Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 15th June 2013

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Results for Molesey BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)CastleDatchetVerdict
8217:34W.IM1.4+ (41) Imperial College(42) Molesey BCa canvas
5515:08W.SEN.4X68(56) Wallingford RC(57) Molesey BCDisqualification
6816:14W.SEN.4X (55) Nottingham RC(57) Molesey BC1 1/2 lengths
3612:44W.IM2.2X65(83) Eton Excelsior RC(84) Nottingham RCRow Over
5214:56W.IM2.2X65(85) Milton Keynes RC(86) Molesey BC3/4 length
6515:59W.IM2.2X (83) Eton Excelsior RC(85) Milton Keynes RCNot Rowed Out
1310:56W.NOV.2X56(95) Molesey BC(96) Oxford University Lwt Women's BCRow Over
1611:08W.NOV.2X48(98) Weybridge(99) Wallingford RC4 3/4 lengths
2111:28W.NOV.2X48(100) London RC(101) Maidenhead RCRow Over
5615:12W.NOV.2X72(95) Molesey BC(97) Great Marlow Schooleasily
4814:32W.NOV.2X72(99) Wallingford RC(101) Maidenhead RCDisqualification
7216:44W.NOV.2X (95) Molesey BC(99) Wallingford RC3 1/2 lengths