Bedford Autumn Head

Sunday 12th October 2003

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Mixed Novice Eights

(2 Entries)

608:42342STAStar Club 
608:47 (+00:05)341BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Senior 1 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

107:154STAStar Club 
607:27 (+00:12)307LEUUniversity of Leicester 
307:32 (+00:17)142BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

407:17201UEAUniversity of East Anglia 
407:20 (+00:03)199BDSBedford School 
307:23 (+00:06)143STAStar Club 
107:28 (+00:11)5BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
507:38 (+00:21)260BEDBedford Rowing Club (B) 
407:54 (+00:37)200LEUUniversity of Leicester 
5DNS259NORNorwich RC 

Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(10 Entries, 9 Starters)

107:1011STAStar Club 
407:20 (+00:10)202UEAUniversity of East Anglia 
607:31 (+00:21)309BDSBedford School (A) 
507:32 (+00:22)263BDSBedford School (B) 
107:41 (+00:31)10MIKMilton Keynes RC 
507:45 (+00:35)264BRXBroxbourne RC 
607:51 (+00:41)345QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC 
207:53 (+00:43)70LEUUniversity of Leicester 
508:01 (+00:51)262GUIGuildford RC 
6DNS310NTNNorthampton RC 

Senior 4 Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

307:31147BDSBedford School (A) 
607:43 (+00:12)311BRXBroxbourne RC 
507:53 (+00:22)267BDSBedford School (B) 
407:53 (+00:22)203MIKMilton Keynes RC (A) 
208:24 (+00:53)71NTNNorthampton RC 
408:34 (+01:03)204MIKMilton Keynes RC (B) 

Novice Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

407:49205BDSBedford School (A) 
207:50 (+00:01)73OUNOundle School BC (A) 
407:55 (+00:06)206OUNOundle School BC (B) 
108:17 (+00:28)12BDSBedford School (B) 
208:26 (+00:37)72BMSBedford Modern School 
508:57 (+01:08)268BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Veteran B Coxed Fours

(2 Entries)

507:39343BEDBedford Rowing Club 
207:48 (+00:09)69MIKMilton Keynes RC 

Womens Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

608:14312BRXBroxbourne RC 
408:23 (+00:09)208BEDBedford Rowing Club 
408:35 (+00:21)207LEUUniversity of Leicester 
608:43 (+00:29)313CAMCity of Cambridge 

Womens Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(7 Entries)

408:15210UEAUniversity of East Anglia 
108:26 (+00:11)13MIKMilton Keynes RC 
608:30 (+00:15)316LEUUniversity of Leicester (A) 
508:45 (+00:30)270CAMCity of Cambridge 
408:52 (+00:37)211STAStar Club 
509:00 (+00:45)269LEUUniversity of Leicester (B) 
509:20 (+01:05)346BOHBoars Head Boat Club 

Womens Senior 4 Coxed Fours

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

208:3375LEUUniversity of Leicester (A) 
308:59 (+00:26)149LEUUniversity of Leicester (B) 
309:00 (+00:27)151BHSBedford High School RC 
309:11 (+00:38)150MIKMilton Keynes RC 
2DNS76BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

108:4316BEDBedford Rowing Club 
108:50 (+00:07)15LEUUniversity of Leicester 
209:11 (+00:28)80STAStar Club 
509:52 (+01:09)272FALFalcon RC 

Womens Junior Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

608:23315SESSt Edward's School 
409:12 (+00:49)209HEDHeadington School BC 
609:27 (+01:04)314ABNAbingdon RC 

Senior 1 Coxless Fours

(3 Entries)

106:582BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
307:20 (+00:22)141BEDBedford Rowing Club (C) 
507:31 (+00:33)258BEDBedford Rowing Club (B) 

Veteran D Coxless Fours

(2 Entries)

107:356BEDBedford Rowing Club 
107:54 (+00:19)7HONThe Hornets Boat Club 

Senior 1 Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

106:361STAStar Club (A) 
306:45 (+00:09)139STAStar Club (B) 
306:55 (+00:19)138STAStar Club (C) 

Senior 3 Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

106:373STAStar Club 
507:19 (+00:42)261CAMCity of Cambridge 

Novice Quad Sculls

(6 Entries)

606:56308BDSBedford School (A) 
107:08 (+00:12)8BDSBedford School (C) 
207:12 (+00:16)74SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School 
307:35 (+00:39)144BDSBedford School (B) 
108:21 (+01:25)9LEUUniversity of Leicester 
510:25 (+03:29)344FALFalcon RC 

Veteran D Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

407:11213BEDBedford Rowing Club 
307:51 (+00:40)148HONThe Hornets Boat Club 

Womens Senior 3 Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

507:57265BEDBedford Rowing Club 
307:58 (+00:01)146BHSBedford High School RC 
308:17 (+00:20)145FALFalcon RC 
508:42 (+00:45)266PETPeterborough City 

Womens Novice Quad Sculls

(2 Entries, 1 Starter)

108:1014FALFalcon RC 
6DNS317BEDBedford Rowing Club 

Womens Junior Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

307:53152SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (A) 
208:05 (+00:12)79SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (C) 
608:07 (+00:14)319STAStar Club 
608:21 (+00:28)318SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (B) 

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(4 Entries)

208:0477SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (A) 
208:16 (+00:12)78SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (B) 
408:29 (+00:25)212SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (C) 
509:10 (+01:06)271SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (D) 

Womens Junior 15 Coxed Quad Sculls

(8 Entries)

208:4283BHSBedford High School RC 
308:53 (+00:11)156OUNOundle School BC 
308:57 (+00:15)153SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (A) 
209:15 (+00:33)81HEDHeadington School BC 
509:15 (+00:33)273SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (C) 
209:16 (+00:34)82SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (D) 
309:22 (+00:40)154SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (B) 
309:49 (+01:07)155ABNAbingdon RC 

Womens Junior 14 Coxed Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

208:3284HEDHeadington School BC (A) 
208:47 (+00:15)85HEDHeadington School BC (B) 
609:16 (+00:44)320STAStar Club 
409:38 (+01:06)214HEDHeadington School BC (C) 
410:34 (+02:02)215HEDHeadington School BC (D) 

Elite Coxless Pairs

(4 Entries)

307:44159LEUUniversity of Leicester (Hall/Wells) 
607:54 (+00:10)321LEUUniversity of Leicester (Colborne/Grossey) 
408:09 (+00:25)221OUNOundle School BC (Rowell/Bryce) 
408:27 (+00:43)217LEUUniversity of Leicester (Fellmann/Grossey) 

Senior 4 Coxless Pairs

(2 Entries)

207:5888OUNOundle School BC (Rowell/Bryce) 
509:15 (+01:17)278LEUUniversity of Leicester (Pressley/Hoey) 

Womens Junior Coxless Pairs

(3 Entries)

308:57167DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Singhota/Rowles) 
108:58 (+00:01)25DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Weyler/Larsen) 
109:01 (+00:04)26DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (O'Such/Colcough) 

Senior 2 Double Sculls

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

307:27157SNESt Neots RC (Spring/Porteus) 
508:40 (+01:13)275_OUROundle RC (Griffiths/Davies) 
4DNS216SNESt Neots RC (Spring/Baker) 

Novice Double Sculls

(3 Entries)

407:44220OUNOundle School BC (Peate/Aked) 
408:11 (+00:27)219MIKMilton Keynes RC (Abraham/Floodgate) 
408:26 (+00:42)218GUIGuildford RC (Dettling/Blackburn) 

Veteran D Double Sculls

(3 Entries)

307:32160BEDBedford Rowing Club (Harris/Catlin) 
508:18 (+00:46)277GUIGuildford RC (Larcombe/Hopkins) 
608:29 (+00:57)324ABNAbingdon RC (Brazier/Hughes) 

Junior 18 Double Sculls

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

107:3519STAStar Club (Taylor/Miller) 
507:40 (+00:05)274SNESt Neots RC (Spring/Porteus) 
107:51 (+00:16)18BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thompson/Patmore) 
308:39 (+01:04)158BEDBedford Rowing Club (Wilson/Calvin) 
1DNS17SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Stanway/Scanlon) 

Junior 16 Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

108:0720SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Barnes/Hewett) 
508:10 (+00:03)276SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Thomas/Wall) 
608:12 (+00:05)323STAStar Club (Warner/Pledger) 
608:18 (+00:11)322SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Johnson/Barnes) 

Junior 15 Double Sculls

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

408:36222SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Donovan/Milton) 
409:21 (+00:45)223SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Tabor/Moon) 
509:57 (+01:21)325STAStar Club (Coles/Leslie) 
210:46 (+02:10)87SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Clogh/Messing) 
5DNS279PETPeterborough City (Palmer/Donald) 

Junior 14 Double Sculls

(2 Entries)

108:4027BEDBedford Rowing Club (Cook/Beechinor) 
509:58 (+01:18)284PETPeterborough City (Beresford/Lowe-Laurie) 

Womens Senior 1 Double Sculls

(3 Entries)

307:58161DAH/STADame Alice Harpur BC/Star Club (Tatman/Taylor) 
308:01 (+00:03)163SNE/STASt Neots RC/Star Club (Round/Hills) 
308:18 (+00:20)162STAStar Club (King/Whiteman) 

Womens Senior 4 Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

208:1490BEDBedford Rowing Club (Cooper/Lemon) 
208:26 (+00:12)89OUNOundle School BC (Glover/Gora) 
608:53 (+00:39)328SIVSt Ives RC (Squires/Turner) 
609:00 (+00:46)327PETPeterborough City (Bobyk/Walters) 

Womens Novice Double Sculls

(7 Entries)

308:46166BHSBedford High School RC (Dickason/Horler) 
108:55 (+00:09)24STAStar Club (Woods/Kells) 
209:05 (+00:19)92OUNOundle School BC (Greenhalgh/Sankey) 
409:19 (+00:33)228STAStar Club (McDonald-Smith/Turner) 
509:25 (+00:39)283STAStar Club (Lewis/Charnley) 
509:33 (+00:47)282FALFalcon RC (Paulini/Siegel) 
209:47 (+01:01)93BHSBedford High School RC (Simpson/Crawford) 

Womens Veteran B Double Sculls

(2 Entries)

507:58281XPR/LERX Press/Leicester (Brown/Horrocks) 
108:16 (+00:18)22STAStar Club (King/Whiteman) 

Womens Junior Double Sculls

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

108:1721SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Rego/Spencer) 
608:17326SNESt Neots RC (Round/Loades) 
408:30 (+00:13)226OUNOundle School BC (Glover/Gora) 
409:13 (+00:56)225OUNOundle School BC (Greenhalgh/Sankey) 
409:27 (+01:10)224SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Bradley/Oliver) 
209:36 (+01:19)86HEDHeadington School BC (Rankov/Brazier) 
5DNS280SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Tinley/Dailey) 

Womens Junior 16 Double Sculls

(6 Entries, 4 Starters)

308:40164SNE/STASt Neots RC/Star Club (Watters/Henderson) 
608:52 (+00:12)329SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Brennan/Poole) 
408:53 (+00:13)227SNESt Neots RC (Fitzsimons/Loades) 
309:09 (+00:29)165SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Jackson/D'Agostin) 
2DNS91HEDHeadington School BC (Velacot/Withers) 
1DNS23STAStar Club (Smith/Flory) 

Womens Junior 15 Double Sculls

(8 Entries)

308:56168BHSBedford High School RC (Piggott/Hinckley) 
609:15 (+00:19)332STAStar Club (McInnerney/Smith) 
209:21 (+00:25)94SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (James/Guryanova) 
210:08 (+01:12)95BEDBedford Rowing Club (Allison/Griffiths) 
410:21 (+01:25)229HEDHeadington School BC (Towns/Quinn-Pyatt) 
610:45 (+01:49)330SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Wall/Lim) 
611:04 (+02:08)331PETPeterborough City (Manning/Haropp) 
511:19 (+02:23)285ABNAbingdon RC (Wright/Habgood) 

Womens Junior 14 Double Sculls

(6 Entries)

609:10333PETPeterborough City (Bream/Price) 
409:39 (+00:29)233SESSt Edward's School (Bingham/Hall) 
409:40 (+00:30)232HEDHeadington School BC (Porter/Brown) 
409:50 (+00:40)230HEDHeadington School BC (James/Van Der Broeke) 
410:10 (+01:00)231HEDHeadington School BC (Dance/Ianes) 
511:01 (+01:51)286ABNAbingdon RC (Wright/Munsey) 

Elite Sculls

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

207:3696STAStar Club (Gillard) 
608:09 (+00:33)287STAStar Club (Callow) 
1DNS28LEUUniversity of Leicester (Colborne) 

Senior 2 Sculls

(3 Entries)

608:07334BEDBedford Rowing Club (Robb) 
108:13 (+00:06)30BEDBedford Rowing Club (Powell) 
108:16 (+00:09)31STAStar Club (Leggott) 
1DNS29STPStourport BC (Hart) 

Senior 3 Sculls

(5 Entries)

607:53335BRXBroxbourne RC (Alexander) 
208:01 (+00:08)98BEDBedford Rowing Club (Robb) 
308:06 (+00:13)174STAStar Club (Hetherington) 
508:18 (+00:25)294SIVSt Ives RC (Kilby) 
508:27 (+00:34)293NORNorwich RC (Brown) 

Senior 4 Sculls

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

108:1838BEDBedford Rowing Club (Funge) 
108:22 (+00:04)39STAStar Club (Woods) 
608:41 (+00:23)337PETPeterborough City (Hine) 
608:42 (+00:24)338PETPeterborough City (Bream) 
208:43 (+00:25)100STAStar Club (Ashbrook) 
308:51 (+00:33)175GUIGuildford RC (R Woowat) 
608:55 (+00:37)336PETPeterborough City (Marshall) 
509:54 (+01:36)297NORNorwich RC (Linford) 
4DNS236BEDBedford Rowing Club (Banham-Hall) 

Novice Sculls

(14 Entries)

208:07104BDSBedford School (Northern) 
508:11 (+00:04)298STAStar Club (Bavington) 
208:18 (+00:11)102BDSBedford School (Dearmer) 
108:34 (+00:27)44BMSBedford Modern School (Mercer) 
108:34 (+00:27)42STAStar Club (Ashbrook) 
508:40 (+00:33)184PETPeterborough City (Hine) 
108:50 (+00:43)43BMSBedford Modern School (Todd) 
509:00 (+00:53)183PETPeterborough City (Marshall) 
209:11 (+01:04)103BDSBedford School (Johnstone) 
309:12 (+01:05)180GUIGuildford RC (J Woowat) 
309:13 (+01:06)181GUIGuildford RC (Ford) 
209:16 (+01:09)105OUNOundle School BC (Jackson) 
309:25 (+01:18)182NORNorwich RC (Linford) 
410:14 (+02:07)239ABNAbingdon RC (Bennett) 

Veteran B Sculls

(6 Entries)

407:54290BRXBroxbourne RC (Alexander) 
308:08 (+00:14)170BEDBedford Rowing Club (Powell) 
308:19 (+00:25)169SNESt Neots RC (Emmerson) 
508:21 (+00:27)288NORNorwich RC (Kippin) 
108:38 (+00:44)32BEDBedford Rowing Club (Aldred) 
508:42 (+00:48)289STPStourport BC (Hart) 

Veteran C Sculls

(2 Entries)

208:04101NORNorwich RC (Kippin) 
308:24 (+00:20)176STPStourport BC (Hart) 

Veteran D Sculls

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

308:16177NORNorwich RC (Brown) 
108:22 (+00:06)41BEDBedford Rowing Club (Harris) 
308:41 (+00:25)178GUIGuildford RC (Hopkins) 
308:59 (+00:43)179GUIGuildford RC (Larcombe) 
409:19 (+01:03)238ABNAbingdon RC (Hughes) 
409:33 (+01:17)237ABNAbingdon RC (Brazier) 
1DNS40BEDBedford Rowing Club (Banham-Hall) 

Veteran E Sculls

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

308:35186SNESt Neots RC (Knights) 
509:42 (+01:07)299SIVSt Ives RC (Drake) 
3DNS185BEDBedford Rowing Club (Garrett) 

Womens Elite Sculls

(1 Entry)

108:2837STAStar Club (Taylor *Time*) 

Womens Senior 2 Sculls

(3 Entries)

509:11296GUIGuildford RC (Woolger) 
209:44 (+00:33)99DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Noble) 
509:45 (+00:34)295NORNorwich RC (Barnacle) 

Womens Senior 3 Sculls

(3 Entries)

108:5645BEDBedford Rowing Club (Cooper) 
308:57 (+00:01)189GUIGuildford RC (Woolger) 
208:59 (+00:03)110BHSBedford High School RC (Davies) 

Womens Senior 4 Sculls

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

209:13112LEUUniversity of Leicester (Faux) 
109:16 (+00:03)46STAStar Club (Callan) 
209:26 (+00:13)111NORNorwich RC (Skinner) 
509:28 (+00:15)302LERLeicester RC (Litherland) 
409:36 (+00:23)242SESSt Edward's School (Boardman) 
509:37 (+00:24)304SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Spencer) 
5DNS303GUIGuildford RC (Willan) 

Womens Novice Sculls

(25 Entries, 21 Starters)

109:0659BHSBedford High School RC (Garland) 
109:18 (+00:12)54DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Beard) 
209:24 (+00:18)120BHSBedford High School RC (Millar) 
209:31 (+00:25)121BHSBedford High School RC (Horler) 
409:34 (+00:28)248DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Colcough) 
409:36 (+00:30)247DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (O'Such) 
109:37 (+00:31)60BHSBedford High School RC (Culley) 
109:39 (+00:33)56BHSBedford High School RC (Baggett) 
509:45 (+00:39)305NORNorwich RC (Skinner) 
409:57 (+00:51)249DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Singhota) 
209:58 (+00:52)55DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Rowles) 
210:00 (+00:54)116BHSBedford High School RC (McIlroy) 
410:01 (+00:55)245DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Fraser) 
410:12 (+01:06)250SESSt Edward's School (St John) 
210:13 (+01:07)118BHSBedford High School RC (Arnsby) 
210:22 (+01:16)117BHSBedford High School RC (Hartwell) 
510:23 (+01:17)306BEDBedford Rowing Club (Inoue) 
410:26 (+01:20)252SESSt Edward's School (Wright) 
210:30 (+01:24)119BHSBedford High School RC (Dixon) 
410:34 (+01:28)246DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Weyler) 
410:41 (+01:35)244DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (V Bramall) 
3DNS190GUIGuildford RC (Willan) 
1DNS58BHSBedford High School RC (Inness) 
1DNS57BHSBedford High School RC (Dickason) 
4DNS251SESSt Edward's School (Heller) 

Womens Veteran B Sculls

(2 Entries)

608:59339LERLeicester RC (Horrocks) 
209:26 (+00:27)109NORNorwich RC (Barnacle) 

Womens Junior Sculls

(12 Entries, 10 Starters)

108:3047DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Tatman) 
108:38 (+00:08)48SNESt Neots RC (Round) 
108:44 (+00:14)49STAStar Club (Hills) 
108:55 (+00:25)50SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Tinley) 
209:24 (+00:54)52SESSt Edward's School (Boardman) 
209:36 (+01:06)113SESSt Edward's School (St John) 
109:45 (+01:15)53STAStar Club (Salusbury) 
109:46 (+01:16)128DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Hiatt) 
109:58 (+01:28)243STAStar Club (Smith) 
210:08 (+01:38)115SESSt Edward's School (Wright) 
2DNS114SESSt Edward's School (Heller) 
1DNS51SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Dailey) 

Womens Junior 16 Sculls

(9 Entries)

209:13123SNESt Neots RC (Loades) 
409:16 (+00:03)253DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Larsen) 
109:20 (+00:07)62STAStar Club (Henderson) 
109:33 (+00:20)61SNESt Neots RC (Watters) 
109:57 (+00:44)64STAStar Club (Rozman) 
209:58 (+00:45)122HEDHeadington School BC (Moultrie) 
210:08 (+00:55)124BEDBedford Rowing Club (Lyle) 
410:25 (+01:12)254DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (White) 
510:32 (+01:19)63STAStar Club (Johnson) 

Womens Junior 15 Sculls

(16 Entries, 15 Starters)

109:2765DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (V Panday) 
209:31 (+00:04)130BHSBedford High School RC (Piggott) 
209:43 (+00:16)127DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Stock) 
109:45 (+00:18)68DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Titterington) 
209:51 (+00:24)125HEDHeadington School BC (Evans) 
209:52 (+00:25)126DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Elliott) 
209:56 (+00:29)131BHSBedford High School RC (Hinckley) 
110:08 (+00:41)66DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (E Panday) 
310:12 (+00:45)193DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Price-Williams) 
410:25 (+00:58)256STAStar Club (McInnerney) 
110:40 (+01:13)67DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (A Bramall) 
310:45 (+01:18)191DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Hegarty) 
311:20 (+01:53)192DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Barcock) 
411:29 (+02:02)255NORNorwich RC (Ambrose-Simpson) 
3DNF 194DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Robinson) 
2DNS129DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (West) 

Womens Junior 14 Sculls

(12 Entries)

209:36135SNESt Neots RC (Fitzsimons) 
409:53 (+00:17)257PETPeterborough City (Bream) 
210:10 (+00:34)136SESSt Edward's School (Bingham) 
210:13 (+00:37)133DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Bullard) 
210:16 (+00:40)132DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Salusbury) 
210:44 (+01:08)137SESSt Edward's School (Hall) 
210:46 (+01:10)134DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Lang) 
310:47 (+01:11)196DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Wallice) 
311:00 (+01:24)195DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Clarke) 
311:03 (+01:27)198DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Hill) 
611:16 (+01:40)340NORNorwich RC (Ambrose-Simpson) 
311:47 (+02:11)197DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (Peet) 

Junior 18 Sculls

(12 Entries, 9 Starters)

107:5733SNESt Neots RC (Porteus) 
107:59 (+00:02)34SNESt Neots RC (Spring) 
508:35 (+00:38)291STAStar Club (Miller) 
308:37 (+00:40)171BEDBedford Rowing Club (Patmore) 
208:39 (+00:42)97OUNOundle School BC (Peate) 
508:40 (+00:43)173BEDBedford Rowing Club (Funge) 
308:56 (+00:59)172BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thompson) 
409:24 (+01:27)234OUNOundle School BC (Jackson) 
109:26 (+01:29)36BEDBedford Rowing Club (Wilson) 
1DNS35SNESt Neots RC (Baker) 
4DNS235STAStar Club (Mayglothling) 
5DNS292STAStar Club (Taylor) 

Junior 16 Sculls

(6 Entries)

208:13108OUNOundle School BC (Aked) 
508:16 (+00:03)300STAStar Club (Hetherington) 
208:23 (+00:10)107BMSBedford Modern School (JT Burgoine) 
208:40 (+00:27)106BMSBedford Modern School (JI Burgoine) 
309:04 (+00:51)188STAStar Club (Pledger) 
309:04 (+00:51)187STAStar Club (Warner) 

Junior 15 Sculls

(3 Entries)

408:42240PETPeterborough City (Bream) 
509:20 (+00:38)301SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Clegg) 
410:33 (+01:51)241STAStar Club (Miller)