Northampton Head

Saturday 18th January 2020

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.

DNSOp.8+ToGo 401Hollowell Scullers (Tyson) 
DNSOp.8+ToGo 402Milton Keynes/Selwyn (Wilson) 
DNSOp.8+ToGo 403Stowe Sculling Club (Green) 
DNSJ16.8+ToGo 301St Edward's School (Culley) 
DNSJ16.8+ToGo 302Stowe Sculling Club (Green) 
DNSJ16.8+ToGo 303St Edward's School (McDonnell) 
DNSW.8+ToGo 304Milton Keynes RC (Pilcher) 
DNSW.8+ToGo 305Northampton RC (Phillips) 
DNSW.8+ToGo 306St Edward's School (Nelmes) 
DNSW.8+ToGo 404Peterborough City (Martin) 
DNSW.Mas.D.8+ToGo 201Milton Keynes RC (De Maine) 
DNSOp.4+ToGo 102Milton Keynes RC (Lam) 
DNSOp.4+ToGo 204Falcon RC (Mackay) 
DNSOp.4+ToGo 407Falcon RC (Fisk) 
DNSMas.EFG.4+ToGo 312Derby RC (Hunt =E) 
DNSMas.EFG.4+ToGo 313Oundle Town RC (Felton =F) 
DNSMas.EFG.4+ToGo 410Derby RC (Stanley-Smith =G) 
DNSW.4+ToGo 106Milton Keynes RC (Billingham) 
DNSW.4+ToGo 310Peterborough City (Taylor) 
DNSW.4+ToGo 311Bridgnorth RC (Sedgley) 
DNSW.4+ToGo 409Milton Keynes RC (McGeachie) 
DNSW.Mas.DE.4+ToGo 413Derwent/Trentham (Perry =D) 
DNSW.Mas.DE.4+ToGo 416Milton Keynes RC (De Maine =E) 
DNSJ18.4-ToGo 205Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Jensema) 
DNSB1.Op.4XToGo 202Falcon RC (Fisk) 
DNSB1.Op.4XToGo 307Hollowell Scullers/Evesham (Evans) 
DNSB1.Op.4XToGo 405Northampton RC (Barford) 
DNSB2.Op.4XToGo 101Peterborough City (Wakefield-Lilley) 
DNSB2.Op.4XToGo 308Oundle Town RC (Bradshaw) 
DNSMas.DE.4XToGo 103Oundle Town RC (Roe =D) 
DNSMas.DE.4XToGo 408Derwent RC (Grant =E) 
DNSJ17.4XToGo 203Stowe Sculling Club (Hines) 
DNSJ17.4XToGo 406Oundle Town RC (Egbe) 
DNSJ16.4XToGo 104Falcon RC (Ebner) 
DNSJ16.4XToGo 105Leicester RC (Gosling) 
DNSJ16.4XToGo 206Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Jensema) 
DNSW.4XToGo 411Oundle Town RC (Hodnett) 
DNSW.Mas.CE.4XToGo 108Oundle Town RC (Cheney =E) 
DNSW.Mas.CE.4XToGo 209Oundle Town RC (Mace =C) 
DNSW.J18.4XToGo 107Thames Scullers (McGlyne) 
DNSW.J18.4XToGo 309Thames Scullers (Ray) 
DNSW.J16.4XToGo 211Northampton RC (Darien) 
DNSW.J16.4XToGo 212Thames Scullers (Ray) 
DNSW.J16.4XToGo 412Stowe Sculling Club (Macdonald) 
DNSMx.Mas.EG.4XToGo 208Derwent RC (Grant =E) 
DNSMx.Mas.EG.4XToGo 210Milton Keynes RC (Ilesley =G) 
DNSOp.4X+ToGo 213Falcon RC (Garden) 
DNSOp.4X+ToGo 314Milton Keynes RC (Sapsford) 
DNSJ15.4X+ToGo 109Falcon RC (Sell) 
DNSJ15.4X+ToGo 110Leicester RC (Brown) 
DNSJ15.4X+ToGo 214Stowe Sculling Club (Rigoll) 
DNSJ15.4X+ToGo 414Derwent RC (Smith-Beard) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 112Peterborough City (Ryder) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 217Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Tong) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 219Thames Scullers (Lane) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 319Stowe Sculling Club (Eilbeck) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 320Falcon RC (Fletcher) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 419Oundle Town RC (Rooney) 
DNSW.4X+ToGo 315Bedford Rowing Club (Smith) 
DNSW.J17.4X+ToGo 316Leicester RC (Gough) 
DNSW.J17.4X+ToGo 415Falcon RC (Tomlin-Davies) 
DNSW.J15.4X+ToGo 111Leicester RC (Punia) 
DNSW.J15.4X+ToGo 317Peterborough City (Jackson) 
DNSW.J14.4X+ToGo 113Thames Scullers (Hindley) 
DNSW.J14.4X+ToGo 218Falcon RC (Walton) 
DNSW.J14.4X+ToGo 420Peterborough City (Bicknell) 
DNSOp.2XToGo 318Falcon RC (Fisk/Hathaway) 
DNSOp.2XToGo 417Sudbury RC (Grosch/Wallace) 
DNSMas.EG.2XToGo 221Oundle Town RC (Chandler/McCormack =E) 
DNSMas.EG.2XToGo 429Oundle Town RC (Bishop/Felton =G) 
DNSJ17.2XToGo 215Isle of Ely BC (Buchanan/Sharrock) 
DNSJ17.2XToGo 216Hollowell Scullers (Campion/Tyson) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 220Thames Scullers (Francis/Robinson) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 321Falcon RC (Selim/Lees) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 322Leicester RC (Gosling/Hulbert) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 323Falcon RC (Ebner/Stephenson) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 421Falcon RC (Ramsurrun/Fletcher) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 422Leicester RC (Sherman/Alexander) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 222Falcon RC (Sell/Dawson) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 223Stowe Sculling Club (James/Comerford) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 224Falcon RC (Beckett/Longhurst) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 324Leicester RC (Brown/Wright) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 325Derwent RC (Wright/Green) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 423Oundle Town RC (Tetley/Aylmore) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 424Falcon RC (Crossley/Garden) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 425Northampton RC (Beaumont/Beaumont) 
DNSJ14.2XToGo 228Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Williams/Howes) 
DNSJ14.2XToGo 229Hollowell Scullers (Gundle/Lile) 
DNSJ14.2XToGo 230Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Tiwana/Plaha) 
DNSW.Mas.E.2XToGo 329Oundle Town RC (Izod/Hook) 
DNSW.Mas.E.2XToGo 330Bridgnorth RC (Champion/Grove) 
DNSW.J17.2XToGo 115Falcon RC (Tennant/McClimont) 
DNSW.J17.2XToGo 225Derwent RC (Rowbottom/Green) 
DNSW.J17.2XToGo 226Isle of Ely BC (Bullen/Bolton) 
DNSW.J17.2XToGo 326Peterborough City (Bicknell/Martin) 
DNSW.J16.2XToGo 117Thames Scullers (Sweeten/Watson) 
DNSW.J16.2XToGo 118Leicester RC (Gough/Scott) 
DNSW.J16.2XToGo 227Stowe Sculling Club (Clarke/Macdonald) 
DNSW.J16.2XToGo 427Northampton RC (Chadalavada/Grisewood) 
DNSW.J16.2XToGo 428Northampton RC (Allen/Darien) 
DNSW.J15.2XToGo 119Peterborough City (Piccaver/Jackson) 
DNSW.J15.2XToGo 120Thames Scullers (White/Francis) 
DNSW.J15.2XToGo 231Peterborough City (Allen/Blakeley) 
DNSW.J14.2XToGo 121Peterborough City (Bicknell/Smith) 
DNSW.J14.2XToGo 122Falcon RC (Walton/Whyles) 
DNSW.J14.2XToGo 123Peterborough City (Tasker/Ansell-Crook) 
DNSMx.Mas.ABC.2XToGo 327Sudbury RC (Grosch/Wallace =B) 
DNSMx.Mas.ABC.2XToGo 418Peterborough City (Elder/Shipton =A) 
DNSMx.Mas.ABC.2XToGo 426Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hayton/Doherty =C) 
DNSMx.Mas.DE.2XToGo 114Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hayton/Doherty =D) 
DNSMx.Mas.DE.2XToGo 116Derwent RC (Lockhart/Grant =E) 
DNSOp.1XToGo 124Milton Keynes RC (Smith) 
DNSOp.1XToGo 125Isle of Ely BC (Evans) 
DNSOp.1XToGo 232Falcon RC (Hathaway) 
DNSOp.1XToGo 233Leicester RC (Andrew) 
DNSOp.AR1 1XToGo 437Sudbury RC (Rix) 
DNSMas.AB.1XToGo 126Falcon RC (Hathaway =B) 
DNSMas.AB.1XToGo 430Leicester RC (Andrew =A) 
DNSMas.DE.1XToGo 333Granta (Copham =E) 
DNSMas.DE.1XToGo 432Warwick BC (Sidaway =D) 
DNSMas.F.1XToGo 138Milton Keynes RC (Lawson) 
DNSMas.F.1XToGo 139Hollowell Scullers (Rudkin) 
DNSMas.G.1XToGo 140Derwent RC (Hancock) 
DNSMas.G.1XToGo 342Oundle Town RC (Bishop) 
DNSMas.G.1XToGo 343Bridgnorth RC (Butler) 
DNSJ18.1XToGo 127Derwent RC (Gledhill) 
DNSJ18.1XToGo 234Northampton RC (Dominique) 
DNSJ18.1XToGo 331Swindon RC (Bristow) 
DNSJ17.1XToGo 129Isle of Ely BC (Buchanan) 
DNSJ17.1XToGo 130Northampton RC (Wheeler) 
DNSJ17.1XToGo 131Isle of Ely BC (Sharrock) 
DNSJ17.1XToGo 332Peterborough City (Barnett) 
DNSJ17.1XToGo 431Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Blatcher) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 132Thames Scullers (Francis) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 133Falcon RC (Ramsurrun) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 237Derwent RC (Allen) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 334Swindon RC (Hammond) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 433Falcon RC (Ebner) 
DNSJ15.1XToGo 335Falcon RC (Crossley) 
DNSJ15.1XToGo 434Peterborough City (Wakefield-Lilley) 
DNSJ15.1XToGo 435Peterborough City (Jackson) 
DNSJ14.1XToGo 239Hollowell Scullers (Doak) 
DNSJ14.1XToGo 240Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Ward) 
DNSJ14.1XToGo 338Peterborough City (Carter) 
DNSJ14.1XToGo 339Peterborough City (Ryder) 
DNSJ14.1XToGo 340Peterborough City (Beesley) 
DNSJ14.1XToGo 341Peterborough City (Garfield) 
DNSW.Mas.ABC.1XToGo 134Milton Keynes RC (Draper =A) 
DNSW.Mas.ABC.1XToGo 238Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Hayton =C) 
DNSW.Mas.ABC.1XToGo 336Oundle Town RC (Watson =B) 
DNSW.J17.1XToGo 135Isle of Ely BC (Bullen) 
DNSW.J17.1XToGo 136Isle of Ely BC (Bolton) 
DNSW.J17.1XToGo 337Derwent RC (Green) 
DNSW.J16.1XToGo 344Thames Scullers (Watson) 
DNSW.J16.1XToGo 345Swindon RC (Searles) 
DNSW.J15.1XToGo 141Peterborough City (Dovey) 
DNSW.J15.1XToGo 241Stowe Sculling Club (Bettany) 
DNSW.J15.1XToGo 242Derwent RC (Shakespeare) 
DNSW.J15.1XToGo 436Peterborough City (Piccaver)