The Isis Sculls

Saturday 22nd September 2012

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Novice Sculls
307:36.05332WESWestminster School BC (Kerr) 
107:43.01 (+0:06.96)127COXCity of Oxford RC (Leach) 
307:45.06 (+0:09.01)334WESWestminster School BC (Dobson) 
207:49.42 (+0:13.37)217MAGMagdalen College, Oxford (McLeod) 
108:03.19 (+0:27.14)125COXCity of Oxford RC (Walsh) 
108:12.67 (+0:36.62)126WESWestminster School BC (Ritossa) 
108:12.84 (+0:36.79)128WESWestminster School BC (Mosss) 
408:28.98 (+0:52.93)410COXCity of Oxford RC (Bennett) 
308:58.21 (+1:22.16)331COXCity of Oxford RC (Booth) 
308:59.39 (+1:23.34)333COXCity of Oxford RC (Erin) 
209:04.74 (+1:28.69)216COXCity of Oxford RC (Fordham) 
109:15.95 (+1:39.90)129HECHertford College (Klausen)