Northampton Head

Saturday 18th January 2020

Full Results are available, sorted by Status or Time

NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Oundle Town RC

DNSMas.EFG.4+ToGo 313Oundle Town RC (Felton =F) 
DNSB2.Op.4XToGo 308Oundle Town RC (Bradshaw) 
DNSMas.DE.4XToGo 103Oundle Town RC (Roe =D) 
DNSJ17.4XToGo 406Oundle Town RC (Egbe) 
DNSW.4XToGo 411Oundle Town RC (Hodnett) 
DNSW.Mas.CE.4XToGo 108Oundle Town RC (Cheney =E) 
DNSW.Mas.CE.4XToGo 209Oundle Town RC (Mace =C) 
DNSJ14.4X+ToGo 419Oundle Town RC (Rooney) 
DNSMas.EG.2XToGo 221Oundle Town RC (Chandler/McCormack =E) 
DNSMas.EG.2XToGo 429Oundle Town RC (Bishop/Felton =G) 
DNSJ15.2XToGo 423Oundle Town RC (Tetley/Aylmore) 
DNSW.Mas.E.2XToGo 329Oundle Town RC (Izod/Hook) 
DNSMas.G.1XToGo 342Oundle Town RC (Bishop) 
DNSW.Mas.ABC.1XToGo 336Oundle Town RC (Watson =B)