Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head

Sunday 14th October 2001

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Results for Star Club

9S2.2X07:09110Star Club (Lindsey/Leggott)
17=S3.2X07:22304Star Club (Darnell/Watson)
19=S3.4+07:24 (+0:09)2Star Club (A)
31=S2.4+07:29 (+0:23)201Star Club
51=S2.1X07:44119Star Club (Hetherington)
51=S2.1X07:4427Star Club (Lindsey)
51=J18.1X07:44308Star Club (Hetherington)
59=N.4+07:49 (+0:25)11Star Club
T/OVD.4-07:49287Star Club
66=S3.4+07:54 (+0:39)205Star Club (B)
66=S2.1X07:54 (+0:10)25Star Club (Leggott)
80=WS2.4+08:00 (+0:08)54Star Club
86=J18.1X08:02 (+0:18)70Star Club (Bavington)
97=S3.1X08:06314Star Club (Rowe)
100=N.1X08:07234Star Club (Bavington)
100=J18.1X08:07 (+0:23)26Star Club (Darnell)
118=S3.1X08:17 (+0:11)272Star Club (Callow)
121=WS3.4+08:18 (+0:04)212Star Club
121=J16.2X08:18 (+0:48)64Star Club (Taylor/Bavington)
131=S4.1X08:22 (+0:02)184Star Club (Darnell)
154=WJ18.2X08:32 (+0:40)227Star Club (Tinsley/Crabtree)
156=J16.1X08:33 (+0:29)124Star Club (Mayglothling)
175=J18.1X08:44 (+1:00)271Star Club (Mayglothling)
177=WS2.1X08:45 (+0:18)79Star Club (Manley)
181=N.1X08:46 (+0:39)276Star Club (Maynard)
201=WJ16.1X08:5784Star Club (Tinsley)
210=WN.2X09:02 (+0:34)306Star Club (Ricci/O'Brien)
214J15.1X09:04 (+0:56)283Star Club (Taylor)
216=WJ15.1X09:06 (+0:25)43Star Club (Hills)
218=WS4.1X09:08 (+0:13)311Star Club (Slack)
220=J16.1X09:09 (+1:05)186Star Club (Duffell)
220=WJ16.1X09:09 (+0:12)190Star Club (Hills)
226=WJ18.1X09:12 (+0:53)35Star Club (Slack)
228J15.1X09:13 (+1:05)284Star Club (Hetherington)
T/OWN.4X+09:14301Star Club
239WN.1X09:24 (+0:51)41Star Club (Callan)
252=WJ14.2X09:37 (+0:52)180Star Club (Johnston/Henderson)
259=WJ16.1X09:39 (+0:42)42Star Club (Crabtree)
261WS4.4+09:45 (+1:34)17Star Club
268=WN.1X09:52 (+1:19)83Star Club (O'Brien)
272WJ14.1X09:58 (+0:46)45Star Club (Smith)
275WJ14.1X10:04 (+0:52)44Star Club (Waller)
278WJ14.1X10:23 (+1:11)46Star Club (Flory)