Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 1995

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Results for Leicester RC

108=MS2.2X07:09398Leicester RC (Pulford/Allen)
200=S1.1X07:34(+0:22)358Leicester RC (Holohan)
203S2.1X07:35(+0:10)159Leicester RC (Allen)
243=WE.2-07:48(+0:17)136Leicester RC (Pulford/Roebuck)
245=WS2.2X07:49265Leicester RC (Pulford/Roebuck)
258=N.4+07:53(+1:00)205Leicester RC
262=N.2X07:55(+0:26)134Leicester RC (Watson/Watson)
328=N.1X08:12(+0:55)425Leicester RC (Watson)
339=WS3.2X08:18(+0:36)477Leicester RC (Davies/Kisby)