Star Club Head of the River

Sunday 18th November 2012

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Results for Norwich RC

24=J16.4X07:12 (+0:18)177Norwich RC (Youngs) 
74=J17.4+07:55 (+0:13)60Norwich RC (Aston) 
101=J15.2X08:09 (+0:28)202Norwich RC (Aston/Conway) 
118=W.IM2.2X08:17193Norwich RC (Appleton/Brice) 
121=J14.2X08:18208Norwich RC (Ellis/West) 
T/OW.NOV.4X08:23 (+0:28)129Norwich RC (Breakes) 
135=W.Mas.DE.2X08:2583Norwich RC (Barnacle/Thomas =D) 
145=J15.1X08:29 (+0:14)105Norwich RC (Conway) 
160=W.J14.2X08:34 (+0:17)97Norwich RC (Matthews/Maryan) 
162W.IM2.2X08:35 (+0:18)194Norwich RC (Barnacle/Thomas) 
169=J16.1X08:40 (+0:52)217Norwich RC (Aston) 
183=W.J18.1X08:45 (+0:02)107Norwich RC (Appleton) 
185=J15.1X08:46 (+0:31)106Norwich RC (Aston) 
216W.J15.1X09:13 (+0:11)112Norwich RC (Brice) 
218=J14.1X09:16116Norwich RC (Ellis) 
220=J14.4X+09:18 (+0:39)79Norwich RC (Langlands) 
223J14.1X09:20 (+0:04)115Norwich RC (West) 
226=W.J14.1X09:25227Norwich RC (Maryan) 
230W.NOV.2X09:28 (+0:57)252Norwich RC (Gibson/Breakes) 
233=W.J14.1X09:34 (+0:09)226Norwich RC (Matthews) 
238=W.J14.4X+09:40 (+0:43)137Norwich RC (Johnson)