Star Regatta

Saturday 11th June 2022

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentVerdict
108:30W.J15.4X+27OUN(105) Oundle School BC (Jasinarachchi)BMS(106) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
208:34W.J15.4X+27KSE(103) King's School Ely BC (Garrod)OUN(104) Oundle School BC (Lawson)easily
308:38J14.B.4X+50HAM(97) Hampton School (Hoeffken)OUN(98) Oundle School BCeasily
408:42J14.4X+36BDS(92) Bedford SchoolHAM(93) Hampton School4 lengths
508:46W.J16.2X26KSE(147) King's School Ely BC (Haydn-Slater)STA(148) Star Club2 lengths
608:50W.J17.1X37BED(190) Bedford Rowing ClubOUN(191) Oundle School BCeasily
708:54W.J17.1X39STA(194) Star Club (Boulton)STA(195) Star Club (Glennie)3 lengths
808:58J15.1X46KSE(181) King's School Ely BC (Good)NSC(182) Norwich School (Baker)easily
909:02W.J15.B.2X51KSE(159) King's School Ely BC (Nathan)BED(160) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
1009:06W.J15.B.2X45NSC(163) Norwich SchoolSTA(164) Star Club2 lengths
1109:10J14.B.8X98BMS(29) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(31) Bedford School (Basquielle)easily
1209:14W.J16.2X30KSE(151) King's School Ely BC (Boutwood)BED(152) Bedford Rowing Club4 1/2 lengths
1309:18W.J15.2X54KSE(153) King's School Ely BC (Mavin)BMS(154) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
1409:22J15.4+72HAM(55) Hampton School (Hinchcliffe)BMS(52) Bedford Modern School4 lengths
1509:26J14.8X25DUL(25) Dulwich CollegeHAM(26) Hampton School4 lengths
1609:30W.J16.1X89STA(197) Star Club (Oliver Beechener)STA(198) Star Club (Wiles)2 1/2 lengths
1709:34W.J17.2X57NSC(141) Norwich SchoolSTA(142) Star Club (White)1/2 length
1809:38W.J15.2X56BGS(157) Bedford Girls SchoolKSE(158) King's School Ely BC (Biggs)3 1/2 lengths
1909:42W.J15.4X+81SYD(99) Sydenham High SchoolBGS(100) Bedford Girls School (Yuvaraj)easily
2009:46J15.8+145NSC(8) Norwich SchoolBDS(9) Bedford School2 1/2 lengths
2109:50W.J14.1X93STA(205) Star ClubNSC(206) Norwich School (Booth)easily
2209:54B2.Op.4+106NGU(44) Nottingham UniversityBED(45) Bedford Rowing Club (Walsh)4 lengths
2309:58W.J17.2X58STA(145) Star Club (Young)BGS(146) Bedford Girls School4 lengths
2410:02W.J15.4X+81KSE(101) King's School Ely BC (Kittoe)BGS(102) Bedford Girls School (Cook)DNS
2510:06J14.8X66BMS(24) Bedford Modern SchoolHAM(26) Hampton School3 lengths
2610:10W.J16.2X109STA(148) Star ClubBMS(149) Bedford Modern SchoolNot Rowed Out
2710:14W.J15.4X+91KSE(103) King's School Ely BC (Garrod)BMS(106) Bedford Modern School4 lengths
2810:18J14.B.4X+110NSC(94) Norwich SchoolBDS(95) Bedford Schooleasily
2910:22B1.Op.4+48UEA(39) University of East Anglia (Leverage)HAM(40) Hampton SchoolDNS
3010:26W.J16.2X109OUN(150) Oundle School BCKSE(151) King's School Ely BC (Boutwood)Not Rowed Out
3110:30J17.1X119NSC(173) Norwich SchoolSTA(174) Star Club (Horton)2 1/2 lengths
3210:34B2.Op.1X99BED(170) Bedford Rowing Club (Guerin)NSC(171) Norwich School (Bowyer)3 1/2 lengths
15210:38J15.B.8+133BDS(10) Bedford School (Walker)HAM(16) Hampton Schooleasily
3410:42J15.8+115DUL(13) Dulwich CollegeBMS(14) Bedford Modern School2 1/2 lengths
3510:46W.J15.B.1X116NSC(202) Norwich School (Osborne)BED(203) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
3610:50J14.4X+138BMS(91) Bedford Modern SchoolHAM(93) Hampton School4 lengths
3710:54W.J17.1X73BED(190) Bedford Rowing ClubBGS(192) Bedford Girls School4 lengths
3810:58J16.1X67NSC(176) Norwich School (Conway)BED(177) Bedford Rowing Club2 1/4 lengths
3911:02W.J17.1X73STA(193) Star Club (Andrews)STA(195) Star Club (Glennie)4 1/2 lengths
4011:06J14.1X80NSC(186) Norwich School (Stone)NSC(187) Norwich School (Yat Hei Chan)Not Rowed Out
4111:10J15.1X122NSC(178) Norwich School (Doylend)KSE(179) King's School Ely BC (Flatman)DNS
4611:11J15.1X122KSE(180) King's School Ely BC (Standley)NSC(182) Norwich School (Baker)DNS
4211:14W.J14.B.4X+125NSC(111) Norwich SchoolOUN(112) Oundle School BC (Crane)2 1/2 lengths
12211:15J15.1X NSC(178) Norwich School (Doylend)NSC(182) Norwich School (Baker)2 1/2 lengths
4311:18W.J16.4X77BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolBGS(83) Bedford Girls School (Partridge)1 length
4411:22J16.4X90HAM(71) Hampton SchoolOUN(72) Oundle School BCeasily
4511:26W.J15.B.2X111BMS(162) Bedford Modern SchoolSTA(164) Star Club2 1/2 lengths
4711:34B2.Op.1X99NSC(168) Norwich School (Lerner)NSC(169) Norwich School (Blackham)DNS
4811:38B1.Op.4+108NSC(38) Norwich School (Carter)HAM(40) Hampton Schoola canvas
4911:42J15.4X+117STA(87) Star ClubOUN(88) Oundle School BC3 lengths
5011:46J14.B.4X+110HAM(96) Hampton School (Boyd)HAM(97) Hampton School (Hoeffken)2 1/2 lengths
5111:50W.J15.B.2X111BED(160) Bedford Rowing ClubKSE(161) King's School Ely BC (Mavin)easily
5211:54J14.8X66NSC(22) Norwich SchoolBDS(23) Bedford School3 lengths
5311:58B1.Op.1X123BED(166) Bedford Rowing Club (Rennie)NGU(167) Nottingham Universityeasily
5412:02W.J15.2X114BMS(154) Bedford Modern SchoolNOR(155) Norwich RC1 length
5512:06J16.8+ HAM(6) Hampton SchoolBDS(7) Bedford School1 1/2 lengths
5612:10W.J15.2X114NSC(156) Norwich SchoolKSE(158) King's School Ely BC (Biggs)2 1/2 lengths
5712:14W.J17.2X71STA(142) Star Club (White)KSE(143) King's School Ely BCeasily
5812:18W.J17.2X71BMS(144) Bedford Modern SchoolBGS(146) Bedford Girls School3 1/2 lengths
5912:22Op.2X95BDS(122) Bedford SchoolNSC(123) Norwich School (Francis)4 lengths
6012:26Mx.4X OUN(84) Oundle School BCSTA(85) Star Club3/4 length
6112:30W.J18.2X88BGS(139) Bedford Girls School (Wallington)BMS(140) Bedford Modern School3 1/2 lengths
6212:34W.2X124STA(134) Star ClubBGS(135) Bedford Girls School1 length
6312:38J15.B.2X107DUL(129) Dulwich CollegeNSC(130) Norwich SchoolRow Over
6412:42W.J14.4X+126STA(108) Star ClubBMS(109) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
6512:46J15.B.2X107BED(131) Bedford Rowing ClubSTA(132) Star Club2 1/2 lengths
6612:50J14.8X BDS(23) Bedford SchoolHAM(26) Hampton School1/2 length
6712:54J16.1X NSC(175) Norwich School (Lerner)NSC(176) Norwich School (Conway)easily
6812:58J16.2-101BDS(117) Bedford School (Black)BDS(118) Bedford School (McCutcheon)1 1/2 lengths
6913:02J15.2X129DUL(127) Dulwich CollegeKSE(128) King's School Ely BCeasily
7013:06W.4X103NGU(75) Nottingham University (Briggs)NGU(76) Nottingham University (Thompson)easily
7113:10W.J17.2X STA(142) Star Club (White)BGS(146) Bedford Girls Schoola canvas
7213:14J15.4+131NSC(54) Norwich SchoolBMS(52) Bedford Modern School3/4 length
7313:18W.J17.1X BED(190) Bedford Rowing ClubSTA(195) Star Club (Glennie)easily
7413:22W.J16.4X135STA(79) Star Club (Lowe)BGS(80) Bedford Girls School (Markham)easily
7513:26J16.2-101BDS(119) Bedford School (Lock)BDS(120) Bedford School (Williams)3 lengths
7613:30J15.B.4+132NSC(58) Norwich SchoolOUN(59) Oundle School BC1 1/2 lengths
7713:34W.J16.4X135STA(81) Star Club (Wood)BMS(82) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
7813:38W.J15.8+141BMS(20) Bedford Modern SchoolBGS(21) Bedford Girls School (Ibbott)easily
7913:42W.4X103BMS(73) Bedford Modern SchoolBED(74) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
8013:46J14.1X BED(185) Bedford Rowing ClubNSC(186) Norwich School (Stone)easily
8113:50W.J15.4X+91BGS(100) Bedford Girls School (Yuvaraj)KSE(101) King's School Ely BC (Kittoe)1/2 length
8213:54J16.2X BDS(124) Bedford SchoolBED(125) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
8313:58W.4+139NGU(60) Nottingham University (Francis)BGS(61) Bedford Girls Schooleasily
8414:02J16.4+142BMS(50) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(51) Bedford School (Lock)1 1/4 lengths
15314:06J15.B.8+147BDS(11) Bedford School (Verwoert)OUN(15) Oundle School BC4 lengths
8614:10W.J17.4X STA(77) Star ClubOUN(78) Oundle School BC3 1/2 lengths
8714:14J14.4X+138KSE(89) King's School Ely BCDUL(90) Dulwich College3 lengths
12814:15W.Mas.D.2X BED(136) Bedford Rowing ClubBED/STA(137) Bedford/Stareasily
8814:18W.J18.2X BGS(138) Bedford Girls School (Hine)BMS(140) Bedford Modern School5 lengths
8914:22W.J16.1X BMS(196) Bedford Modern SchoolSTA(197) Star Club (Oliver Beechener)easily
9014:26J16.4X KSE(70) King's School Ely BCOUN(72) Oundle School BCeasily
9114:30W.J15.4X+ KSE(101) King's School Ely BC (Kittoe)BMS(106) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
9214:34W.4+139UEA(62) University of East AngliaNGU(63) Nottingham University (Briggs)DNS
9314:38W.J14.1X NSC(204) Norwich School (Hemmant)STA(205) Star ClubNot Rowed Out
9414:42B1.Op.8+151BDS(1) Bedford SchoolNGU(5) Nottingham University2 1/3 lengths
9514:46Op.2X NSC(121) Norwich School (Carter)NSC(123) Norwich School (Francis)easily
9614:50J16.4+142HAM(48) Hampton SchoolBDS(49) Bedford School (Pollen-Brooks)4 1/2 lengths
9714:54B1.Op.4+108UEA(36) University of East Anglia (Jones)BDS(37) Bedford SchoolDNS
9814:58J14.B.8X146BDS(30) Bedford School (Yu)BDS(31) Bedford School (Basquielle)easily
9915:02B2.Op.1X NSC(168) Norwich School (Lerner)NSC(171) Norwich School (Bowyer)4 lengths
10015:06J14.B.8X146HAM(27) Hampton SchoolBDS(28) Bedford School (Deardon)3 1/2 lengths
10115:10J16.2- BDS(118) Bedford School (McCutcheon)BDS(120) Bedford School (Williams)2 1/2 lengths
10215:14J14.B.1X NSC(188) Norwich School (Irvine)NSC(189) Norwich School (Wilkins)5 lengths
10315:18W.4X BMS(73) Bedford Modern SchoolNGU(76) Nottingham University (Thompson)4 lengths
10415:22J15.4+131HAM(56) Hampton School (Le Bougeant)DUL(53) Dulwich College3 lengths
10515:26B2.Op.4+121NSC(41) Norwich School (Karlson Evans)UEA(42) University of East Anglia (Gair)DNS
10615:30B2.Op.4+121BED(43) Bedford Rowing Club (Rankin)NGU(44) Nottingham Universityeasily
10715:34J15.B.2X NSC(130) Norwich SchoolBED(131) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
10815:38B1.Op.4+ BDS(37) Bedford SchoolNSC(38) Norwich School (Carter)3 1/2 lengths
10915:42W.J16.2X STA(148) Star ClubOUN(150) Oundle School BC1 1/4 lengths
11815:45W.J15.1X NSC(199) Norwich School (Murray)NSC(200) Norwich School (Gregory)4 1/2 lengths
11015:46J14.B.4X+ BDS(95) Bedford SchoolHAM(97) Hampton School (Hoeffken)4 1/2 lengths
11115:50W.J15.B.2X BED(160) Bedford Rowing ClubSTA(164) Star Club1 1/2 lengths
11215:54W.J15.8+141SYD(18) Sydenham High SchoolBGS(19) Bedford Girls School (Peck)easily
11315:58J15.B.8+147DUL(17) Dulwich CollegeHAM(16) Hampton Schooleasily
11416:02W.J15.2X NOR(155) Norwich RCNSC(156) Norwich School3 lengths
11516:06J15.8+145HAM(12) Hampton SchoolBMS(14) Bedford Modern School1 length
11616:10W.J15.B.1X NSC(201) Norwich School (Garvey)BED(203) Bedford Rowing ClubNot Rowed Out
11716:14J15.4X+ KSE(86) King's School Ely BCOUN(88) Oundle School BCDNS
11916:22J17.1X STA(172) Star Club (Nicholson)NSC(173) Norwich School4 lengths
12016:26J15.B.1X NSC(183) Norwich SchoolSTA(184) Star Club2 lengths
12116:30B2.Op.4+ NSC(41) Norwich School (Karlson Evans)NGU(44) Nottingham Universityeasily
12316:38B1.Op.1X BED(165) Bedford Rowing Club (Farley)NGU(167) Nottingham University3 lengths
12416:42W.2X NSC(133) Norwich SchoolSTA(134) Star Club4 lengths
12516:46W.J14.B.4X+ OUN(110) Oundle School BC (Sullivan)NSC(111) Norwich SchoolNot Rowed Out
12616:50W.J14.4X+ KSE(107) King's School Ely BCSTA(108) Star Clubeasily
12716:54W.J15.8X BMS(32) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(33) Norwich Schooleasily
12917:02J15.2X NSC(126) Norwich SchoolDUL(127) Dulwich College4 lengths
13017:06B1.Op.8+151HAM(2) Hampton SchoolBMS(3) Bedford Modern School1/3 length
13117:10J15.4+ HAM(56) Hampton School (Le Bougeant)NSC(54) Norwich School4 lengths
13217:14J15.B.4+ BMS(57) Bedford Modern SchoolOUN(59) Oundle School BC3 1/2 lengths
13317:18J17.2- NSC(115) Norwich SchoolSTA(116) Star Clubeasily
13417:22Op.4X KSE(66) King's School Ely BCOUN(67) Oundle School BCeasily
13517:26W.J16.4X STA(79) Star Club (Lowe)BMS(82) Bedford Modern School5 lengths
13617:30Op.2- BED(113) Bedford Rowing ClubBDS(114) Bedford SchoolRow Over
13717:34W.J14.8X BMS(34) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(35) Norwich School4 lengths
13817:38J14.4X+ KSE(89) King's School Ely BCHAM(93) Hampton SchoolNot Rowed Out
13917:42W.4+ BGS(61) Bedford Girls SchoolNGU(63) Nottingham University (Briggs)1 1/2 lengths
14017:46J18.4+ BMS(46) Bedford Modern SchoolHAM(47) Hampton School1 length
14117:50W.J15.8+ BGS(19) Bedford Girls School (Peck)BMS(20) Bedford Modern School4 lengths
14217:54J16.4+ HAM(48) Hampton SchoolBMS(50) Bedford Modern School4 lengths
14317:58J17.4X NSC(68) Norwich SchoolOUN(69) Oundle School BC5 lengths
14418:02W.J17.4+ BGS(64) Bedford Girls SchoolJAG(65) James Allen's Girl's School BC1 length
14518:06J15.8+ BDS(9) Bedford SchoolHAM(12) Hampton School2 lengths
14618:10J14.B.8X BDS(28) Bedford School (Deardon)BDS(30) Bedford School (Yu)3/4 length
14718:14J15.B.8+ BDS(11) Bedford School (Verwoert)HAM(16) Hampton School1 length
15118:18B1.Op.8+ BDS(1) Bedford SchoolHAM(2) Hampton School1 length