Bedford Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2003

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:01J14.4X+73BMS(198) Bedford Modern School (D)BDS(182) Bedford School (A)5:02easily
209:03J14.4X+75BDS(183) Bedford School (B)BMS(201) Bedford Modern School (B)5:043 lengths
409:08N.4+55BED(212) Bedford Rowing ClubFAL(147) Falcon RC (A)4:39Row Over
509:10N.4+55RDU(62) Reading UniversityKEB(127) Keble College4:023 lengths
609:13S3.4+83SON(9) Sons of the Thames RCRAD(80) Radley College Boat Club4:165 lengths
709:15C.8+50MER(23) Merton College (A)QCC(143) Queens' College3:321/2 length
809:18N.4+58RDG(96) Reading RCPET(86) Peterborough City (A)4:064 lengths
909:20N.4+59UWK(170) Warwick UniversityPEM(82) Pembroke College, CambridgeNTT1/2 length
1009:23C.8+47WIN(112) Winchester College BCEMM(157) Emmanuel College (A)3:264 feet
1109:25N.4+59PET(87) Peterborough City (B)SCC(119) St Catharine`s College BCNTT3 lengths
1209:28C.8+54CHB(207) Christ Church (A)KEB(68) Keble CollegeNTT1 length
1309:30N.4+60GOL(174) Goldie BCMIK(48) Milton Keynes RCNTTeasily
1409:33C.8+48EMM(159) Emmanuel College (B)MGD(7) Magdalene CollegeNTT1 1/2 lengths
1509:35N.4+60FAL(148) Falcon RC (B)BED(141) Bedford Rowing Club4:112 lengths
1609:38S3.4+94CAB(104) Cantabrigian RCRDU(133) Reading UniversityNTT3 lengths
1709:40WC.8+105EMM(161) Emmanuel College (A)CHB(166) Christ ChurchNTT1 length
1809:43WN.8+66DAH(29) Dame Alice Harpur BCLIN(2) Linacre BCNTT4 lengths
1909:45WN.8+70UWK(168) Warwick UniversityWRO(66) Worcester College4:101/2 length
2009:48S4.8+45BDS(190) Bedford SchoolCCA(132) Anglia Ruskin3:351 length
2109:50S4.8+51RAD(74) Radley College Boat ClubCHU(107) Churchill College3:584 lengths
2209:53J14.8X98BMS(196) Bedford Modern School (A)WIN(115) Winchester College BC4:17easily
2309:55J14.8X89RAD(77) Radley College Boat Club (A)BMS(197) Bedford Modern School (B)4:07easily
2409:58S4.8+57WOC(150) Wolfson College, CambridgeTRH(153) Trinity HallNTT1 1/2 lengths
2510:05S4.8+51WIN(111) Winchester College BCPBC(12) Peterhouse3:46Row Over
2610:08S4.8+45LIN(1) Linacre BCMER(22) Merton College4:01Row Over
2710:10S3.8+92NNM(57) Newnham College BCRDG(101) Reading RC3:37easily
2810:13S3.8+96CHB(206) Christ ChurchRAD(72) Radley College Boat Club3:292 lengths
2910:15S4.8+57SON(10) Sons of the Thames RCSTA(36) Star ClubNTT2 lengths
3010:18WS4.8+107CLA(120) ClarePEM(84) Pembroke College, Cambridge (A)4:041/2 length
3110:20WS4.8+107PEM/ROB(85) Pembroke/Rob Roy (B)XYZ(224) Status Change4:43Row Over
3210:23WS4.8+108KEB(69) Keble CollegeEMM(164) Emmanuel College4:091 length
3310:25S4.8+64KEB(67) Keble CollegeSJO(177) St John's College4:02Row Over
3410:28S4.8+64MGD(4) Magdalene CollegeQCC(142) Queens' College3:381 1/2 lengths
3510:30WS4.8+108CHB(165) Christ ChurchCCA(131) Anglia Ruskin4:081 1/2 lengths
3610:33S3.8+93CHU(106) Churchill College (A)BDS(192) Bedford School4:22easily
3710:35S3.8+96SEH(145) St Edmund HallUWK(167) Warwick University3:193 lengths
3810:38S2.4+117PET(140) Peterborough CityRDG(99) Reading RC3:492 lengths
3910:40N.8+100MER(24) Merton CollegeEMM(160) Emmanuel CollegeNTT-
310:42J14.4X+76BDS(226) Bedford School (D)BMS(199) Bedford Modern School (C)4:43easily
4010:43N.8+91MGD(6) Magdalene CollegeBDS(189) Bedford School (B)3:41easily
4110:45S4.4+120FAL(146) Falcon RCBDS(191) Bedford SchoolNTTRow Over
4210:48S4.4+121SON(11) Sons of the Thames RCRDG(97) Reading RC4:103 lengths
4310:50S4.8+114CCA(132) Anglia RuskinLIN(1) Linacre BC4:45Row Over
4410:53S4.4+121PEM(83) Pembroke College, CambridgeRAD(73) Radley College Boat ClubNTTRow Over
4510:55S4.8+112BDS(190) Bedford SchoolMER(22) Merton College3:341 1/4 lengths
4610:58S4.8+115WOC(150) Wolfson College, CambridgeSON(10) Sons of the Thames RC3:371 3/4 lengths
4711:05C.8+124WIN(112) Winchester College BCSID(117) Sidney Sussex College BC3:443 lengths
4811:08C.8+124MGD(7) Magdalene CollegeCHB(209) Christ Church (B)4:10Row Over
4911:10S3.8+95MGD(5) Magdalene CollegeSON(8) Sons of the Thames RC3:351 1/4 lengths
5011:13C.8+125NNM(56) Newnham College BCQCC(143) Queens' College3:44easily
5111:15S4.8+113RAD(74) Radley College Boat ClubPBC(12) Peterhouse3:281 1/4 lengths
5211:18S3.8+92WIN(221) Winchester College BCSTA(38) Star Club3:343/4 length
5311:20S4.8+115CHU(107) Churchill CollegeWIN(111) Winchester College BC4:04Row Over
5411:23C.8+125MER(25) Merton College (B)CHB(207) Christ Church (A)3:46easily
5511:25N.4+130BED(212) Bedford Rowing ClubKEB(127) Keble College4:16easily
5611:28S4.4+120MIK(49) Milton Keynes RCSJO(178) St John's College4:13Row Over
5711:30S4.8+113TRH(153) Trinity HallSTA(36) Star Club3:312 lengths
5811:33N.4+130PET(86) Peterborough City (A)BDS(195) Bedford School4:003/4 length
5911:35N.4+131UWK(170) Warwick UniversitySCC(119) St Catharine`s College BC4:031 3/4 lengths
6011:38N.4+131GOL(174) Goldie BCFAL(148) Falcon RC (B)3:534 1/2 lengths
6111:40N.4+133RDU(62) Reading UniversityRDG(96) Reading RC4:224 lengths
6211:43N.4+134PEM(82) Pembroke College, CambridgePET(87) Peterborough City (B)4:053 lengths
6311:45N.4+134MIK(48) Milton Keynes RCBED(141) Bedford Rowing Club4:161 1/4 lengths
6411:48S4.8+112KEB(67) Keble CollegeQCC(142) Queens' College3:291 3/4 lengths
6511:50S4.8+114SJO(177) St John's CollegeMGD(4) Magdalene CollegeNTTRow Over
6611:53WN.8+136DAH(29) Dame Alice Harpur BCWOO(173) Wolfson College, Oxford4:061 1/4 lengths
6711:55WN.8+136CHA(110) Champion of the ThamesORO(156) Oriel CollegeNTTRow Over
6811:58S2.4X153STA(213) Star Club (A)STA/ROB(17) Star Club/Rob Roy BC3:251 1/2 lengths
6912:05WN.8+137MER(20) Merton CollegeCCA(130) Anglia Ruskin4:181 1/2 lengths
7012:08WN.8+137TRH(154) Trinity HallWRO(66) Worcester College4:152 1/4 lengths
7112:10S1.8+147NUN(124) Nottingham & Union RCBED(134) Bedford Rowing Club3:231 length
7212:13S2.4+116RAD(81) Radley College Boat ClubSTA(39) Star Club3:451 1/2 lengths
7312:15J14.4X+140BDS(182) Bedford School (A)RBL(55) Reading Blue Coat School (B)4:193 1/2 lengths
7412:18J14.4X+140BDS(225) Bedford School (C)BMS(200) Bedford Modern School (A)4:313 lengths
7512:20J14.4X+141RBL(54) Reading Blue Coat School (A)BDS(183) Bedford School (B)4:152 lengths
7612:23J14.4X+141RBL(123) Reading Blue Coat School (C)BDS(226) Bedford School (D)5:05Row Over
7812:28J15.8+145RAD(76) Radley College Boat ClubBMS(202) Bedford Modern School (A)3:351 1/2 lengths
7912:30S1.8+146SEL(59) Selwyn CollegeMAG(210) Magdalen College, Oxford3:49Row Over
8012:33WN.4+148BHS(219) Bedford High School RCRDU(63) Reading University4:31easily
8112:35WN.4+149PET(88) Peterborough CitySTA(14) Star Club4:361 1/4 lengths
8212:38S2.4X152STA(215) Star Club (B)HEN(152) Henley RC3:40easily
8312:40S3.4+154RAD(80) Radley College Boat ClubXYZ(236) Status ChangeNTTRow Over
8412:43J16.8+159RBL(51) Reading Blue Coat SchoolWIN(113) Winchester College BC3:372 lengths
8512:45S3.4+155STA(214) Star ClubMIK(46) Milton Keynes RC4:18Row Over
8612:48J14.8X161RAD(78) Radley College Boat Club (B)BDS(179) Bedford School (A)4:453 1/4 lengths
8712:50J14.8X162RAD(79) Radley College Boat Club (C)BDS(181) Bedford School (C)4:144 3/4 lengths
8812:53S3.4+154PET(138) Peterborough CityBED(135) Bedford Rowing Club3:583 1/2 lengths
8912:55J14.8X162DAH(31) Dame Alice Harpur BCRAD(77) Radley College Boat Club (A)3:56easily
9012:58N.8+164NNM(58) Newnham College BCBDS(188) Bedford School (A)4:301 length
7713:00J15.8+144BDS(185) Bedford School (B)KGS(90) Kingston Grammar School3:454 1/2 lengths
9113:05N.8+164CHB(208) Christ ChurchMGD(6) Magdalene CollegeNTTRow Over
9213:08S3.8+165STA(38) Star ClubRDG(101) Reading RC3:281/2 length
9313:10S3.8+165BDS(192) Bedford SchoolCHU(109) Churchill College (B)3:232/3 length
9413:13S3.4+155STA(37) Star ClubRDU(133) Reading University4:012 lengths
9513:15S3.8+166EMM(158) Emmanuel CollegeSON(8) Sons of the Thames RC3:26a canvas
9613:18S3.8+166UWK(167) Warwick UniversityRAD(72) Radley College Boat Club3:223/4 length
9713:20S3.8+167NNM(57) Newnham College BCCHU(106) Churchill College (A)NTTeasily
9913:25S3.8+168SEH(145) St Edmund HallCHB(206) Christ Church3:293/4 length
10013:28N.8+163EMM(160) Emmanuel CollegeWIN(114) Winchester College BCNTT2 lengths
10113:30N.8+163RBL(50) Reading Blue Coat SchoolSID(118) Sidney Sussex College BCNTT2 1/2 lengths
10213:33WC.8+169ORO(155) Oriel CollegeKEB(70) Keble CollegeNTT4 lengths
10313:35WC.8+169SOM(129) Somerville CollegeMER(19) Merton College (A)NTT2 1/2 lengths
10413:38WC.8+170EMM(163) Emmanuel College (B)MER(21) Merton College (B)4:151 length
9813:40J14.8X161BMS(196) Bedford Modern School (A)BDS(180) Bedford School (B)NTT2 feet
10513:40WC.8+170WRO(65) Worcester CollegeCHB(166) Christ Church4:072 1/2 lengths
10613:43E.4-172HEN(151) Henley RCRDG(100) Reading RC3:34easily
10713:45WS4.8+173CLA(120) ClarePEM/ROB(85) Pembroke/Rob Roy (B)4:06easily
10913:50WN.4X188RDU(64) Reading UniversityPET(171) Peterborough City4:48Row Over
11013:53J15.4X+174BDS(187) Bedford School (B)KGS(91) Kingston Grammar School4:01easily
11113:55J15.4X+174RBL(53) Reading Blue Coat SchoolBDS(186) Bedford School (A)3:59easily
11213:58S4.8+175BDS(190) Bedford SchoolQCC(142) Queens' College3:251/2 length
11314:05S4.8+175RAD(74) Radley College Boat ClubTRH(153) Trinity Hall3:233/4 length
11414:08S4.8+176CCA(132) Anglia RuskinMGD(4) Magdalene College3:333/4 length
11514:10S4.8+176CHU(107) Churchill CollegeWOC(150) Wolfson College, Cambridge3:44easily
11614:13S2.4+177BED(137) Bedford Rowing ClubRAD(81) Radley College Boat Club4:12Row Over
11714:15S2.4+177RDU(60) Reading UniversityRDG(99) Reading RC3:442 lengths
11814:18WS3.4+178SRC(93) Sudbury RCBHS(41) Bedford High School RC4:202 1/2 lengths
11914:20WS3.4+178DAH(32) Dame Alice Harpur BCSTA(13) Star Club4:203/4 length
12014:23S4.4+182FAL(146) Falcon RCMIK(49) Milton Keynes RC4:132 lengths
12114:25S4.4+182RDG(97) Reading RCPEM(83) Pembroke College, Cambridge4:154 lengths
12214:28WS4.4+186STA(15) Star ClubFAL(149) Falcon RC4:441 length
10814:30WS4.8+173KEB(69) Keble CollegeCHB(165) Christ Church4:021 1/4 lengths
12414:33C.8+187WIN(112) Winchester College BCMGD(7) Magdalene College3:292 lengths
12514:35C.8+187QCC(143) Queens' CollegeCHB(207) Christ Church (A)3:311/2 length
12614:38C.8+189EMM(157) Emmanuel College (A)EMM(159) Emmanuel College (B)3:36easily
12714:40C.8+189MER(23) Merton College (A)KEB(68) Keble College3:35
12814:43S1.4+190RDG(98) Reading RCPET(139) Peterborough City3:501 1/2 lengths
12914:45J15.4+191KGS(89) Kingston Grammar SchoolWIN(116) Winchester College BC4:132 1/2 lengths
13114:50N.4+192SCC(119) St Catharine`s College BCGOL(174) Goldie BC3:54easily
13214:53S2.8+194MAG(211) Magdalen College, OxfordRDG(102) Reading RCNTT3/4 length
13314:55N.4+193FAL(147) Falcon RC (A)RDU(62) Reading University4:45Row Over
13414:58N.4+193PET(87) Peterborough City (B)BED(141) Bedford Rowing Club4:114 lengths
13515:05S2.8+194CHU(108) Churchill CollegeSEH(144) St Edmund Hall3:263 feet
13615:08WN.8+195DAH(29) Dame Alice Harpur BCORO(156) Oriel College4:091 3/4 lengths
13715:10WN.8+195MER(20) Merton CollegeTRH(154) Trinity Hall4:133 lengths
13015:11N.4+192KEB(127) Keble CollegePET(86) Peterborough City (A)4:042 1/2 lengths
13815:13J14.4X+ (P)196BMS(198) Bedford Modern School (D)BDS(225) Bedford School (C)NTTRow Over
13915:15J14.4X+ (P)196BMS(201) Bedford Modern School (B)BMS(199) Bedford Modern School (C)NTTRow Over
14015:18J14.4X+197BDS(182) Bedford School (A)BMS(200) Bedford Modern School (A)4:18easily
14115:20J14.4X+197RBL(54) Reading Blue Coat School (A)BDS(226) Bedford School (D)4:22easily
14215:23WS3.8+198LIN(3) Linacre BCEMM(162) Emmanuel College4:23Row Over
14315:25WS3.8+198SRC(92) Sudbury RCBHS(40) Bedford High School RC4:021 1/2 lengths
14415:28J15.8+199BMS(203) Bedford Modern School (B)KGS(90) Kingston Grammar School3:49easily
14515:30J15.8+199BDS(184) Bedford School (A)BMS(202) Bedford Modern School (A)3:362 1/2 lengths
14615:33S1.8+200BDS(193) Bedford SchoolMAG(210) Magdalen College, Oxford3:141 foot
14715:35S1.8+200RDG(103) Reading RCNUN(124) Nottingham & Union RC3:141/2 length
12315:40WS4.4+186UWK(169) Warwick UniversityKEB(128) Keble College4:25easily
14915:40WN.4+201MER(26) Merton CollegeSTA(14) Star ClubNTTRow Over
15015:43VBC.4+202BED(176) Bedford Rowing Club (C)MIK(47) Milton Keynes RC (C)4:071 1/2 lengths
15115:45VBC.4+202STA(35) Star Club (B)NUN(121) Nottingham & Union RC (C)NTTRow Over
15215:48S2.4X203CAB(105) Cantabrigian RCHEN(152) Henley RCNTTRow Over
15315:50S2.4X203RDU(61) Reading UniversitySTA/ROB(17) Star Club/Rob Roy BCNTTRow Over
15415:53S3.4+204RAD(80) Radley College Boat ClubBED(135) Bedford Rowing Club3:452 1/2 lengths
15515:55S3.4+204STA(214) Star ClubRDU(133) Reading University3:494 lengths
14816:00WN.4+201DAH(34) Dame Alice Harpur BCBHS(219) Bedford High School RCNTT3 1/2 lengths
15716:05J16.8+205BMS(204) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(194) Bedford School3:361 1/4 lengths
15816:08WJ15.4X+212BHS(44) Bedford High School RC (B)STA(217) Star Club4:281 length
15916:10J16.8+205RAD(75) Radley College Boat ClubRBL(51) Reading Blue Coat School3:271 length
16816:12S3.8+210MGD(5) Magdalene CollegeCHB(206) Christ Church3:333/4 length
16016:13J14.8X (P)206WIN(115) Winchester College BCRAD(78) Radley College Boat Club (B)4:04easily
16116:15J14.8X207BDS(180) Bedford School (B)BDS(179) Bedford School (A)NTTRow Over
16216:18J14.8X207RAD(79) Radley College Boat Club (C)RAD(77) Radley College Boat Club (A)3:594 lengths
16416:23N.8+208BDS(188) Bedford School (A)MGD(6) Magdalene College3:311/2 length
16516:25S3.8+209STA(38) Star ClubBDS(192) Bedford School3:251/2 length
16616:28S3.8+209EMM(158) Emmanuel CollegeUWK(167) Warwick University3:232 lengths
15616:30J14.8X (P)206BDS(181) Bedford School (C)BMS(197) Bedford Modern School (B)4:242 lengths
16716:30S3.8+210WIN(221) Winchester College BCNNM(57) Newnham College BCNTTRow Over
17016:38WC.8+211EMM(163) Emmanuel College (B)CHB(166) Christ Church4:091 1/2 lengths
17116:40WJ15.4X+212DAH(30) Dame Alice Harpur BCBHS(43) Bedford High School RC (A)4:283 lengths
16316:42N.8+208EMM(160) Emmanuel CollegeRBL(50) Reading Blue Coat School3:381 1/2 lengths
17216:43E.4- HEN(151) Henley RCBED(136) Bedford Rowing Club3:322 lengths
17316:45WS4.8+ CLA(120) ClareKEB(69) Keble College3:571/4 length
17416:48J15.4X+ KGS(91) Kingston Grammar SchoolBDS(186) Bedford School (A)4:031 length
17516:50S4.8+ QCC(142) Queens' CollegeTRH(153) Trinity Hall3:241 1/3 lengths
17616:53S4.8+ MGD(4) Magdalene CollegeWOC(150) Wolfson College, Cambridge3:301 2/3 lengths
17716:55S2.4+ RAD(81) Radley College Boat ClubRDU(60) Reading University3:392 1/2 lengths
17816:58WS3.4+ BHS(41) Bedford High School RCSTA(13) Star Club4:132/3 length
17917:05J16.4+ BMS(205) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(220) Bedford School3:591 1/4 lengths
18017:08WJ14.4X+213DAH(28) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)BHS(45) Bedford High School RC4:391/2 length
18117:10WJ14.4X+213STA(218) Star ClubDAH(27) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:41easily
18217:13S4.4+ FAL(146) Falcon RCRDG(97) Reading RC4:061 1/2 lengths
18317:15WS2.4+ HEN(122) Henley RCDAH(33) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:181/2 length
16917:15WC.8+211KEB(70) Keble CollegeMER(19) Merton College (A)4:072 lengths
19117:16J15.4+ KGS(89) Kingston Grammar SchoolRBL(52) Reading Blue Coat School4:083 lengths
18417:18JS.8+ BDS(223) Bedford SchoolRAD(71) Radley College Boat Club3:391/2 length
18517:20VB.8+ BED(222) Bedford Rowing ClubCHA(172) Champion of the Thames3:423 lengths
18617:23WS4.4+ FAL(149) Falcon RCUWK(169) Warwick University4:18easily
18717:25C.8+ WIN(112) Winchester College BCCHB(207) Christ Church (A)3:262 1/2 lengths
18817:28WN.4X PET(171) Peterborough CityBHS(42) Bedford High School RC4:132 1/2 lengths
18917:30C.8+ EMM(157) Emmanuel College (A)KEB(68) Keble College3:311/2 length
20017:32S1.8+ BDS(193) Bedford SchoolNUN(124) Nottingham & Union RC3:22easily
19017:33S1.4+ RDG(98) Reading RCSRC(95) Sudbury RC3:451 1/2 lengths
19217:38N.4+ PET(86) Peterborough City (A)GOL(174) Goldie BC3:49easily
19317:40N.4+ RDU(62) Reading UniversityPET(87) Peterborough City (B)4:122 1/2 lengths
19417:43S2.8+ MAG(211) Magdalen College, OxfordCHU(108) Churchill College3:202 1/2 lengths
19517:45WN.8+ DAH(29) Dame Alice Harpur BCTRH(154) Trinity Hall4:033 feet
19617:48J14.4X+ (P) BDS(225) Bedford School (C)BMS(201) Bedford Modern School (B)NTT2 1/2 lengths
19717:50J14.4X+ BDS(182) Bedford School (A)RBL(54) Reading Blue Coat School (A)4:03easily
19817:53WS3.8+ EMM(162) Emmanuel CollegeBHS(40) Bedford High School RC3:591/3 length
19917:55J15.8+ KGS(90) Kingston Grammar SchoolBMS(202) Bedford Modern School (A)3:34easily
20118:05WN.4+ BHS(219) Bedford High School RCSTA(14) Star Club4:341/2 length
20218:08VBC.4+ BED(176) Bedford Rowing Club (C)STA(35) Star Club (B)3:58easily
20318:10S2.4X HEN(152) Henley RCSTA/ROB(17) Star Club/Rob Roy BC3:272 lengths
20418:13S3.4+ RAD(80) Radley College Boat ClubSTA(214) Star Club3:431/2 length
20518:15J16.8+ BDS(194) Bedford SchoolRAD(75) Radley College Boat Club3:252/3 length
20618:18J14.8X (P) RAD(78) Radley College Boat Club (B)BMS(197) Bedford Modern School (B)4:05easily
20718:20J14.8X BDS(179) Bedford School (A)RAD(77) Radley College Boat Club (A)3:441/4 length
20818:23N.8+ RBL(50) Reading Blue Coat SchoolBDS(188) Bedford School (A)3:331 1/4 lengths
20918:25S3.8+ BDS(192) Bedford SchoolUWK(167) Warwick University3:182/3 length
21018:28S3.8+ WIN(221) Winchester College BCCHB(206) Christ Church3:262 lengths
21118:30WC.8+ MER(19) Merton College (A)CHB(166) Christ Church3:571/2 length
21218:33WJ15.4X+ BHS(44) Bedford High School RC (B)DAH(30) Dame Alice Harpur BC4:19easily
21318:35WJ14.4X+ DAH(28) Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)DAH(27) Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)4:333 lengths