Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 1995

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Novice Sculls
07:17239KRCKingston Rowing Club (Drake)
07:55 (+0:38)308SNESt Neots RC (Castle)
07:57 (+0:40)424HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Shepherd)
07:59 (+0:42)309CAMCity of Cambridge (Hofdell)
08:01 (+0:44)310CAMCity of Cambridge (McKintyre)
08:02 (+0:45)371BEDBedford Rowing Club (Aldred)
08:06 (+0:49)91STAStar Club (Sangster)
08:06 (+0:49)305NORNorwich RC (Ford)
08:12 (+0:55)425LERLeicester RC (Watson)
08:15 (+0:58)307HENHenley RC (Tong)
08:19 (+1:02)311CAMCity of Cambridge (Clark)
08:22 (+1:05)454STAStar Club (Emmerson)
08:27 (+1:10)92SRCSudbury RC (Chambers)
08:29 (+1:12)370HENHenley RC (Knowles)
08:29 (+1:12)94BEDBedford Rowing Club (Musselle)
08:31 (+1:14)165BOSBoston RC (Elms)
08:35 (+1:18)423UBRUniversity of Bristol (Burton)
08:41 (+1:24)164NORNorwich RC (Brown)
09:20 (+2:03)166BMSBedford Modern School (Greengrass)
10:44 (+3:27)306BOSBoston RC (Warrilow)