Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 24th June 2017

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
13818:34ELI.8+ Riverside BC, USAWinchester College BCWPI Crew, USANTT1 length1 length
2710:14SEN.8+66Winchester College BCBucknell University, USAColgate University Rowing, USA2:361/3 length2/3 length
2810:18SEN.8+66WPI Crew, USAKing's College BC, Queensland AusTufts University, USA2:361/4 length2 lengths
2910:22SEN.8+66Santa Clara University, USARiverside BC, USAWilliams College, USA2:351 length2 lengths
6612:50SEN.8+ Santa Clara University, USAWinchester College BCWPI Crew, USA2:341 1/2 lengths3/4 length
12717:50IM1.8+ Kent School, USAGreen Lake, USATabor Crew, USA2:423/4 length1 length
3110:30IM2.8+57Norwich SchoolRadley College Boat ClubReading RC2:482 1/2 lengthsNot Rowed Out
3210:34IM2.8+57St. Albans School, USADeerfield Academy, USAThe Haverford School, USA2:421 length1 length
5712:14IM2.8+ St. Albans School, USANorwich School2:384 lengths 
12417:38IM3.8+ Reading Blue Coat SchoolNorwich School2:452 lengths 
4411:22NOV.8+ Norwich SchoolReading RC3:142 lengths 
8314:54Sch.8+137The Episcopal Academy, USATabor Crew, USACanford School Boat Club2:463/4 lengtheasily
8414:58Sch.8+137Deerfield Academy, USAThe Haverford School, USAGreen Lake, USA2:471/2 length3 lengths
8515:02Sch.8+137St. Albans School, USANorwich School2:44easily 
13718:30Sch.8+ St. Albans School, USADeerfield Academy, USAThe Episcopal Academy, USANTT1 length1 length
5512:06J16.8+ Abingdon SchoolReading Blue Coat School2:513 lengths 
8915:18J15A.8+123Norwich School (Elliot)Abingdon SchoolSt Edward's School2:571/2 length2 lengths
14016:14J15A.8+123Norwich School (Bacic)Canford School Boat ClubReading Blue Coat School3:081/4 length3/4 length
12318:01J15A.8+ Norwich School (Elliot)Norwich School (Bacic)2:503 lengths 
10416:18J15B.8+129Bryanston School BCReading Blue Coat SchoolAbingdon School3:093 3/4 lengthsRow Over
12917:58J15B.8+ Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBryanston School BCRadley College Boat Club2:571/2 length1/4 length
9315:34W.IM3.8+126Tethys BCFalcon RCCheltenham College3:352 lengthsRow Over
9415:38W.IM3.8+126Oxford University Lwt Women's BCWolfson College, Oxford3:192 3/4 lengths 
12617:46W.IM3.8+ Oxford University Lwt Women's BCTethys BC3:07easily 
4811:38W.NOV.8+ Reading RCTethys BC3:252 lengths 
1209:14J14A.8X47Abingdon School (Graham)Bryanston School BCNorwich School3:081 lengthRow Over
1309:18J14A.8X47Abingdon School (McNamara)Winchester College BCCheltenham CollegeNTT1 1/4 lengthsRow Over
4711:34J14A.8X Abingdon School (McNamara)Abingdon School (Graham)St Edward's School3:043 lengths1/2 length
1709:34J14B.8X56Abingdon School (McNally)Norwich SchoolReading Blue Coat School (Brinicombe)3:093/4 lengtheasily
1909:42J14B.8X56Radley College Boat Club (Brown)St Edward's SchoolReading Blue Coat School (J148x+1)3:161/2 lengtheasily
2109:50J14B.8X56Abingdon School (Ebsen)Radley College Boat Club (Collis)3:231 1/2 lengths 
5612:10J14B.8X Abingdon School (McNally)Radley College Boat Club (Brown)Abingdon School (Ebsen)3:173 feeteasily
11416:58W.J14.8X St Edward's SchoolBryanston School BC3:411 1/4 lengths 
10016:02SEN.4+128Riverside BC, USAWPI Crew, USA (Carabillo)3:021 1/2 lengths 
10116:06SEN.4+128Colgate University Rowing, USAKing's College BC, Queensland AusDeerfield Academy, USA3:011 1/4 lengthsRow Over
10216:10SEN.4+128WPI Crew, USA (Beeman)Williams College, USANTT2 lengths 
12817:54SEN.4+ WPI Crew, USA (Beeman)Colgate University Rowing, USARiverside BC, USA2:52a canvas3 lengths
3310:38IM1.4+63Riverside BC, USABucknell University, USATabor Crew, USA3:012 lengths1 1/2 lengths
3410:42IM1.4+63Kent School, USADeerfield Academy, USA3:063 lengths 
6312:38IM1.4+ Kent School, USARiverside BC, USA2:572 1/2 lengths 
13018:02IM2.4+ Radley MarinersDeerfield Academy, USARadley College Boat Club3:011/2 length1 length
1609:30IM3.4+54Cambridge '99 RCAbingdon School3:062 lengths 
5412:02IM3.4+ Norwich SchoolCambridge '99 RCMaidenhead RC3:092 lengthseasily
8114:46NOV.4+113Cambridge '99 RCGreat Marlow SchoolAbingdon School3:25easilyRow Over
8214:50NOV.4+113Norwich SchoolMaidenhead RCReading Blue Coat School3:192 lengths1/2 length
11316:54NOV.4+ Cambridge '99 RCNorwich SchoolReading RC3:124 lengthseasily
12117:26Mas.A.4+ Reading / Upper Thames RCsBallarat City RC AUSMaidenhead RC3:241 lengthRow Over
6913:02Sch.4+ Reading Blue Coat SchoolCanford School Boat Club (Beaney)Canford School Boat Club (Hosking)3:074 lengths3 lengths
10816:34J16.4+133Winchester College BCReading Blue Coat School3:123 1/2 lengths 
13318:14J16.4+ Abingdon School (Wiblin)Winchester College BCAbingdon School (Dobson)NTT1/2 length1/2 length
1409:22J15B.4+49Reading Blue Coat School (Smith)Cheltenham CollegeSt Edward's School3:183 feeteasily
1509:26J15B.4+49Abingdon SchoolNorwich SchoolReading Blue Coat School (Frood)3:181 1/2 lengthseasily
4911:42J15B.4+ Abingdon SchoolReading Blue Coat School (Smith)3:222 1/2 lengths 
808:58J15A.4+24St Edward's School (McKnight)Canford School Boat ClubRadley College Boat Club (Beck)3:192 lengthseasily
909:02J15A.4+26St Edward's School (Mulot)Radley College Boat Club (Nielsen)3:181/2 length 
2410:02J15A.4+46Bryanston School BCWinchester College BCSt Edward's School (McKnight)NTT2/3 length5 lengths
2510:06J15A.4+46Pangbourne College BCNorwich SchoolCheltenham College3:05a canvas3 lengths
2610:10J15A.4+46Abingdon SchoolSt Edward's School (Mulot)Reading Blue Coat School3:121 1/5 lengths1/2 length
4611:30J15A.4+ Abingdon SchoolBryanston School BCPangbourne College BC3:123/4 lengtha canvas
1409:22J15B.4+49Reading Blue Coat School (Smith)Cheltenham CollegeSt Edward's School3:183 feeteasily
1509:26J15B.4+49Abingdon SchoolNorwich SchoolReading Blue Coat School (Frood)3:181 1/2 lengthseasily
4911:42J15B.4+ Abingdon SchoolReading Blue Coat School (Smith)3:222 1/2 lengths 
4311:18W.IM2.4+ Oxford University Lwt Women's BCPangbourne College BCFalcon RC3:341/2 lengtheasily
6012:26W.NOV.4+ Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolCheltenham CollegeReading RC3:531 lengtheasily
12514:26IM1.4- Colgate University Rowing, USAGriffin Composite3:071/2 length 
4011:06IM1.4X Tufts University, USAUniversity of Queensland, AusBallarat City RC AUS2:531/3 lengtheasily
11617:06Sch.4X Clonmel Rowing Club, IrelandMalvern Prep. School, USA (Mankowski)Malvern Prep. School, USA (Keenan)2:453 lengthsNot Rowed Out
11917:18J16.4X+ Reading Blue Coat School (Roper)Reading Blue Coat School (Grantham)3:273 lengths 
3510:46J15.4X+64Bryanston School BCSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Walter)Radley College Boat Club3:25easilyeasily
3610:50J15.4X+64Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (O Neill)Great Marlow SchoolReading Blue Coat School3:131 3/4 lengthseasily
6412:42J15.4X+ Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (O Neill)Bryanston School BCNorwich School3:113 lengthseasily
7714:30J14A.4X+109Abingdon School (Graham)Norwich School3:305 lengths 
10916:38J14A.4X+134Abingdon School (Graham)Bryanston School BCCanford School Boat Club3:243 lengths2 lengths
11016:42J14A.4X+134Reading Blue Coat SchoolSt Edward's SchoolSir William Borlase's Grammar School3:19easily2 1/2 lengths
11116:46J14A.4X+134Abingdon School (McNamara)Winchester College BCCheltenham College3:17a canvas4 lengths
13418:18J14A.4X+ Reading Blue Coat SchoolAbingdon School (McNamara)Abingdon School (Graham)NTT1/2 length2 lengths
7014:02J14B.4X+95Abingdon School (Cunningham)Winchester College BC (Beadman)3:524 lengths 
7114:06J14B.4X+95Norwich School (Gray)Bryanston School BCCanford School Boat Club (Wilkinson)3:354 lengthseasily
7214:10J14B.4X+96Radley College Boat Club (Stinton)Reading Blue Coat School (Clements)Cheltenham College4:025 lengthseasily
7314:14J14B.4X+96Reading Blue Coat School (Aplin)Norwich School (Hampsheir)Radley College Boat Club (Brown)3:454 lengthsRow Over
7414:18J14B.4X+96Great Marlow SchoolSt Edward's SchoolNorwich School (Bean)3:301 lengtheasily
7514:22J14B.4X+97Reading Blue Coat School (Beyki)Abingdon School (Jones)Radley College Boat Club (Collis)3:484 lengths4 lengths
7614:26J14B.4X+97Canford School Boat Club (Cox)Winchester College BC (Jude)NTTRow Over 
9515:42J14B.4X+122Norwich School (Gray)Abingdon School (Cunningham)3:384 lengths 
9615:46J14B.4X+122Great Marlow SchoolReading Blue Coat School (Aplin)Radley College Boat Club (Stinton)3:343 1/3 lengths1 1/2 lengths
9715:50J14B.4X+122Reading Blue Coat School (Beyki)Canford School Boat Club (Cox)3:452/3 length 
12217:30J14B.4X+ Great Marlow SchoolNorwich School (Gray)Reading Blue Coat School (Beyki)NTT1 lengtheasily
11517:02W.NOV.4X+ Pangbourne College BCNorwich SchoolFalcon RC3:35a canvaseasily
3010:26W.J16.4X+62Canford School Boat Club (Baldwin)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Watkins)3:42easily 
6212:34W.J16.4X+ Canford School Boat Club (Baldwin)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Gill)Canford School Boat Club (Hewett)3:361 length3 lengths
10516:22W.J15.4X+131Shiplake Vikings RCSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Reike)Canford School Boat Club3:434 1/2 lengthseasily
10616:26W.J15.4X+131Reading RCSt Edward's SchoolSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Falconer)3:522 1/2 lengths3 1/2 lengths
13118:06W.J15.4X+ Shiplake Vikings RCReading RCNTT3 lengths 
1009:06W.J14.4X+37Great Marlow School (Russell)Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolSt Edward's School (Speir)4:001 1/2 lengths5 lengths
3710:54W.J14.4X+67Reading RCBryanston School BC (Young)Great Marlow School (Russell)3:463 lengthseasily
3810:58W.J14.4X+67St Edward's School (Tompkins)Cheltenham CollegeShiplake Vikings RC4:091 1/2 lengthseasily
3911:02W.J14.4X+67St Edward's School (Inglis-Jones)Bryanston School BC (Fraser)Great Marlow School (Bradley)4:004 lengthsNot Rowed Out
6712:54W.J14.4X+ Reading RCSt Edward's School (Inglis-Jones)St Edward's School (Tompkins)3:43easily3 lengths
708:54IM1.2-23WPI Crew, USAGonzaga College HS Crew3:24easily 
1109:10IM1.2-45King's College BC, Queensland AusRadley Mariners3:123 lengths 
2309:58IM1.2-139WPI Crew, USAReading RCNTT2 1/2 lengths 
4511:26IM1.2-139King's College BC, Queensland AusBucknell University, USA3:293 lengths 
13913:04IM1.2- King's College BC, Queensland AusWPI Crew, USA3:105 lengths 
11216:50IM3.2- Clonmel Rowing Club, IrelandRadley College Boat Club3:25easily 
10716:30IM1.2X132The Haverford School, USAUniversity of Queensland, AusCambridge '99 RC3:102 lengths1 1/2 lengths
13218:10IM1.2X The Haverford School, USAKing's College BC, Queensland AusWinchester College BC3:061 length3 lengths
508:46NOV.2X52St Edward's SchoolMaidenhead RCCanford School Boat Club3:34easilyNot Rowed Out
5211:54NOV.2X St Edward's SchoolTufts University, USAReading RC3:341 length1/2 length
5112:58Mas.A.2X St Edward's Martyrs BCFalcon RCEton Excelsior RCNTTeasily1/2 length
608:50J14.2X58Canford School Boat ClubReading Blue Coat SchoolSir William Borlase's Grammar School3:363/4 lengtheasily
5812:18J14.2X Canford School Boat ClubReading Blue Coat SchoolGreat Marlow School3:393 lengthseasily
5912:22W.IM2.2X Reading UniversityOxford University Lwt Women's BCPangbourne College BC3:383 lengthsNot Rowed Out
208:34W.NOV.2X18Shiplake Vikings RCPangbourne College BCNorwich School3:523/4 lengtha canvas
308:38W.NOV.2X20Shiplake Vikings RCPangbourne College BCFalcon RC3:515 lengths3 lengths
408:42W.NOV.2X22Norwich SchoolPangbourne College BCSir William Borlase's Grammar School4:043/4 length1 length
1809:38W.NOV.2X42Reading RCShiplake Vikings RCSt Edward's School3:474 lengthsNot Rowed Out
2009:46W.NOV.2X42Oxford University Lwt Women's BCShiplake Vikings RCReading Blue Coat School3:411 1/2 lengths3 lengths
2209:54W.NOV.2X42Bryanston School BCNorwich SchoolWolfson College, Oxford4:02Not Rowed OutNot Rowed Out
4211:14W.NOV.2X Oxford University Lwt Women's BCReading RCBryanston School BC3:533 feet3 lengths
7814:34W.J14.2X118Great Marlow SchoolSt Edward's SchoolCheltenham College4:235 lengths2 lengths
7914:38W.J14.2X118Great Marlow SchoolGreat Marlow SchoolShiplake Vikings RC4:206 lengthseasily
8014:42W.J14.2X118Reading RCGreat Marlow SchoolCheltenham College4:10easily3 lengths
11817:14W.J14.2X Reading RCGreat Marlow SchoolGreat Marlow School3:514 lengthsRow Over
6512:46IM1.1X Clonmel Rowing Club, Ireland (Dundon)King's College BC, Queensland Aus (Foxton)NTTeasily 
13618:26IM2.1X University of Queensland, Aus (Bridge)King's College BC, Queensland Aus (Ebert)NTT2 lengths 
108:30IM3.1X50Reading University (McPherson)Army RC (Dorling)3:25easily 
5011:46IM3.1X Reading University (McPherson)Nottingham RC (Townsend)Reading RC (Markham)3:40easily3 lengths
8615:06NOV.1X120Reading RC (Phillips)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Clark)Radley College Boat Club (Lumley)4:032 lengths4 lengths
8715:10NOV.1X120St Edward's School (Cox)Green Lake, USA (Pattinson)Reading University (Hannam)3:591 1/2 lengthsRow Over
8815:14NOV.1X120Millfield (Vaughan)Radley College Boat Club (Thorneycroft)Winchester College BC (Bacchus)4:075 lengths5 lengths
12017:22NOV.1X Reading RC (Phillips)Millfield (Vaughan)St Edward's School (Cox)3:341 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
5311:58J18.1X Clonmel Rowing Club, Ireland (Butler)Reading RC (Pratt)Millfield (Vaughan)3:324 lengths1 length
11717:10W.IM2.1X Wadham College, Oxford (Hall)Birmingham RC (Kelley)Falcon RC (Sharma)3:553 lengths4 lengths
6112:30W.IM3.1X Shiplake Vikings RC (Blois-Brooke)Millfield (King)Pangbourne College BC (Allen)4:033 lengths3 lengths
9015:22W.NOV.1X135Pangbourne College BC (Perring)Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Turner)Millfield (Thomas)4:285 lengths6 lengths
9115:26W.NOV.1X135Bryanston School BC (De Beer)Reading University (Regan)Norwich School (Wollocombe)4:292 lengths5 lengths
9215:30W.NOV.1X135Pangbourne College BC (Moody)Abingdon RC (Henderson)Reading RC (Richards)4:323 lengthsRow Over
13518:22W.NOV.1X Pangbourne College BC (Perring)Bryanston School BC (De Beer)Pangbourne College BC (Moody)NTT2 lengths2 lengths