Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 13th September 2009

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Results for First & Third Trinity

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMeadowTowpathTimeVerdict
20317:45CRA.Mx.8+ (15) Maidstone Invicta RC (Sticklee)(16) First & Third Trinity 
108:30IM3.4+36(21) Cantabrigian RC (Kirk)(22) Broxbourne RC (Foden) 
308:35IM3.4+38(29) St Neots RC (White)(30) Broxbourne RC (Jenkins) 
3610:06IM3.4+107Winner of Race 1(23) Queen Mary UL BC (Gull) 
3910:14IM3.4+107(24) Peterborough City (Barrows)(25) Queens' College (Cambridge) (Queens College Boars) 
3710:09IM3.4+98(26) Durham School (Pearson)(27) First & Third Trinity (Fletcher) 
3810:11IM3.4+98(28) Jesus College, Cambridge (Tran-Viet)Winner of Race 3 
10713:21IM3.4+178Winner of Race 36Winner of Race 39 
9812:56IM3.4+178Winner of Race 37Winner of Race 38 
17816:36IM3.4+ Winner of Race 107Winner of Race 98 
19617:26IM3.2+ (75) First & Third Trinity (Garcia/O Neill)(76) First & Third Trinity (Pope/McTiernan) 
15115:22IM2.1X (169) First & Third Trinity (Coker)(170) Royal Docks RC (O Connell)