St Neots Regatta

Saturday 22nd July 2017

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Results for Cygnet RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseRegatta FieldVerdictHandicap
1909:56ELI.2.4+82(38) London Otters RC(39) Lea Rowing Club (Schmidt)2 1/2 lengths
1709:50ELI.2.4+92(46) Globe RC(47) Sudbury RC3 lengths
8212:54ELI.2.4+166(39) Lea Rowing Club (Schmidt)(40) St Neots RC5 lengths
10514:02ELI.2.4+166(41) London Otters RC(42) Milton Keynes RC3 1/2 lengths
9113:21ELI.2.4+151(43) London Otters RC(45) Leeds RC (Wilkinson)2 1/2 lengths
9213:24ELI.2.4+151(44) Cygnet RC(46) Globe RCRow Over
16617:00ELI.2.4+207(39) Lea Rowing Club (Schmidt)(42) Milton Keynes RCeasily
15116:12ELI.2.4+207(43) London Otters RC(46) Globe RC2 lengths
20719:06ELI.2.4+ (39) Lea Rowing Club (Schmidt)(46) Globe RC3/4 length
7112:18Op 2-138(119) Bedford Rowing Club(120) Lea Rowing Club3 lengths
7812:42Op 2-157(123) Sudbury RC(124) Norwich RC3/4 length
13815:30Op 2-209(120) Lea Rowing Club(121) Cygnet RCeasily
15716:30Op 2-209(122) Lea Rowing Club(124) Norwich RC3 lengths
20919:12Op 2- (120) Lea Rowing Club(122) Lea Rowing Clubeasily
3210:24Mas.E.1X116(214) Cygnet RC(215) Broxbourne RCa bowball
3310:26Mas.E.1X115(217) Tyne RC(218) Milton Keynes RCRow Over
3510:30Mas.E.1X115(219) Star Club(220) Peterborough City5 lengths
11614:27Mas.E.1X184(215) Broxbourne RC(216) Leicester RC3 lengths
11514:25Mas.E.1X184(217) Tyne RC(220) Peterborough City3 lengths
18417:57Mas.E.1X (216) Leicester RC(220) Peterborough City3 lengths