Twickenham Regatta

Saturday 25th May 2019

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Results for Kingston Rowing Club

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMiddlesexSurreyTimeVerdict
16216:05Mas.CD.8+ (302) Reading RC (=D)(303) Kingston Rowing Club (=C)3:311 1/3 lengths
11213:53B2.W.8+132(312) St Peters College(313) Kingston Rowing Club3:42Easily
11313:57B2.W.8+133(315) Putney Town RC (Levene)(316) Reading RCNTTEasily
11414:00B2.W.8+133(317) Twickenham RC (Ansell)(318) Warwick University3:49Easily
13215:03B2.W.8+164(312) St Peters College(314) Twickenham RC (Edwards)3:362 lengths
13315:07B2.W.8+164(316) Reading RC(318) Warwick University3:402 lengths
16416:55B2.W.8+ (312) St Peters College(316) Reading RC3:312/3 length
910:28Mas.C.4+26(206) Reading RC(207) Eton Excelsior RCNTTRow Over
1010:02Mas.C.4+26(208) Kingston Rowing Club(209) Twickenham RCNTTeasily
2611:08Mas.C.4+ (206) Reading RC(208) Kingston Rowing ClubNTT3/4 length
1510:49Mas.D.4X32(229) Team Keane(230) Kingston Rowing ClubNTT2 1/2 lengths
1610:52Mas.D.4X32(231) Bewl Bridge RC(232) Twickenham RC3:293 lengths
3211:48Mas.D.4X (230) Kingston Rowing Club(231) Bewl Bridge RCNTT3 1/2 lengths
410:10W.4X21(242) Kingston Rowing Club (Boruvka)(243) Twickenham RC4:07easily
510:14W.4X22(245) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(246) Reading RCNTTeasily
610:17W.4X22(247) Kingston Rowing Club (Carrington)(248) Ardingly Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
2111:10W.4X38(243) Twickenham RC(244) Maidenhead RCNTT5 lengths
2211:13W.4X38(245) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(247) Kingston Rowing Club (Carrington)3:41easily
3812:09W.4X (244) Maidenhead RC(245) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC3:412 1/2 lengths
13915:28Op.2X161(321) Vesta RC(322) Kingston Rowing Club4:014 lengths
14015:31Op.2X161(323) University of East Anglia(324) Twickenham RCNTTRow Over
16116:45Op.2X (322) Kingston Rowing Club(323) University of East Anglia3:445 1/2 lengths
12814:49B2.W.2X157(342) University of East Anglia(343) Putney Town RC (Kuricova/Pontes de Freitas)4:144 1/2 lengths
12914:53B2.W.2X157(344) Kingston Rowing Club(345) Upper Thames RC4:03Easily
15716:31B2.W.2X (342) University of East Anglia(344) Kingston Rowing Club4:022 lengths
10913:43Op.1X126(356) Twickenham RC (King)(357) Kingston Rowing Club3:483 lengths
11013:46Op.1X127(360) Twickenham RC (Fitzgerald)(361) Quintin BC3:59Easily
12614:42Op.1X155(357) Kingston Rowing Club(358) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)NTTEasily
12714:46Op.1X155(359) Reading RC(361) Quintin BC3:483 lengths
15516:24Op.1X (358) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)(359) Reading RC3:362 lengths
10713:36Mas.DE.1X124(362) Kingston Rowing Club (=E)(363) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =E)NTT1 length
10813:39Mas.DE.1X125(366) Tideway Scullers School (Earnshaw =E)(367) Putney Town RC (=E)NTT1 foot
12414:35Mas.DE.1X154(363) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =E)(364) Fulham Reach RC (=E)NTT3 lengths
12514:39Mas.DE.1X154(365) Tideway Scullers School (Supple =D)(367) Putney Town RC (=E)4:232 lengths
15416:20Mas.DE.1X (363) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =E)(367) Putney Town RC (=E)4:055 lengths