Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 15th June 2013

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)CastleDatchetVerdict
110:00IM3.4+14(23) Devil's Elbow RC (Tyler)(24) Sons of the Thames RCRow Over
210:04IM3.4+15(30) Kingston Rowing Club(31) Merton CollegeRow Over
310:08W.IM3.8+17(21) Haberdashers Monmouth(22) Champion of the Thames (Mills)3 lengths
410:12IM3.4+20(33) Putney Town RC (Hale)(34) Devil's Elbow RC (Beviss)easily
510:16IM3.4+18(26) Peterborough City(27) Great Marlow School2 1/2 lengths
610:20W.IM3.8+19(13) Great Marlow School(14) Champion of the Thames (Axworthy)easily
710:24W.COL.8+33(5) Exeter Coll/Oxford Univ (Graham)(6) Oriel College3 lengths
810:28W.COL.8+33(7) Wadham College(8) Exeter College (Jackson)easily
910:32W.COL.8+34(9) Hatfield College BC(10) St Peters/Oxford Univeasily
1010:36W.COL.8+34(11) Imperial College(12) Merton Collegeeasily
1110:40NOV.4+35(39) Worcester College(40) Great Marlow SchoolRow Over
1210:44W.IM3.8+44(16) Tethys BC(17) Cardiff University RCDisqualification
1310:56W.NOV.2X56(95) Molesey BC(96) Oxford University Lwt Women's BCRow Over
1411:00IM3.4+42(24) Sons of the Thames RC(25) Putney Town RC (Pamplin)2 1/2 lengths
1511:04IM3.4+40(29) Eton Excelsior RC(30) Kingston Rowing Club2 1/2 lengths
1611:08W.NOV.2X48(98) Weybridge(99) Wallingford RC4 3/4 lengths
1711:12W.IM3.8+45(20) Kingston Rowing Club(21) Haberdashers Monmouth1 1/4 lengths
1811:16IM3.4+42(27) Great Marlow School(28) Putney Town RC (Reilly)3 lengths
1911:20W.IM3.8+44(13) Great Marlow School(15) Hereford RC1 1/2 lengths
2011:24IM3.4+40(32) Hereford RC(33) Putney Town RC (Hale)3 1/2 lengths
2111:28W.NOV.2X48(100) London RC(101) Maidenhead RCRow Over
2211:40W.IM3.2X53(91) Maidenhead RC(92) Wallingford RCRow Over
2311:44Skiff54(70) Sunbury Skiff & Punting Club (Graham/Graham)(71) Wraysbury Skiff & Punting Club (Footit/Barfoot)4 lengths
2411:48W.IM3.2X53(93) Eton Excelsior RC (Hatfield)(94) London RC (Keczkowska)2 1/2 lengths
2511:52W.NOV.4X+49(65) Parrs Priory(66) Eton Excelsior RC (Stone)easily
2611:56W.IM3.4+60(43) Vesta RC(44) Eton Excelsior RC1 1/2 lengths
2712:00W.IM3.2X47(89) Kingston/Putney(90) London RC (Peate)1 3/4 lengths
2812:04W.IM3.2X47(87) Great Marlow School(88) Eton Excelsior RC (Taylor)Row Over
2912:08NOV.4+41(35) Merton College(36) Westminster School BCDisqualification
3012:12W.IM3.8+45(18) Manchester University(19) Devil's Elbow RC4 lengths
3112:24W.IM3.4+59(46) Tethys BC(47) Haberdashers Monmouth3 lengths
3212:28W.IM3.4+59(48) Maidenhead RC(49) Manchester University3 3/4 lengths
3312:32W.COL.8+61(6) Oriel College(7) Wadham College1 length
3412:36W.COL.8+61(9) Hatfield College BC(11) Imperial CollegeDisqualification
3512:40NOV.4+70(38) Maidenhead RC(40) Great Marlow Schoola canvas
3612:44W.IM2.2X65(83) Eton Excelsior RC(84) Nottingham RCRow Over
3712:48COL.8+71(1) Hertford College(2) Exeter College1 1/2 lengths
3812:52Skiff80(67) Wraysbury Skiff & Punting Club (Lawson/Myhill)(68) Thames Valley Skiff Club (Ridgeway/Clarke)?
3913:56OB.2X76 / 63(74) Windsor Old Boys (Morrell)(75) Windsor Old Boys (Ireland)3/4 length
4014:00IM3.4+69(29) Eton Excelsior RC(33) Putney Town RC (Hale)1 1/4 lengths
4114:04NOV.4+70(36) Westminster School BC(37) Eton Excelsior RC4 lengths
4214:08IM3.4+69(24) Sons of the Thames RC(27) Great Marlow School2 lengths
4314:12COL.8+71(3) Oriel College(4) Wolfson College, Oxford2 1/2 lengths
4414:16W.IM3.8+73(13) Great Marlow School(17) Cardiff University RC3/4 length
4514:20W.IM3.8+73(18) Manchester University(21) Haberdashers Monmouth1 3/4 lengths
4614:24W.IM1.2X62(81) Nottingham RC(82) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCRow Over
4714:28W.IM3.2X66(87) Great Marlow School(89) Kingston/Putneyeasily
4814:32W.NOV.2X72(99) Wallingford RC(101) Maidenhead RCDisqualification
4914:36W.NOV.4X+77(64) Devil's Elbow RC(65) Parrs Priory2 lengths
5014:40OB.2X76 / 63(76) Windsor Old Boys (Wilkinson)(77) Windsor Old Boys (Willis)1/3 length
5114:44W.NOV.4X+77(62) Westminster School BC(63) Eton Excelsior RC (Purcell)4 lengths
5214:56W.IM2.2X65(85) Milton Keynes RC(86) Molesey BC3/4 length
5315:00W.IM3.2X66(92) Wallingford RC(93) Eton Excelsior RC (Hatfield)1/2 length
5415:04Skiff80(69) Wraysbury Skiff & Punting Club (Ducas/Bowyer)(70) Sunbury Skiff & Punting Club (Graham/Graham)2 lengths
5515:08W.SEN.4X68(56) Wallingford RC(57) Molesey BCDisqualification
5615:12W.NOV.2X72(95) Molesey BC(97) Great Marlow Schooleasily
5715:16W.IM3.4X74(58) Imperial College(59) Devil's Elbow RCeasily
5815:20W.IM3.4X74(60) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC(61) Weybridgeeasily
5915:24W.IM3.4+75(46) Tethys BC(49) Manchester University4 lengths
6015:28W.IM3.4+75(43) Vesta RC(45) Great Marlow School3/4 length
6115:40W.COL.8+ (7) Wadham College(11) Imperial College1 length
6215:45W.IM1.2X (80) Wallingford RC(82) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC2 1/2 lengths
6315:50OB.2X (75) Windsor Old Boys (Ireland)(77) Windsor Old Boys (Willis)1 1/2 lengths
6415:55W.NOV.4+79(51) Parrs Priory(52) Eton Excelsior RCeasily
6515:59W.IM2.2X (83) Eton Excelsior RC(85) Milton Keynes RCNot Rowed Out
6616:04W.IM3.2X (89) Kingston/Putney(93) Eton Excelsior RC (Hatfield)1 1/4 lengths
6716:09Mx.Skiff (72) Dittons Skiff & Punting Club (Yates/Millward)(73) Thames Valley Skiff Club (Barrs/Clarke)1 1/2 lengths
6816:14W.SEN.4X (55) Nottingham RC(57) Molesey BC1 1/2 lengths
6916:19IM3.4+ (27) Great Marlow School(29) Eton Excelsior RCeasily
7016:24NOV.4+ (36) Westminster School BC(38) Maidenhead RC3 1/2 lengths
7116:29COL.8+ (1) Hertford College(3) Oriel College2 lengths
7216:44W.NOV.2X (95) Molesey BC(99) Wallingford RC3 1/2 lengths
7316:49W.IM3.8+ (17) Cardiff University RC(21) Haberdashers Monmouth1 2/3 lengths
7416:54W.IM3.4X (58) Imperial College(60) Oxford University Lwt Women's BCDisqualification
7516:59W.IM3.4+ (43) Vesta RC(49) Manchester University2 2/3 lengths
7617:04OB.2X (74) Windsor Old Boys (Morrell)(76) Windsor Old Boys (Wilkinson)1/2 length
7717:09W.NOV.4X+ (63) Eton Excelsior RC (Purcell)(65) Parrs Prioryeasily
7817:14W.ELI.2X (78) Nottingham RC(79) Wallingford RC2/3 length
7917:19W.NOV.4+ (50) Kingston Rowing Club(51) Parrs Priory4 3/4 lengths
8017:24Skiff (68) Thames Valley Skiff Club (Ridgeway/Clarke)(70) Sunbury Skiff & Punting Club (Graham/Graham)1 length
8117:29W.ELI.4X (53) Eton Excelsior RC(54) Nottingham RC1/2 length
8217:34W.IM1.4+ (41) Imperial College(42) Molesey BCa canvas