Star Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

Draw for Eton College BC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankment
10113:251Op.8+123(1) Star/Bedford (Waugh)(2) Bedford School (J16 B) 
4510:371Op.8+123(3) Bedford School (3rd VIII)(4) Eton College BC (Jain) 
12314:311Op.8+ Winner of Race 101Winner of Race 45 
5811:1610Op.4+77(39) X Press Boat Club (Thornton)(40) Eton College BC (Jain) 
9313:0110Op.4+117(43) X Press Boat Club (Vellinho)(44) University of East Anglia (Childs) 
7712:1310Op.4+170Winner of Race 58(41) University of East Anglia (Gherghel) 
11714:1310Op.4+170(42) Martyrs Boat Club (Singfield)Winner of Race 93 
17016:5210Op.4+ Winner of Race 77Winner of Race 117 
9613:1049J18.1X (202) Eton College BC (Hamilton-Davies)(203) Star Club (Ngwang) 
10513:3750J17.1X153(204) Eton College BC (Clarke)(205) Peterborough City (Mackenzie) 
11314:0150J17.1X153(206) Peterborough City (Collins)(207) Star Club (Tame) 
15316:0150J17.1X Winner of Race 105Winner of Race 113