Northampton Head

Saturday 18th January 2020

Full Results are available, sorted by Status or Time

NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Falcon RC

DNSOp.4+ToGo 204Falcon RC (Mackay) 
DNSOp.4+ToGo 407Falcon RC (Fisk) 
DNSB1.Op.4XToGo 202Falcon RC (Fisk) 
DNSJ16.4XToGo 104Falcon RC (Ebner) 
DNSOp.4X+ToGo 213Falcon RC (Garden) 
DNSJ15.4X+ToGo 109Falcon RC (Sell) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 320Falcon RC (Fletcher) 
DNSW.J17.4X+ToGo 415Falcon RC (Tomlin-Davies) 
DNSW.J14.4X+ToGo 218Falcon RC (Walton) 
DNSOp.2XToGo 318Falcon RC (Fisk/Hathaway) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 321Falcon RC (Selim/Lees) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 323Falcon RC (Ebner/Stephenson) 
DNSJ16.2XToGo 421Falcon RC (Ramsurrun/Fletcher) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 222Falcon RC (Sell/Dawson) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 224Falcon RC (Beckett/Longhurst) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 424Falcon RC (Crossley/Garden) 
DNSW.J17.2XToGo 115Falcon RC (Tennant/McClimont) 
DNSW.J14.2XToGo 122Falcon RC (Walton/Whyles) 
DNSOp.1XToGo 232Falcon RC (Hathaway) 
DNSMas.AB.1XToGo 126Falcon RC (Hathaway =B) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 133Falcon RC (Ramsurrun) 
DNSJ16.1XToGo 433Falcon RC (Ebner) 
DNSJ15.1XToGo 335Falcon RC (Crossley)