St Neots Regatta

Saturday 22nd July 2023

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
10108:30J16.1X116SRC(166) Sudbury RC (Fildes)PET(167) Peterborough City2 lengths
10208:33J16.1X117MAV(170) Maidstone Invicta RC (Howard)SRC(171) Sudbury RC (Senthil)easily
10308:36J17.1X119BED(164) Bedford Rowing ClubDBY(165) Derby RCeasily
10408:39Op.B.1X120LEE(155) Leeds RC (Lopez Dittmar)LEE(156) Leeds RC (Jackson)2 lengths
10508:42Op.B.1X121BRX(159) Broxbourne RCDBY(160) Derby RCeasily
10608:45Op.A.1X123DOS(153) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationLEE(154) Leeds RC (Broderick)easily
10708:48B2.W.8+125JEC(107) Jesus College, CambridgeMIK(108) Milton Keynes RC1 1/2 lengths
10808:51B2.W.2X130GLB(138) Globe RCSNE(139) St Neots RCeasily
10908:54B2.W.2X130SBR(140) South Broads RCDBY(141) Derby RC (Perrin/Naylor)easily
11008:57B2.W.2X131NOR(142) Norwich RCDBY(143) Derby RC (Burt/Scott)easily
11109:03B2.W.2X131MAV(144) Maidstone Invicta RC (Wright/Blackie)LER(145) Leicester RCNot Rowed Out
11209:06Mas.FGH.4X139DON(125) Doncaster RC (=F)NWK/HOL(126) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)easily
11309:09Op.4+143GLB(112) Globe RCNOR(113) Norwich RCDNS
11409:12W.J18.1X145NCR(172) Notts County Rowing AssociationLER(173) Leicester RCeasily
11509:15W.J18.1X145MAV(174) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(175) Peterborough Cityeasily
11609:18J16.1X146PET(167) Peterborough CityMAV(168) Maidstone Invicta RC (Warne)easily
11709:21J16.1X146LER(169) Leicester RCSRC(171) Sudbury RC (Senthil)1 length
11809:24J17.1X147SNE(161) St Neots RC (Hannah)PET(162) Peterborough Cityeasily
11909:27J17.1X147SNE(163) St Neots RC (Putintsev)BED(164) Bedford Rowing Club4 lengths
12009:33Op.B.1X149LEE(155) Leeds RC (Lopez Dittmar)SRC(157) Sudbury RC2 lengths
12109:36Op.B.1X149STA(158) Star Club (Elder)DBY(160) Derby RCeasily
12209:39Op.A.1X150PET(150) Peterborough CityLEE(151) Leeds RC (Parry)easily
12309:42Op.A.1X150STA(152) Star Club (Sharp)DOS(153) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1/2 length
12409:45B2.W.8+144PET(104) Peterborough CityBRX(105) Broxbourne RC (Reilly)4 lengths
12509:48B2.W.8+144LEA(106) Lea Rowing ClubJEC(107) Jesus College, Cambridgeeasily
12609:51W.Mas.DEF.4X148BRX(127) Broxbourne RC (=D)NTN(128) Northampton RC (=D)easily
12709:54W.Mas.DEF.4X148LER/CSH/XPR(129) Leicester/Sheffield/X Press (=F)MAV(130) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)4 lengths
12809:57W.J16.2X152DBY(146) Derby RCPET(147) Peterborough Cityeasily
12910:03W.J16.2X152SNE(148) St Neots RCMAV(149) Maidstone Invicta RC1 length
13010:06B2.W.2X154SNE(139) St Neots RCDBY(141) Derby RC (Perrin/Naylor)4 lengths
13110:09B2.W.2X154DBY(143) Derby RC (Burt/Scott)LER(145) Leicester RC4 lengths
13210:12B1.W.2X155PET(136) Peterborough CityMAV(137) Maidstone Invicta RC (Isted/O'Brien)2 lengths
13310:15Mas.DE.4X151MAV(118) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)NOR(119) Norwich RC (=E)3 lengths
13410:18Mas.DE.4X151DON(120) Doncaster RC (=D)YAR(121) Yare RC (=D)easily
13510:21J18.2X156MAV(131) Maidstone Invicta RC (Mallet)PET(132) Peterborough City4 lengths
13610:24J18.2X156DEB(133) Deben RCMAV(134) Maidstone Invicta RC (Dixon)easily
13710:27B1.W.8+153BRX(102) Broxbourne RC (Wallace)DBY/SNE(103) Derby/St Neots1 length
13810:33Mas.FGH.4X157PET(122) Peterborough City (=G)NOR/TYN(123) Norwich/Tyne (=H)easily
13910:36Mas.FGH.4X157MAV(124) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)NWK/HOL(126) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)1 1/2 lengths
14010:39Mas.BC.4X158LOT(114) London Otters RC (Leslie =B)LOT(115) London Otters RC (Zerk =B)easily
14110:42Mas.BC.4X158MED(116) Medway Towns RC (=C)LOT(117) London Otters RC (Wilson =B)easily
14210:45Op.4+159SRC(109) Sudbury RCYAR(110) Yare RCeasily
14310:48Op.4+159LEA(111) Lea Rowing ClubNOR(113) Norwich RCeasily
14410:51B2.W.8+ PET(104) Peterborough CityJEC(107) Jesus College, Cambridge1 1/2 lengths
14510:54W.J18.1X NCR(172) Notts County Rowing AssociationPET(175) Peterborough Cityeasily
14610:57J16.1X PET(167) Peterborough CityLER(169) Leicester RC1 1/2 lengths
14711:03J17.1X PET(162) Peterborough CityBED(164) Bedford Rowing Club3 1/2 lengths
14811:06W.Mas.DEF.4X BRX(127) Broxbourne RC (=D)LER/CSH/XPR(129) Leicester/Sheffield/X Press (=F)easily
14911:09Op.B.1X SRC(157) Sudbury RCDBY(160) Derby RCeasily
15011:12Op.A.1X PET(150) Peterborough CityDOS(153) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association2 1/2 lengths
15111:15Mas.DE.4X NOR(119) Norwich RC (=E)YAR(121) Yare RC (=D)2 1/4 lengths
15211:18W.J16.2X PET(147) Peterborough CityMAV(149) Maidstone Invicta RC2 lengths
15311:21B1.W.8+ STA(101) Star ClubDBY/SNE(103) Derby/St Neots3/4 length
15411:24B2.W.2X SNE(139) St Neots RCDBY(143) Derby RC (Burt/Scott)3 lengths
15511:27B1.W.2X DOS(135) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationMAV(137) Maidstone Invicta RC (Isted/O'Brien)easily
15611:33J18.2X PET(132) Peterborough CityMAV(134) Maidstone Invicta RC (Dixon)2 lengths
15711:36Mas.FGH.4X NOR/TYN(123) Norwich/Tyne (=H)NWK/HOL(126) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)5 lengths
15811:39Mas.BC.4X LOT(115) London Otters RC (Zerk =B)MED(116) Medway Towns RC (=C)easily
15911:42Op.4+ SRC(109) Sudbury RCNOR(113) Norwich RCeasily
20111:50W.4X216GLB(222) Globe RC (Cornwell)MIK(223) Milton Keynes RCeasily
20211:53W.Mas.DEF.1X218MAV(257) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)ANC(258) Ancholme RC (=E)4 lengths
20311:56Mas.EFG.1X222HLS(249) Hollowell Scullers (=E)HOL(250) Hollingworth Lake RC (=E)No Race
20411:59Mas.BCD.1X220SBR(244) South Broads RC (=B)BRX(245) Broxbourne RC (Morton =B)3 lengths
20512:05J18.1X236DOS(252) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationBED(253) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
20612:08B3.Mx.2X224LEE(235) Leeds RC (Beaumont/Grange)NTN(236) Northampton RCeasily
20712:11B3.Mx.2X225NOR(239) Norwich RCSRC(240) Sudbury RC (Bassett/Bryant)1 1/2 lengths
20812:14B2.Mx.2X240LEE(231) Leeds RC (Parry/Clephan)DBY(232) Derby RC (Maine/Nutkins)3 lengths
20912:17B2.Mx.2X240DBY(233) Derby RC (Gauler/Mountford)DOS(234) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Barnes/Barnes)1 length
21012:20Op.4X228BRX(209) Broxbourne RCSNE(210) St Neots RC3 1/2 lengths
21112:23Op.4X229BED(213) Bedford Rowing ClubLEE(214) Leeds RC1/3 length
21212:26Mx.8+232LOT(204) London Otters RCMIK(205) Milton Keynes RC1 1/2 lengths
21312:29W.4X230NTN(215) Northampton RCMAV(216) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
21412:35W.4X230DBY(217) Derby RCGLB(218) Globe RC (Dempster)1 foot
21512:38W.4X231GLB(219) Globe RC (Lane)LER(220) Leicester RC2 1/2 lengths
21612:41W.4X231LEE(221) Leeds RCMIK(223) Milton Keynes RC1 1/2 lengths
21712:44W.Mas.DEF.1X235GLB(254) Globe RC (=F)BBL(255) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=D)easily
21812:47W.Mas.DEF.1X235STA(256) Star Club (=E)MAV(257) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)easily
21912:50Mas.BCD.1X238MAV(241) Maidstone Invicta RC (=D)BRX(242) Broxbourne RC (Wyer =C)easily
22012:53Mas.BCD.1X238NOR(243) Norwich RC (=D)BRX(245) Broxbourne RC (Morton =B)1 length
22112:56Mas.EFG.1X237MAV(246) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)STA(247) Star Club (=G)1/4 length
22212:59Mas.EFG.1X237DEB(248) Deben RC (=F)HOL(250) Hollingworth Lake RC (=E)4 lengths
22313:05Op.2-242NTN(225) Northampton RCSRC(226) Sudbury RC3 1/2 lengths
22413:08B3.Mx.2X239LEE(235) Leeds RC (Beaumont/Grange)SRC(237) Sudbury RC (Hurd/Flynn)a canvas
22513:11B3.Mx.2X239MIK(238) Milton Keynes RCNOR(239) Norwich RC3 lengths
22613:14B1.Mx.2X241PET(227) Peterborough City (Ryder/Tasker)STA(228) Star Club1 1/4 lengths
22713:17B1.Mx.2X241DOS(229) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Hague/Colodi)PET(230) Peterborough City (Bicknell/Bosma)easily
22813:20Op.4X244SNE(210) St Neots RCDBY/LCN(211) Derby/Lincoln3 1/2 lengths
22913:23Op.4X244MAV(212) Maidstone Invicta RCBED(213) Bedford Rowing Club1 1/2 lengths
23013:26W.4X243MAV(216) Maidstone Invicta RCGLB(218) Globe RC (Dempster)1 1/2 lengths
23113:29W.4X243LER(220) Leicester RCMIK(223) Milton Keynes RCa canvas
23213:35Mx.8+245LEA(203) Lea Rowing ClubMIK(205) Milton Keynes RC1/4 length
23313:38Mx.8+245NOR(201) Norwich RCNTN(202) Northampton RC1/4 length
23413:41Mas.FGH.4-246DON(207) Doncaster RC (=F)NWK/HOL(208) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)easily
23513:49W.Mas.DEF.1X BBL(255) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=D)MAV(257) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1/3 length
23613:53J18.1X PET(251) Peterborough CityBED(253) Bedford Rowing Club1 length
23713:57Mas.EFG.1X STA(247) Star Club (=G)DEB(248) Deben RC (=F)4 lengths
23814:04Mas.BCD.1X MAV(241) Maidstone Invicta RC (=D)NOR(243) Norwich RC (=D)easily
23914:08B3.Mx.2X SRC(237) Sudbury RC (Hurd/Flynn)MIK(238) Milton Keynes RCeasily
24014:12B2.Mx.2X DBY(232) Derby RC (Maine/Nutkins)DOS(234) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Barnes/Barnes)2 lengths
24114:16B1.Mx.2X PET(227) Peterborough City (Ryder/Tasker)PET(230) Peterborough City (Bicknell/Bosma)2 lengths
24214:20Op.2- PET(224) Peterborough CitySRC(226) Sudbury RC3 1/2 lengths
24314:24W.4X MAV(216) Maidstone Invicta RCMIK(223) Milton Keynes RC3 lengths
24414:28Op.4X SNE(210) St Neots RCBED(213) Bedford Rowing Club4 lengths
24514:35Mx.8+ NOR(201) Norwich RCMIK(205) Milton Keynes RCeasily
24614:39Mas.FGH.4- STA/BED(206) Star/Bedford (=H)NWK/HOL(208) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)1 length
30114:48B2.W.1X317STA(361) Star Club (Copeland)JEC(362) Jesus College, Cambridge (Falkenberg)easily
30214:51B2.W.1X319GLB(367) Globe RC (Fokidou)STA(368) Star Club (Bales)easily
30314:54B2.W.1X320LEA(370) Lea Rowing ClubJEC(371) Jesus College, Cambridge (Helmers)easily
30414:57W.J16.1X326NTN(372) Northampton RCMAV(373) Maidstone Invicta RC (Webb)easily
30515:03W.J16.1X327DBY(376) Derby RCMAV(377) Maidstone Invicta RC (Mace)easily
30615:06W.Mas.BD.2X331SBR(352) South Broads RC (=D)BRX(353) Broxbourne RC (=D)easily
30715:09Mas.DEF.2X332YAR(342) Yare RC (Hawkings =E)MAV(343) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)easily
30815:12Mas.DEF.2X333DON(345) Doncaster RC (=D)YAR(346) Yare RC (Postlethwaite =D)2 1/2 lengths
30915:15Mas.DEF.2X333YAR(347) Yare RC (Herrmann =D)DEB/ZAWE(348) Deben/West End, NZ (=F)easily
31015:18W.Mas.EFG.2X329BRX(357) Broxbourne RC (=E)BED(358) Bedford Rowing Club (=G)easily
31115:21W.Mas.EFG.2X329NTN(359) Northampton RC (=E)MAV(360) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)easily
31215:24W.Mas.EFG.2X328PET(354) Peterborough City (=F)GLB(355) Globe RC (=F)1 3/4 lengths
31315:27Op.A.2X340NOR(327) Norwich RCSRC(328) Sudbury RC (Bryant/Flynn)easily
31415:33Op.A.2X341DBY/NEW(331) Derby/Newcastle UniversityPET(332) Peterborough City1/3 length
31515:36Op.B.2X338SRC(333) Sudbury RC (Senthil/Fildes)DBY(334) Derby RC (Edwards/Adkin)easily
31615:39Op.B.2X339DBY(337) Derby RC (Simpson/Grattidge)LEE(338) Leeds RCeasily
31715:42B2.W.1X335JEC(362) Jesus College, Cambridge (Falkenberg)LEE(363) Leeds RC3 1/2 lengths
31815:45B2.W.1X335SRC(364) Sudbury RCGLB(365) Globe RC (Pringle)easily
31915:48B2.W.1X336STA(366) Star Club (Thyer)STA(368) Star Club (Bales)4 lengths
32015:51B2.W.1X336LER(369) Leicester RCLEA(370) Lea Rowing Clubeasily
32115:54B2.W.4+343YRK(319) York City RCNOR(320) Norwich RC1 1/4 lengths
32316:03B1.W.4+349BBL(314) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (Jackson)STA(315) Star Club3/4 length
32416:06Op.8+345LOT(301) London Otters RC (Gillibrand)SNE(302) St Neots RC (Willies) 
32516:09Op.8+346BRX(305) Broxbourne RCSNE(306) St Neots RC (Keating)easily
32616:12W.J16.1X351NTN(372) Northampton RCNCR(374) Notts County Rowing Associationeasily
32716:15W.J16.1X351LER(375) Leicester RCDBY(376) Derby RCeasily
32816:18W.Mas.EFG.2X350PET(354) Peterborough City (=F)STA(356) Star Club (=G)easily
32916:21W.Mas.EFG.2X350BED(358) Bedford Rowing Club (=G)MAV(360) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1/3 length
33016:24W.Mas.BD.2X353BED(349) Bedford Rowing Club (=D)BBL(350) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=D)DNS
33116:27W.Mas.BD.2X353PET(351) Peterborough City (=B)BRX(353) Broxbourne RC (=D)1 1/4 lengths
33216:33Mas.DEF.2X354MAV(343) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)YAR(344) Yare RC (Manning =D)easily
33316:36Mas.DEF.2X354YAR(346) Yare RC (Postlethwaite =D)DEB/ZAWE(348) Deben/West End, NZ (=F)easily
33416:39Mas.BC.2X355LOT(340) London Otters RC (Zerk =B)BED(341) Bedford Rowing Club (=C)easily
33516:42B2.W.1X352LEE(363) Leeds RCGLB(365) Globe RC (Pringle)3 1/2 lengths
33616:45B2.W.1X352STA(368) Star Club (Bales)LEA(370) Lea Rowing Clubeasily
33716:48Mas.DE.4+360STA(308) Star Club (=D)MAV(309) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)easily
33816:51Op.B.2X357SRC(333) Sudbury RC (Senthil/Fildes)BRX(335) Broxbourne RC (Maynes/Richardson)3/4 length
33916:54Op.B.2X357GLB(336) Globe RCLEE(338) Leeds RCeasily
34016:57Op.A.2X356NOR(327) Norwich RCMIK(329) Milton Keynes RC3 1/2 lengths
34717:00Op.4-362DBY(322) Derby RCLOT(323) London Otters RCeasily
34117:03Op.A.2X356BRX(330) Broxbourne RC (Metcalf/Adrienne)PET(332) Peterborough City1 1/34 lengths
34217:06B2.W.4+359LEA(316) Lea Rowing ClubMIK(317) Milton Keynes RC1 length
34317:09B2.W.4+359LOT(318) London Otters RCNOR(320) Norwich RC3 lengths
34417:17Mx.4X358LOT(325) London Otters RCMIK(326) Milton Keynes RCeasily
34517:20Op.8+361SNE(302) St Neots RC (Willies)PET(303) Peterborough City2 1/4 lengths
34617:23Op.8+361LOT(304) London Otters RC (McCormick)BRX(305) Broxbourne RC4 lengths
34817:29B1.W.4+363PET(310) Peterborough CityBBL(312) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (Colombo)2 1/2 lengths
36217:30Op.4- NTN(321) Northampton RCDBY(322) Derby RC2 3/4 lengths
34917:35B1.W.4+363DBY(313) Derby RCSTA(315) Star Club3/4 length
35017:38W.Mas.EFG.2X STA(356) Star Club (=G)MAV(360) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)2 lengths
35117:42W.J16.1X NCR(374) Notts County Rowing AssociationDBY(376) Derby RC4 lengths
35217:46B2.W.1X GLB(365) Globe RC (Pringle)LEA(370) Lea Rowing Club1/2 length
35317:50W.Mas.BD.2X BED(349) Bedford Rowing Club (=D)PET(351) Peterborough City (=B)1/2 length
35417:54Mas.DEF.2X MAV(343) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)DEB/ZAWE(348) Deben/West End, NZ (=F)easily
35517:58Mas.BC.2X LOT(339) London Otters RC (Pretorius =B)BED(341) Bedford Rowing Club (=C)easily
35618:02Op.A.2X MIK(329) Milton Keynes RCPET(332) Peterborough Cityeasily
35718:06Op.B.2X SRC(333) Sudbury RC (Senthil/Fildes)LEE(338) Leeds RC3 lengths
35818:10Mx.4X DOS(324) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationMIK(326) Milton Keynes RCeasily
35918:14B2.W.4+ MIK(317) Milton Keynes RCNOR(320) Norwich RC3 1/2 lengths
36018:18Mas.DE.4+ SRC(307) Sudbury RC (=D)MAV(309) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)easily
36118:22Op.8+ SNE(302) St Neots RC (Willies)BRX(305) Broxbourne RC1 length
36318:30B1.W.4+ PET(310) Peterborough CitySTA(315) Star Club1/2 length