Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 24th June 2023

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
108:45B1.W.1X36(108) I Kritzler (King's College Boat Club, Uni of Queensland)(107) A Forgenie (Great Marlow School)(106) S Daniels (Sir William Perkins School)4:033 lengths5 lengths
208:48B1.W.1X36(110) K Morris (Brisbane & GPS RC, Australia)(111) E Green (BTC Southampton)(109) A Pearson (Sir William Perkins School)3:501 1/2 lengthseasily
308:51B1.W.1X36(114) P Johnson (Reading Blue Coat School)(112) A Hallett (Wimbleball RC)(113) A Staples (Sir William Perkins School)4:032 1/2 lengths4 lengths
408:54B1.Op.2X37(83) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(82) Green Lake(81) Reading RC3:203 lengths2 1/2 lengths
508:57B1.Op.2X37(84) Falcon RC(85) Bournemouth University(129) Shiplake College3:21easilyDNS
609:00B3.W.1X38(119) S Dixon (Reading RC)(121) N Helmy (City of Oxford RC)(120) Covell (Canford School Boat Club)4:083 lengthsNot recorded
709:03B3.W.1X38(124) S Whelan (Canford School Boat Club)(123) T Hill (City of Oxford RC)(122) R Bullock (Sydenham High School)4:233/4 lengthDNS
809:06B3.W.1X38(125) T Csahók (City of Oxford RC)(127) R Carrahar (Reading RC)(126) M Ulyett (Canford School Boat Club)4:102 lengthsNot recorded
909:09B2.W.1X39(116) I Vendrell (Falcon RC)(117) A Walters (St George's College BC)NTTRow Over 
1009:12J15.4+40(39) Radley College Boat Club (Hughes)(40) Reading Blue Coat School (Maynard)(41) Radley College Boat Club (Baker)3:101 lengtha canvas
1109:16J15.4+40(42) Westminster School BC(43) Radley College Boat Club (Winzer de Ramon-Laca)(44) Great Marlow School3:162 lengthsNot Rowed Out
1209:20J15.4+40(46) Reading Blue Coat School (Ludford)(45) Radley College Boat Club (Van Den Broek)3:193 lengths 
1309:24J14.1X41(100) F Koelsch (Westminster School BC)(99) O White (Henley RC)(101) L Cheng (Bryanston School BC)4:001 1/2 lengthseasily
1409:27J14.1X41(103) D Petrosillo (Henley RC)(104) J Liau (Westminster School BC)(105) Wharfe (Great Marlow School)3:591 lengthDNS
1509:30B2.J14.8X42(23) Radley College Boat Club (Casey)(21) Shiplake College (Cockings)(22) Reading Blue Coat School (Madden)3:103 lengths5 lengths
1609:35B2.J14.8X42(27) Radley College Boat Club (Howard)(25) Westminster School BC (Ahluwalia)(26) Shiplake College (Zacharias)3:185 lengths3 lengths
1709:40B2.J14.2X43(95) Bryanston School BC (Stobie/Henderson)(94) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Drew/Wendt)(96) Henley RC (Visinoiu/Newson)3:504 lengthseasily
1809:43B2.J14.2X43(98) Bryanston School BC (Winham/Hipkiss)(97) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Dixson/Watson)4:105 lengths 
1909:46W.J16.4X44(65) Great Marlow School(64) Shiplake Vikings RC (Askin)3:39easily 
2009:51Op.4X48(55) Bournemouth University (Colam)(54) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over 
2109:56Op.4X48(56) Pangbourne College BC(57) Bournemouth University (Wyatt)3:112 lengths 
2210:05B1.J14.2X45(88) City of Oxford RC(87) Westminster School BC (Yao/Sevinc)3:36easily 
2310:08B1.J14.2X45(93) Westminster School BC (Saville/Wignakumar)(92) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Mahesh/Swamy)3:54easily 
2410:11B1.J14.2X45(90) Marlow RC(89) Henley RC (Lutsenko/Green)(91) Westminster School BC (Adu-Poku/Elliff)3:405 lengthseasily
2510:14W.4X46(59) Bournemouth University (Dance)(58) City of Oxford RC(60) Great Marlow School3:534 1/2 lengthsDNS
2610:19W.4X46(61) Shiplake College(62) Bournemouth University (Callaghan)3:271 1/2 lengths 
2710:24J15.4X+47(68) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(69) Canford School Boat Club(70) Reading Blue Coat School3:333 lengths2 lengths
2810:29Op.4-49(50) Salisbury BC / Salisbury Sch, USA(51) Great Marlow School2:532 lengths 
2910:33Op.4-49(52) Hereford RC(53) Reading RC3:093 lengths 
3110:42Op.4+60(30) WPI Crew (Tengdin)(31) Great Marlow School3:063 lengths 
3210:46Op.4+60(34) Deerfield Academy, USA(32) WPI Crew (Shatouhy)(33) Reading RC2:561/2 lengtheasily
3310:50Op.Sch/Jun.8+62(6) Reading Blue Coat School(7) Shiplake College(8) Salisbury School, USA2:421 1/2 lengths1/2 length
3410:54Op.Sch/Jun.8+62(9) Bedford School(10) Green Lake (Levin)2:452 lengths 
3510:58Op.Sch/Jun.8+62(5) Brisbane Boys' College, Australia(3) Green Lake (Henry)(4) Great Marlow School2:421 1/2 lengthsDNS
16411:02Op.4+60(86) Colgate University Rowing, USA(35) University of York Boat Club3:001 length 
3611:06B1.W.1X (114) P Johnson (Reading Blue Coat School)(110) K Morris (Brisbane & GPS RC, Australia)(108) I Kritzler (King's College Boat Club, Uni of Queensland)3:451 1/4 lengthseasily
3711:09B1.Op.2X (84) Falcon RC(83) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe3:192 1/2 lengths 
3811:12B3.W.1X (125) T Csahók (City of Oxford RC)(119) S Dixon (Reading RC)(124) S Whelan (Canford School Boat Club)4:073 lengthseasily
3911:15B2.W.1X (118) S Sorrell (Wimbleball RC)(116) I Vendrell (Falcon RC)(115) L Boulton (Bryanston School BC)4:171 1/2 lengths3 lengths
4011:18J15.4+ (39) Radley College Boat Club (Hughes)(46) Reading Blue Coat School (Ludford)(42) Westminster School BC3:132 1/2 lengths1 length
4111:22J14.1X (103) D Petrosillo (Henley RC)(100) F Koelsch (Westminster School BC)(102) L Tzitzikakis (Westminster School BC)4:002 1/2 lengths4 lengths
4211:25B2.J14.8X (23) Radley College Boat Club (Casey)(27) Radley College Boat Club (Howard)(24) Radley College Boat Club (Attwater)3:123/4 length4 lengths
4311:30B2.J14.2X (95) Bryanston School BC (Stobie/Henderson)(98) Bryanston School BC (Winham/Hipkiss)3:49easily 
4411:33W.J16.4X (65) Great Marlow School(66) Shiplake Vikings RC (Forrest)(63) Shiplake Vikings RC (Toward)3:362 1/2 lengthseasily
4511:38B1.J14.2X (88) City of Oxford RC(90) Marlow RC(93) Westminster School BC (Saville/Wignakumar)3:374 lengths2 1/2 lengths
4611:41W.4X (61) Shiplake College(59) Bournemouth University (Dance)3:34easily 
4711:46J15.4X+ (67) Bryanston School BC(71) Westminster School BC(68) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe3:291 1/4 lengths2 lengths
4811:51Op.4X (56) Pangbourne College BC(55) Bournemouth University (Colam)3:01easily 
4911:56Op.4- (50) Salisbury BC / Salisbury Sch, USA(52) Hereford RC2:501 1/4 lengths 
5012:04B2.W.J14.4X+ (77) Marlow RC (Lenchits-Evans)(76) Marlow RC (Rowe)(75) Sydenham High School4:082 lengthseasily
5112:09B1.W.J14.4X+ (72) Henley RC(74) Sir William Perkins School(73) Marlow RC (Brown)3:553 lengthseasily
5212:14W.4+ (48) Sir William Perkins School(49) Sydenham High School(47) Reading RC3:453 lengths3/4 length
5312:18Mas.F.4+ (38) Reading RC (Hudson)(37) Thames RC(36) Reading RC (Harrison)3:461 length2 lengths
5412:22Op.2nd.8+ (1) King's College Boat Club, Uni of Queensland(2) Tyrian Club2:444 lengths 
5512:26W.J15.8X (28) Henley RC(29) Great Marlow School3:23a canvas 
5612:31B1.J14.8X (18) Great Marlow School(20) Westminster School BC (Anderson)(19) Reading Blue Coat School (Brack)3:102 1/2 lengths2 1/2 lengths
5712:36W.J15.8+ (17) Sir William Perkins School(16) Canford School Boat Club3:233 lengths 
5812:40Op.2- (79) Marin Rowing Association, USA(78) Radley College Boat Club3:15easily 
5912:45W.Sch/Jun.8+ (14) Deerfield Academy, USA(15) Melbourne Girls GS, Australia2:573 feet 
6012:49Op.4+ (86) Colgate University Rowing, USA(34) Deerfield Academy, USA(30) WPI Crew (Tengdin)2:501 1/4 lengths2 1/2 lengths
6112:53J16.8+ (13) Reading Blue Coat School(11) Radley College Boat Club(12) Bryanston School BC2:531/2 length2 lengths
6212:57Op.Sch/Jun.8+ (9) Bedford School (Henry)(5) Brisbane Boys' College, Australia(6) Reading Blue Coat School2:311/4 length4 lengths
10114:00B2.W.J15.4X+134(264) Great Marlow School(263) Shiplake Vikings RCNTT1 1/2 lengths 
10214:05B1.W.J15.4X+135(259) Sir William Perkins School (Daniels)(260) Henley RC (Sissons)NTT1 1/4 lengths 
10314:10J15.8+145(206) Radley College Boat Club (Winzer de Ramon-Laca)(207) Westminster School BC(208) Shiplake College (Campbell)3:003/4 lengthDNS
10414:14J15.8+145(212) Radley College Boat Club (Crean)(210) Reading Blue Coat School(211) Shiplake College (Evans)2:491 1/2 lengthsa canvas
10514:18J16.4X137(241) Henley RC(240) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Stowers)3:041 length 
10614:23J16.4X137(243) Bryanston School BC(242) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Watson)3:103 lengths 
10714:28B1.J16.4+144(227) Westminster School BC(228) Radley College Boat Club (Hunter)(226) Reading Blue Coat School (Cole)3:092 1/2 lengths1 length
10814:32B3.W.2X146(282) City of Oxford RC (Helmy/Csahók)(284) Canford School Boat Club(283) Shiplake Vikings RC3:563 1/2 lengthsDNS
10914:35B3.W.2X146(287) James Allen's Girls' School BC(285) City of Oxford RC (Rose/Maset)(286) Bournemouth University (Dance/Taylor)3:55easilyeasily
11014:38B3.W.2X146(288) Bournemouth University (Butterworth/Hickey)(289) City of Oxford RC (Inker/Koekemoer)4:29easily 
11114:41B2.W.2X147(277) Reading RC(279) Bournemouth University (Andrew/Callaghan)(278) Sir William Perkins School (Bell/Lansdell)3:423/4 length4 lengths
11214:44B2.W.2X147(281) City of Oxford RC (Hill/O'Connor)(280) Maidenhead RC3:571/2 length 
11314:47B1.W.2X148(272) Pymble Ladies College, Australia(271) Sir William Perkins School (Gawley/Howe)3:405 lengths 
11414:50B1.W.2X148(274) Great Marlow School (Quinn/Whyte)(273) Sir William Perkins School (Howe/Cummins)3:521 1/4 lengths 
11514:53B1.W.2X148(275) Great Marlow School (Forgenie/Wharfe)(276) Syracuse University, USA4:52Row Over 
11614:56B1.J14.4X+149(247) Henley RC(249) Reading Blue Coat School (Brown)(248) Radley College Boat Club (Redmayne)3:231 1/2 lengths1 length
11715:05B1.J14.4X+149(250) Marlow RC(251) Radley College Boat Club (Holloway)(252) Reading Blue Coat School (Brack)3:161/2 lengtheasily
11815:10B1.J14.4X+149(254) Great Marlow School (Gale)(253) Radley College Boat Club (Carpigo)3:153 1/2 lengths 
16015:15Op.Sch/Jun.4X154(239) Shiplake College (Meiswinkel)(238) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe2:51easily 
12115:23B3.Op.1X155(309) F Meckler (Falcon RC)(308) A Loxton-Edwards (Radley College Boat Club)3:48easily 
12215:26B3.Op.1X155(310) S Elworthy (Radley College Boat Club)(311) A Boulcott (Bournemouth University)(312) G Williams Jones (Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe)3:572 feetDNS
12315:29B3.Op.1X155(314) J Gillespie (Upper Thames RC)(313) A Miller (Thames Valley Park RC)3:42easily 
12415:32B2.Op.1X156(305) A Powell (Upper Thames RC)(304) J Wenninger (Falcon RC)3:332 1/2 lengths 
12515:35B2.Op.1X156(306) J Colam (Bournemouth University)(307) H Wagenaar (Reading RC)4:26Row Over 
12615:38B1.Op.1X157(297) J Pollock (Bryanston School BC)(296) C Scott (Brisbane Boys' College, Australia)(295) L Sloan (GM Swans BC)3:183 lengthseasily
12715:41B1.Op.1X157(299) J Lomas (Hereford RC)(298) R Flanagan (Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe)(300) O Hammad (Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe)3:265 lengths2 lengths
12815:44B1.Op.1X157(301) C Karleskind (Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club, USA)(302) S Dunlop (Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe)(303) E Thorne (Bournemouth University)3:285 lengths3 lengths
12915:47Op.8+158(204) Colgate University Rowing, USA(205) King's College Boat Club, Uni of Queensland2:321 1/4 lengths 
13015:51Op.8+158(201) University of York Boat Club(203) WPI Crew(202) Tyrian Club2:341 length3 lengths
13116:15W.8+ (215) University of Pennsylvania WBC, USA (Morton)(213) University of Pennsylvania WBC, USA (Kiyonaga)(214) Melbourne Girls GS, Australia2:422 lengths2 lengths
13216:23Mas.EF.2X (269) Reading RC (=E)(270) Bexhill Amateur RC (=F)3:56Row Over 
13316:26Mas.C.2X (267) Upper Thames RC(266) Martyrs Boat Club(268) Reading RC3:14easilyDNS
13416:29B2.W.J15.4X+ (265) City of Oxford RC(262) Bryanston School BC(264) Great Marlow School3:362 lengths3 lengths
13516:34B1.W.J15.4X+ (259) Sir William Perkins School (Daniels)(258) Henley RC (Floyd)(261) Sir William Perkins School (Robinson)3:303 lengths2 1/2 lengths
13616:39W.Sch/Jun.4X (245) King's College Boat Club, Uni of Queensland(246) Great Marlow School(244) Shiplake College3:112 1/2 lengths3 1/2 lengths
13716:44J16.4X (243) Bryanston School BC(241) Henley RC2:571 length 
13816:49B2.W.J15.4+ (236) Canford School Boat Club (De Niro)(235) Sydenham High School (Colledge)NTT5 lengths 
13916:53B1.W.J15.4+ (233) Henley RC(232) Canford School Boat Club (Coupe)(234) Sydenham High School (Reynolds)3:331 1/2 lengths2 1/2 lengths
14016:57B2.W.J14.8X (219) Sir William Perkins School (Irvin-Sellers)(220) Sydenham High School3:482 lengths 
14117:06B1.W.J14.2X (290) Great Marlow School(291) Henley RC3:49easily 
14217:09B2.W.J14.2X (294) Sir William Perkins School (Johnson/Richards)(292) Sir William Perkins School (Devapragasam/De Lisio)(293) Bryanston School BC4:213 lengths2 lengths
14317:12B2.J16.4+ (231) Great Marlow School(230) Bryanston School BCNTT1 1/2 lengths 
14417:16B1.J16.4+ (229) Reading Blue Coat School (Floyd)(227) Westminster School BC(225) Radley College Boat Club (Lowrie)2:583 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
14517:20J15.8+ (212) Radley College Boat Club (Crean)(206) Radley College Boat Club (Winzer de Ramon-Laca)(209) Radley College Boat Club (Thompson)2:472 1/2 lengths1 length
14617:24B3.W.2X (282) City of Oxford RC (Helmy/Csahók)(287) James Allen's Girls' School BC(288) Bournemouth University (Butterworth/Hickey)3:423/4 lengtheasily
14717:27B2.W.2X (277) Reading RC(281) City of Oxford RC (Hill/O'Connor)3:424 lengths 
14817:30B1.W.2X (272) Pymble Ladies College, Australia(275) Great Marlow School (Forgenie/Wharfe)(274) Great Marlow School (Quinn/Whyte)3:362 lengths5 lengths
14917:33B1.J14.4X+ (247) Henley RC(254) Great Marlow School (Gale)(250) Marlow RC3:113 feet3 feet
15017:38Op.Sch/Jun.4+ (224) Salisbury School, USA(223) Reading Blue Coat School (Billing)(222) Reading Blue Coat School (Pitts-Williams)2:502 1/2 lengthseasily
15117:42B2.J14.4X+ (257) Bryanston School BC(255) Great Marlow School (Ivers-Dreux)(256) Radley College Boat Club (Fattorini)3:302 lengths2 1/2 lengths
15217:47B1.W.J14.8X (216) Henley RC(217) Marlow RC(218) Sir William Perkins School (Remsha)3:162 1/2 lengths4 lengths
15317:52W.J14.1X (316) E Butler (Henley RC)(315) L Platt (Great Marlow School)(317) N Pendlebury (Great Marlow School)4:025 lengths5 lengths
15417:55Op.Sch/Jun.4X (221) Seattle Preparatory School, USA(239) Shiplake College (Meiswinkel)(237) Shiplake College (Brooks)2:422 lengthsDNS
15518:04B3.Op.1X (314) J Gillespie (Upper Thames RC)(309) F Meckler (Falcon RC)(310) S Elworthy (Radley College Boat Club)3:326 lengthseasily
15618:07B2.Op.1X (306) J Colam (Bournemouth University)(305) A Powell (Upper Thames RC)3:383 lengths 
15718:10B1.Op.1X (301) C Karleskind (Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club, USA)(297) J Pollock (Bryanston School BC)(299) J Lomas (Hereford RC)3:111/2 length3 lengths
15818:13Op.8+ (204) Colgate University Rowing, USA(201) University of York Boat Club2:332 1/2 lengths 

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