609:00Op.4+76HAU(10) Harper Adams University RCKCH(11) Kings School Chester RC (Hudson)4 1/2 lengths
1709:02Op.4+76LAU(12) Lancaster University (Collinson)RUN(13) Runcorn RC1 1/2 lengths
1809:04W.J14.1X77QPH(159) Queens Park High School RC (Phillips)GRN(160) The Grange School HartfordRow Over
1909:06W.J14.1X77QPH(161) Queens Park High School RC (Hopkins)KCH(162) Kings School Chester RCeasily
2009:08W.J16.1X98GRO(148) Grosvenor RCNST(149) North Staffordshire RC (Oliver-Klucznik)easily
2109:10W.4+55GRO(14) Grosvenor RC (Webb)LAU(15) Lancaster University (Young)3 lengths
2209:12W.4+56KSW(17) Kings School Worcester BCNOW(18) Northwich RC1 1/2 lengths
2309:14W.J18.1X79RCH(146) Royal Chester RCSHR(147) Royal Shrewsbury Schooleasily
2409:16B2.J14.1X83RCH(136) Royal Chester RCLER(137) Leicester RC5 lengths
2509:18B1.J14.1X84STK(133) Trentham BCGRN(134) The Grange School Hartford (Conlon)easily
2609:20B1.J15.1X86GRN(128) The Grange School Hartford (Siddiqi)GRN(129) The Grange School Hartford (Timmons-Williams)3 lengths
2709:22B2.J16.1X88KCH(125) Kings School Chester RCCHE(126) Cheltenham CollegeNot Rowed Out
2809:24B1.J16.1X89PGN(122) Pengwern RCGRO(123) Grosvenor RC5 lengths
2909:26B2.J17.1X90RCH(117) Royal Chester RCCHE(118) Cheltenham College (Cane)easily
3009:28B2.J17.1X90NST(119) North Staffordshire RCLER(120) Leicester RC2 lengths
3109:40B1.J17.1X91GRN(115) The Grange School HartfordCHE(116) Cheltenham College (Gwilliam)easily
3209:42B2.J18.1X92KCH(112) Kings School Chester RCCHE(113) Cheltenham College (Luo)easily
3309:44B1.J18.1X93STK(109) Trentham BCRCH(110) Royal Chester RC (Fenby)easily
3409:46W.J15.1X78NST(156) North Staffordshire RCRCH(158) Royal Chester RC (Robertson)easily
3509:48B2.Op.1X94GUI(106) Guildford RCLBS(107) Loughborough Students RCeasily
3609:50B1.Op.1X95STP(103) Stourport BCSRC(104) Sudbury RC2 lengths
3709:52W.J15.1X78NOW(153) Northwich RCSTK(155) Trentham BC1 length
3809:54B2.W.J14.2X96RCH(98) Royal Chester RC (Lobato Jones/Longden)PGN(99) Pengwern RCRow Over
3909:56B2.W.J14.2X96NST(100) North Staffordshire RC (Hammonds/Whiting)RCH(101) Royal Chester RC (Cripps/Loach)easily
4009:58W.J16.1X98NST(150) North Staffordshire RC (Weston)KSW(151) Kings School Worcester BC3 1/2 lengths
4110:00W.1X81HAU(139) Harper Adams University RCRUN(140) Runcorn RC3 lengths
4210:02W.1X81PGN(141) Pengwern RCLER(144) Leicester RC2 1/2 lengths
4310:04B1.W.J14.2X97GRO(93) Grosvenor RCNST(94) North Staffordshire RC (Pettitt/Deaville)1 length
4410:06B1.W.J14.2X97QPH(95) Queens Park High School RCGRN(97) The Grange School Hartford2 1/2 lengths
4510:08B2.W.J15.2X100CHE(88) Cheltenham CollegeNST(89) North Staffordshire RC (Meakin/York)easily
4610:10B2.W.J15.2X100NST(90) North Staffordshire RC (Holland/Nixon)BUL(92) Burton Leander RC4 lengths
4710:12B1.W.J15.2X101NOW(83) Northwich RC (Lundie/Cooper)GRN(84) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy/Atkins)4 lengths
4810:14B1.W.J15.2X101QPH(85) Queens Park High School RCGRN(87) The Grange School Hartford (Knox/Boustead)4 lengths
4910:16B2.W.J16.2X103GRN(79) The Grange School HartfordCHE(80) Cheltenham College (Kwok/Neilson)DNS
5010:18B2.W.J16.2X103LER(81) Leicester RCCHE(82) Cheltenham College (Carnegie-Brown/O'Neill)Not recorded
5110:20B1.W.J16.2X104STK(73) Trentham BCPGN(75) Pengwern RC3 1/2 lengths
5210:22B1.W.J16.2X104NOW(76) Northwich RCGRO(77) Grosvenor RCeasily
5310:24W.J18.2X107PGN(69) Pengwern RCCHE(70) Cheltenham Collegeeasily
5410:26W.Mas.BCDE.2X82BUL(64) Burton Leander RC (=B)RUN(65) Runcorn RC (Ng =D)easily
5510:28W.4+80GRO(14) Grosvenor RC (Webb)GRO(16) Grosvenor RC (Hollis)4 lengths
5610:40W.4+80KSW(17) Kings School Worcester BCGRO(19) Grosvenor RC (Wagstaff)3 lengths
5710:42W.Mas.BCDE.2X82RUN(66) Runcorn RC (Thorpe =E)LBR(67) Loughborough RC (=C)Not Rowed Out
5810:44J14.2X106GRN(59) The Grange School Hartford (Brocklebank)GRO(60) Grosvenor RC4 lengths
5910:46J14.2X106STK(61) Trentham BCRCH(63) Royal Chester RCNot Rowed Out
6010:48Mas.EF.8+87GRO(2) Grosvenor RC (=E)GUI/LLA(3) GUI/LLA (=F)3 lengths
6110:50B2.J15.2X108NOW(55) Northwich RC (Medland/Finney)NST(56) North Staffordshire RCeasily
6210:52B2.J15.2X108NOW(57) Northwich RC (Donnelly/Wood)GRN(58) The Grange School Hartford (Samsudin/Laundy)easily
6310:54B1.J15.2X109GRN(51) The Grange School Hartford (Goode/Goodman)SHR(52) Royal Shrewsbury Schooleasily
6410:56B1.J15.2X109QPH(53) Queens Park High School RCSTK(54) Trentham BCeasily
6510:58B2.J16.2X110CHE(47) Cheltenham CollegeNST(48) North Staffordshire RC2 lengths
6611:00B2.J16.2X110GRO(49) Grosvenor RCKCH(50) Kings School Chester RC4 lengths
6711:02B1.J16.2X111RCH(43) Royal Chester RCQPH(44) Queens Park High School RC (Bamber/Parlevliet)3 lengths
6811:04B1.J16.2X111STK(45) Trentham BCQPH(46) Queens Park High School RC (McGrath/Kovacs)5 lengths
6911:06B2.J17.2X112GRN(41) The Grange School HartfordLER(42) Leicester RCeasily
7011:08B1.J17.2X113STK(38) Trentham BCKSW(39) Kings School Worcester BCeasily
7111:10J18.2X114KCH(35) Kings School Chester RCRCH(36) Royal Chester RCeasily
7211:12Mas.GHI.2X115GRO(32) Grosvenor RC (=H)RUN(33) Runcorn RC (=I)2 1/2 lengths
7311:14Mas.DE.2X102GRO(29) Grosvenor RC (=E)RUN(30) Runcorn RC (=D)easily
7411:16Op.4X118GRO(22) Grosvenor RCHER(23) Hereford RC2 1/2 lengths
7511:18Op.4+99LAU(6) Lancaster University (Berridge)LAU(8) Lancaster University (O'Dwyer)4 lengths
7611:20Op.4+99KCH(11) Kings School Chester RC (Hudson)LAU(12) Lancaster University (Collinson)2 lengths
7711:22W.J14.1X QPH(159) Queens Park High School RC (Phillips)KCH(162) Kings School Chester RC4 lengths
7811:24W.J15.1X STK(155) Trentham BCRCH(158) Royal Chester RC (Robertson)4 lengths
7911:26W.J18.1X CHE(145) Cheltenham CollegeRCH(146) Royal Chester RC1 1/2 lengths
8011:28W.4+ GRO(14) Grosvenor RC (Webb)KSW(17) Kings School Worcester BC3 lengths
8111:40W.1X HAU(139) Harper Adams University RCLER(144) Leicester RC3 lengths
8211:42W.Mas.BCDE.2X RUN(65) Runcorn RC (Ng =D)RUN(66) Runcorn RC (Thorpe =E)3 lengths
8311:44B2.J14.1X QPH(135) Queens Park High School RCRCH(136) Royal Chester RCeasily
8411:46B1.J14.1X GRN(132) The Grange School Hartford (Scawn)STK(133) Trentham BCNot Rowed Out
8511:48B2.J15.1X BUL(130) Burton Leander RCRCH(131) Royal Chester RC3 lengths
8611:50B1.J15.1X GRN(127) The Grange School Hartford (Farag)GRN(129) The Grange School Hartford (Timmons-Williams)4 lengths
8711:52Mas.EF.8+ LBR(1) Loughborough RC (=E)GRO(2) Grosvenor RC (=E)1 1/3 lengths
8811:54B2.J16.1X SHR(124) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKCH(125) Kings School Chester RCeasily
8911:56B1.J16.1X LER(121) Leicester RCGRO(123) Grosvenor RC3 lengths
9011:58B2.J17.1X CHE(118) Cheltenham College (Cane)NST(119) North Staffordshire RC4 lengths
9112:00B1.J17.1X STK(114) Trentham BCGRN(115) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
9212:02B2.J18.1X CHE(111) Cheltenham College (Albutt)KCH(112) Kings School Chester RCeasily
9312:04B1.J18.1X RCH(108) Royal Chester RC (Eddleston)STK(109) Trentham BCeasily
9412:06B2.Op.1X PGN(105) Pengwern RCGUI(106) Guildford RC3 feet
9512:08B1.Op.1X BEW(102) Bewdley RCSTP(103) Stourport BC1 length
9612:10B2.W.J14.2X PGN(99) Pengwern RCRCH(101) Royal Chester RC (Cripps/Loach)1 1/2 lengths
9712:12B1.W.J14.2X GRO(93) Grosvenor RCQPH(95) Queens Park High School RC4 lengths
9812:14W.J16.1X GRO(148) Grosvenor RCKSW(151) Kings School Worcester BCeasily
9912:16Op.4+ LAU(6) Lancaster University (Berridge)KCH(11) Kings School Chester RC (Hudson)3 1/2 lengths
10012:18B2.W.J15.2X NST(89) North Staffordshire RC (Meakin/York)BUL(92) Burton Leander RC2 lengths
10112:20B1.W.J15.2X NOW(83) Northwich RC (Lundie/Cooper)GRN(87) The Grange School Hartford (Knox/Boustead)3 lengths
10212:22Mas.DE.2X BUL(28) Burton Leander RC (=E)GRO(29) Grosvenor RC (=E)3 lengths
10312:24B2.W.J16.2X GRN(79) The Grange School HartfordCHE(82) Cheltenham College (Carnegie-Brown/O'Neill)
10412:26B1.W.J16.2X STK(73) Trentham BCNOW(76) Northwich RC1 length
10512:28W.J17.2X STK(71) Trentham BCGRN(72) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
10612:30J14.2X GRO(60) Grosvenor RCRCH(63) Royal Chester RC1 length
10712:32W.J18.2X NST(68) North Staffordshire RCCHE(70) Cheltenham College1 length
10812:34B2.J15.2X NOW(55) Northwich RC (Medland/Finney)GRN(58) The Grange School Hartford (Samsudin/Laundy)easily
10912:36B1.J15.2X GRN(51) The Grange School Hartford (Goode/Goodman)STK(54) Trentham BC6 lengths
11012:38B2.J16.2X NST(48) North Staffordshire RCKCH(50) Kings School Chester RC1 length
11112:40B1.J16.2X QPH(44) Queens Park High School RC (Bamber/Parlevliet)STK(45) Trentham BCeasily
11212:42B2.J17.2X GRO(40) Grosvenor RCGRN(41) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
11312:44B1.J17.2X NOW(37) Northwich RCSTK(38) Trentham BC3 lengths
11412:46J18.2X WTN(34) Warrington RCKCH(35) Kings School Chester RC2 lengths
11512:48Mas.GHI.2X PGN(31) Pengwern RC (=G)RUN(33) Runcorn RC (=I)easily
11612:50Mas.BC.2X ABN(26) Abingdon RC (=C)PGN/ARM(27) PGN/ARM (=B)Not recorded
11712:52W.J18.2- QPH(24) Queens Park High School RCSHR(25) Royal Shrewsbury Schooleasily
11812:54Op.4X LBS(21) Loughborough Students RCGRO(22) Grosvenor RCeasily
11912:56W.Mas.D.8+ NST(4) North Staffordshire RCPGN(5) Pengwern RC6 lengths
12013:00Mas.FG.1X144HER(417) Hereford RC (=F)LKL(418) Lakeland Rowing Club (=F)Row Over
12113:02Mas.EFG.4+192ROS(331) Ross RC (=E)GUI(332) Guildford RC (=G)3 1/2 lengths
12213:04W.Mas.ABC.1X147BEW(422) Bewdley RC (=B)LBR(423) Loughborough RC (=B)1 length
12313:06B2.W.J14.4X+150KSW(391) Kings School Worcester BC (Prasad)RCH(392) Royal Chester RC1 length
12413:08B2.J15.4X+152CHE(365) Cheltenham College (Mack)KSW(366) Kings School Worcester BC (Marshall)1 length
12513:10B2.J15.4X+153CHE(369) Cheltenham College (Ho)RCH(370) Royal Chester RC2 1/2 lengths
12613:12J14.4X+148KSW(371) Kings School Worcester BC (Bulbulia)GRN(372) The Grange School Hartford (Ball)1 length
12713:14J14.4X+151QPH(375) Queens Park High School RCGRN(376) The Grange School Hartford (Whiteman)1 length
12813:16W.J16.4X156KSW(358) Kings School Worcester BCPGN(359) Pengwern RC1 length
12913:18Mas.FG.1X171LBR(414) Loughborough RC (=F)STP(415) Stourport BC (=F)easily
13013:20Mas.DE.1X169LBR(412) Loughborough RC (=E)SHR(413) Royal Shrewsbury School (=D)1 length
13113:22B2.W.2X170GRO(406) Grosvenor RCSTP(407) Stourport BC6 lengths
13213:24B2.Op.2X174TRT(399) Trent RCLBS(400) Loughborough Students RC1 length
13313:26B2.Op.2X174HAU(401) Harper Adams University RCBRI(402) Bridgnorth RCeasily
13413:28B1.Op.2X175WTN(397) Warrington RCGRO(398) Grosvenor RC2 1/2 lengths
13513:30B1.W.J14.4X+177QPH(384) Queens Park High School RCSTK(385) Trentham BCNot recorded
13613:32B1.W.J14.4X+177NST(386) North Staffordshire RC (Hammonds)KCH(387) Kings School Chester RC (Walker)6 lengths
13713:34Op.2-176SHR(394) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKCH(395) Kings School Chester RCeasily
13813:36B2.W.J15.4X+178NST(382) North Staffordshire RCKSW(383) Kings School Worcester BC (Evans)1/2 length
13913:38W.Mas.DF.1X159RUN(425) Runcorn RC (Ng =D)LKL(426) Lakeland Rowing Club (=D)4 lengths
14013:40B1.W.J15.4X+179STK(377) Trentham BCGRN(378) The Grange School Hartford (Knox)1 length
14113:42B1.W.J15.4X+179GRN(379) The Grange School Hartford (Gerrard)NOW(380) Northwich RC6 lengths
14213:44W.J18.4X172STK(351) Trentham BCNOW(352) Northwich RC (Kendall)2 lengths
14313:56W.J18.4X172PGN(353) Pengwern RCNOW(354) Northwich RC (Smyth)easily
14413:58Mas.FG.1X171PGN(416) Pengwern RC (=G)LKL(418) Lakeland Rowing Club (=F)4 lengths
14514:00Mas.EFG.4+192PGN(329) Pengwern RC (=E)GRO(330) Grosvenor RC (=F)3 1/2 lengths
14614:02W.Mas.ABC.1X168NOW(419) Northwich RC (=C)PGN(420) Pengwern RC (=A)easily
14714:04W.Mas.ABC.1X168GRO(421) Grosvenor RC (=B)LBR(423) Loughborough RC (=B)1 length
14814:06J14.4X+180GRN(372) The Grange School Hartford (Ball)KCH(373) Kings School Chester RCeasily
14914:08B2.W.J14.4X+189KCH(388) Kings School Chester RC (Kustos)KSW(389) Kings School Worcester BC (Da Silva)1 length
15014:10B2.W.J14.4X+189NST(390) North Staffordshire RC (Thompson)RCH(392) Royal Chester RCeasily
15114:12J14.4X+180KSW(374) Kings School Worcester BC (Mayilvahanar)QPH(375) Queens Park High School RC2 lengths
15214:14B2.J15.4X+181KSW(366) Kings School Worcester BC (Marshall)CHE(367) Cheltenham College (Streatfield)1 length
15314:16B2.J15.4X+181KSW(368) Kings School Worcester BC (Lavarack)RCH(370) Royal Chester RC3 lengths
15414:18B1.J15.4X+182STK(363) Trentham BCGRN(364) The Grange School Hartford1 length
15514:20W.J16.4X184QPH(355) Queens Park High School RCGRN(356) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
15614:22W.J16.4X184NST(357) North Staffordshire RCKSW(358) Kings School Worcester BC4 lengths
15714:24W.Mas.BCE.4X185LBR(349) Loughborough RC (=E)BUL(350) Burton Leander RC (=B).1 length
15814:26J18.4X190CHE(342) Cheltenham CollegeRCH(343) Royal Chester RC2 1/2 lengths
15914:28W.Mas.DF.1X RUN(424) Runcorn RC (Sljivic =F)LKL(426) Lakeland Rowing Club (=D)4 lengths
16014:40Mas.EFG.4X191ABN(337) Abingdon RC (=G)GRO(338) Grosvenor RC (=G)easily
16114:42Mas.EFG.4X191LBR(339) Loughborough RC (=E)GUI/LLA(340) GUI/LLA (=F)4 lengths
16214:44J14.8X198KCH(319) Kings School Chester RC (Byatt)KCH(320) Kings School Chester RC (Paul)4 lengths
16314:46J14.8X198KCH(321) Kings School Chester RC (Wells)NST(322) North Staffordshire RCeasily
16414:48W.8+201LAU(311) Lancaster University (Prendergast)NOW(312) Northwich RCeasily
16514:50W.8+201SHR(313) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolLAU(314) Lancaster University (Young)4 lengths
16614:52Op.8+206LAU(301) Lancaster University (Berridge)SHR(302) Royal Shrewsbury School1 length
16714:54Op.8+206LAU(303) Lancaster University (Hunnings)KCH(304) Kings School Chester RC1 1/4 lengths
16814:56W.Mas.ABC.1X NOW(419) Northwich RC (=C)GRO(421) Grosvenor RC (=B)3 lengths
16914:58Mas.DE.1X RUN(411) Runcorn RC (=D)LBR(412) Loughborough RC (=E)easily
17015:00B2.W.2X LBS(405) Loughborough Students RCGRO(406) Grosvenor RCeasily
17115:02Mas.FG.1X STP(415) Stourport BC (=F)LKL(418) Lakeland Rowing Club (=F)2 lengths
17215:04W.J18.4X STK(351) Trentham BCNOW(354) Northwich RC (Smyth)3 lengths
17315:06B1.W.2X TRT/BUL(403) TRT/BULSRC(404) Sudbury RC2 1/2 lengths
17415:08B2.Op.2X TRT(399) Trent RCHAU(401) Harper Adams University RC5 lengths
17515:10B1.Op.2X STP(396) Stourport BCWTN(397) Warrington RC3 lengths
17615:12Op.2- GRO(393) Grosvenor RCKCH(395) Kings School Chester RCRow Over
17715:14B1.W.J14.4X+ STK(385) Trentham BCNST(386) North Staffordshire RC (Hammonds)easily
17815:26B2.W.J15.4X+ KSW(381) Kings School Worcester BC (Cartwright)KSW(383) Kings School Worcester BC (Evans)1/2 length
17915:28B1.W.J15.4X+ STK(377) Trentham BCNOW(380) Northwich RC5 lengths
18015:30J14.4X+ GRN(372) The Grange School Hartford (Ball)QPH(375) Queens Park High School RCeasily
18115:32B2.J15.4X+ KSW(366) Kings School Worcester BC (Marshall)RCH(370) Royal Chester RC3 lengths
18215:34B1.J15.4X+ NOW(362) Northwich RCSTK(363) Trentham BC3 lengths
18315:36W.J15.4X LER(360) Leicester RCQPH(361) Queens Park High School RCeasily
18415:38W.J16.4X QPH(355) Queens Park High School RCKSW(358) Kings School Worcester BC3 lengths
18515:40W.Mas.BCE.4X LER(348) Leicester RC (=C)LBR(349) Loughborough RC (=E)4 lengths
18615:42J16.4X QPH(346) Queens Park High School RCKSW(347) Kings School Worcester BC4 lengths
18715:44Mx.Mas.DE.2X203LKL(409) Lakeland Rowing Club (=E)GRO(410) Grosvenor RC (=E)1 length
18815:46J17.4X GRN(344) The Grange School HartfordSTK(345) Trentham BCeasily
18915:48B2.W.J14.4X+ KSW(389) Kings School Worcester BC (Da Silva)RCH(392) Royal Chester RC5 lengths
19015:50J18.4X KCH(341) Kings School Chester RCCHE(342) Cheltenham College3/4 length
19115:52Mas.EFG.4X GRO(338) Grosvenor RC (=G)GUI/LLA(340) GUI/LLA (=F)easily
19215:54Mas.EFG.4+ PGN(329) Pengwern RC (=E)ROS(331) Ross RC (=E)2 lengths
19315:56W.J15.4+ KCH(335) Kings School Chester RCSTK(336) Trentham BCeasily
19415:58J18.4+ RCH(333) Royal Chester RCKSW(334) Kings School Worcester BC3 lengths
19516:10Mas.BD.4+ PGN(327) Pengwern RC (=D)RUN(328) Runcorn RC (=B)1 length
19616:12B2.W.J14.8X KCH(325) Kings School Chester RC (Greenhill)KCH(326) Kings School Chester RC (Pinnington)Row Over
19716:14B1.W.J14.8X GRN(323) The Grange School Hartford (Vallance)GRN(324) The Grange School Hartford (Povey)Row Over
19816:16J14.8X KCH(320) Kings School Chester RC (Paul)NST(322) North Staffordshire RC1 1/2 lengths
19916:18Mx.Mas.DE.8+ NST(317) North Staffordshire RC (=E)PGN(318) Pengwern RC (=D)3 lengths
20016:20W.J15.8+ SHR(315) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKCH(316) Kings School Chester RC3/4 length
20116:22W.8+ NOW(312) Northwich RCSHR(313) Royal Shrewsbury School1/2 length
20216:24J15.8+ KCH(309) Kings School Chester RCSHR(310) Royal Shrewsbury Schooleasily
20316:26Mx.Mas.DE.2X RUN(408) Runcorn RC (=D)LKL(409) Lakeland Rowing Club (=E)3 lengths
20416:28J16.8+ KCH(307) Kings School Chester RCSHR(308) Royal Shrewsbury Schooleasily
20516:30J17.8+ SHR(305) Royal Shrewsbury School (Graham)SHR(306) Royal Shrewsbury School (Potter)1 foot
20616:32Op.8+ SHR(302) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKCH(304) Kings School Chester RC6 feet